Master Mind and Matter in our interesting times!

by | Mar 12, 2020

3/11 can seem like 9/11 to many.

Fit as hit the proverbial Shan!

I recall a Chinese proverb that made rounds in our “last great” panic of 2008:


These days are most assuredly INTERESTING and anxious.

What’s on my mind? What am I doing to cope with CoVID-19 issues?

These are my TOP 10s for COVID-19 coping:

    1. Staying as fit as I can, without OVER training.
    2. Trying NOT to be obtuse about contact.
      1. If Tom Hanks can get the CoVID – so can I.
        1. Yet I want my constitution to be as hearty as possible if I go “viral.”
    3. Getting my restorative sleep.
    4. Getting lots of Vitamin D3 and fresh air.
    5. Doing wipe downs of most physical surfaces.
    6. Playing Doctor by scrubbing my paws – for at least 20 seconds.
    7. Praying for warmer, moister weather (and for my neighbors).
    8. Breathing.
    9. Laughing, even if it’s [temporarily] gallows humor:
      1. See what VOX offers for silly strengths.
      2. A Secretary of State advised for primary ballots: ”

        “Whether healthy or sick, please don’t lick!”

    10. Looking to buy equities on this impressive bearish market “dip”.

✔This TOO shall pass. Ben Graham, Ben Franklin, our CDC and I say so…

“No gains without pains.”
– Poor Richard’s Almanack, 1745

Invest in YOU, rather than Speculate about what you can’t control!

Should you desire at-home “isolated” exercises to help mind and matter whenever and wherever– just let me know (email to

Stay Well Past Forty,

Dave Frost


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