Viva, your VAGUS

by | Mar 30, 2020

Get to know your VAGUE, yet valuable VAGUS. 

Via our VAGUS


Our 10th cranial nerve, linking mind and body, is a Wanderer.  Right, Vagus stems from Wander in its Latin word origin. What happens in Vagus – does NOT stay in Vagus.  That’s how critical this neural path is to our overall health and wellness.  Viva, your VAGUS!

As cited in other KABOOMER sections, our mind-body connection and alignment are critical for your quality of life – for stamininety!  Your Vagal system was called a “superhighway” by, and it is the pathway for your “brain-gut axis.”


When this long, valuable wanderer behaves well,  your life is Bueno.

IF your vagal system isn’t behaving, from injury, infection or inflammation, then life is more MALO than Bueno.

  • So Koach, what can I do to be a happy Wanderer?
  1. Hum… No kidding! The yoga “OM” action works.

And laugh.

  1. A gentle neck massage near your vocal cords. Not too hard, or you can get light-headed as your carotid arteries are right there too!

Or a Chiropractor will be glad to help!

  1. General relaxation and mindfulness practices can help.
  2. General circulatory exercise to “goose” your neuromuscular system.
  3. And, enjoy your anti-inflammatory foods.


How to self-check if your Vagal system is Bueno?

Biofeedback dots


This Vagus is an unsung superhighway, take care of yours to help DE-STRESS daily!


Don’t be vague, Be well!




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