Triskaidekaphobia -NOT !

by | Mar 13, 2020

This wacky workweek of pestilence and panic ends on… Friday the 13th.

I’m not a superstitious soul, yet lots of folks do trend that way today. How did unlucky Fridays evolve?

– Was it Jesus of Nazareth’s Last supper with 13 present?

– Or a Middle Ages panic of Knights Templar burned at stakes – with resultant misfortune to those who wrong’ed ’em?

Whatever the roots of bad luck and superstition:

° I admire folks who tend toward luckiness – in games of chance and life outcomes.  Not being one of those fortunate sons, I accept my role in creating my own breaks.

Time for making lemonade, I say!

I don’t place high credence on Horoscopes.  Yet today’s triskaidekaphobia note for Pisces folks like me) stated,

“Today offers a prime combination of calm stability and exciting chaos, partly due to the characters in my life. .  .”

And what a cast of characters!

This crisis will pass and the sun should raise tomorrow ( on Pi Day).

Is FEAR false expectations appearing real to you?

Or Face Everything and Rise?


I choose the later!  How about you?


Be well and make your own lemonade and breaks – every day.




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