Gosh darn it, another time change #$%^

by | Mar 4, 2020

Spring Ahead – oy! 2 AM on March 8th, 2020 is almost here.  Goodbye to a precious hour when we could mimic Morpheus and say nice things about our

Most Americans face their standard and daylight “savings” time changes with a bit of concern for a good cause, as shared by reporter Catie Wegman of the Treasure Coast Palm:

“Throwing that biological clock out of sync has adverse health effects, including increased risk of heart attack and ischemic strokeaccording to a 2019 study from Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

According to a University of Colorado 2014 study, the Monday morning after “springing forward” raised the risk of having a heart attack by 25%. “

So what can a KABOOMER do to avoid “clocking out”?  [I envy you who live in Arizona or Hawaii]!

Five not-so-easy, yet not-too-hard steps should help ya:

  1. Dim your lights earlier on Saturday night, and open those window shades as early as possible to say “good morning sunshine…”
  2. Sleep in a bit on Sunday the 8th.  Catch a nappuccino that afternoon to stay fresh.
  3. Snack right – with complex carbs and a bit of protein to help avert sleep zombies and energy valleys until you adjust.
  4. Stay hydrated.  Remember that dehydration and fatigue are directly linked!
  5. Measure your caffeine drinks.  Moderate.

This too shall pass, or you can move to Arizona or Hawaii…

Be well, AND rested, even when the #$%$^ time changes.




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