Our future ain’t what it used to be

by | Mar 31, 2020

Like many, I am a Lawrence Peter “Yogi” Berra admirer.  A fan for his legendary pinstripe career, his naval service [ and Purple Heart]  as one in the Greatest Generation, and his Jersey connections, though not a soprano.

Recall that laughter, such as Yogi still stimulates for me, is good medicine.  Lordy – do we need a chuckle more than ever in these trembling times!

Yogi’s pithy malapropisms and downright funny sayings were shared with his raspy baritone pipes. Here’s the one that I focus on today: “The future ain’t what it used to be.”

I’ll credit Yogi, though he once shared that he really didn’t say everything that he said.

Most folks agree that he made this following visionary offer:



Credit: azquotes

Together, we Americans will persevere and prevail!

Sure, we were zoned out when microbiome Not missile messages were evident. Bill Gates advised that we were not ready five years ago!

We weren’t ready in December 1941, nor in September 2001. With history as hindsight, Microbe-busters didn’t get called in time in early 2020.

Perhaps “next time” we’ll have a better national and international response system.  I hope so for all of our sakes.

I’m serious about the near-term, as all readers are. April is most likely gonna be TOUGH.

Let’s look for a Battle of Midway victory!

Let’s finish what we started, like vanquishing S. Hussein and O. Bin Laden years ago.

Let’s respect what Yogi admonished about knowing where we are going!

Be well and also BE EXCELLENT to each other, as Bill & Ted said.


Koach Dave



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