A fit(ting) poem for this last day of National Poetry Month

Most will welcome tomorrow, and May, as a change from this very unusual and cruel-for-many month of April 2020.

April also claims more than a few National Day and Month titles – like Earth Day and National Poetry Month.

Instead of offering my very own, honorary PG+ limerick today;. I share a wonderful and fit(ting) haiku from Dr. Michael Joyner, whom I quote in KABOOMER:

“Run a lot of miles
Some faster than your race pace
Rest once in a while”.

A simple and elegant theme for our KABOOMER bedrock of STAMINA for Stayin’ Alive.


Be well and move to sweat, a lot!






Airgasm and Astrology Appeals

We’ve made it to our last Hump Day in this cruel health month of April 2020. Wordy folks remind me that the word origin of April is “opening“.

So I did something rare on this opening day. I opened urban dictionary for a word that describes how many of us feel when we can remove our CovID masks and big-gulp unfiltered air. Sure, there are flying united cases for airgasms too, if you can get airborne that is. Ah…

And I opened an extremely funny video for Kindergarten names in 2026 :). Charmin – of course!  Pandemica… Kah ‘Rona…Purel… Quarantina … and Joe Exotica… Ha!

I opened an article in the Wall Street Journal about re-kindled interest in Astrology, sorta like our clampdown revivals for puzzles, and board games. Writer Zan Romanoff cited Daniel Defoe’s observation about a plague in 1665,

“people were more addicted to prophecies and astrological conjurations…                     than ever they were before.”

Romanoff offered that astrology can “layer an interpretative framework over chaos”, help us in self-reflection, and perhaps in grasping context for our minor role in cosmic happenings. Life happens…

Without addiction or delusions of cosmic clarity, I tried a modest paid service of astrology, for the first time, to gauge arguable or inarguable coincidences as my framework in this lockdown.

I was born on the Aquarian cusp as an early Pisces – that 12th and last zodiac sign:

pisces-2  Coincidence or not, my wife and I seem to get along as Pisces and Scorpio, if not Romeo and Juliet.


So,  might (?) I better understand how I’ll be feeling, what I’ll experience and ways to tackle each opportunity or challenge?

How about late April predictions for my “transit?”

I’m told to:  “go slow. Take your time. Smell the flowers.
Relish in the pleasure of being in your own skin. Nourish your body with good food and
gentle exercise. This slower pace …is about rest, restoration, and enjoyment. Give yourself permission to indulge in tactile pleasures like a massage or wholesome foods, or enjoy a little luxury…


Good food & gentle exercise – surely sound good to me. An Airgasm does, too. Ah ha!

Stay tuned sports fans.


Long and Winding Road

There are days, in the best of times, when getting psyched to move & sweat is hard.  Granted, this hesitance or inertia may heighten when times are hard.

And, sleep may be a bit tougher.  Emotional eating may bump, as may adult beverage sipping.

Let’s keep moving down this long and windy road of clampdown and distancing…and earn happier times than what Paul McCartney fittingly wrote about,

“Many times I’ve been alone
And many times I’ve cried
Anyway you’ll never know
The many ways I’ve tried”

Keep trying!

You may recall that I cite Dan Pink’s productivity observations regarding WHEN for workouts and napping.  Now, I share his short “PINK CAST” for taking those initial workout steps when motivation is flagging a bit . . .

When this cruel month of April is in our rear-view mirrors, we (as in the catholic “WE”) may be wiser, closer in mind and spirit, and more amenable to building bridges rather than walls.  Time, as they say, will tell…


Be well, keep moving down this bumpy road!




40 days and 40 nights of a clampdown

Forty: “found in many traditions without any universal explanation for its use”

I wasn’t aware of Christian-Judeo-Muslim affinity with the number “4 0” when I chose that number for my company’s corporate shingle  (or this web site’s URL).

Forty – serving as a loose numeric image of a  large number – like gazillion or umpteen.

I looked at my CoViD calendar – and gauged that it has been forty days and forty nights since my group fitness coaching came to a temporary(!) halt.  Let’s hope that clampdowns DO NOT last for UMPTEEN more days and nights!

What’s been my gig – since “normal” gigs were altered?  [I won’t get into governmental crisis action responses as I know that something had to be done.  Yet I do applaud Sweden’s approach which seemed to better focus on a root cause and effects on elders and afflicted.  If young people statistically are NOT falling – why clamp them down?].

I am truly fortunate that I have fixed incomes that head my way regularly.  My wife and I are fortunate that my 99+-year-old mother in law has dodged this very bad bat-bullet thus far! I am fortunate that my professional services can be achieved online. I am fortunate that my preferred way to blow off steam and stay fit – rowing – can be done indoors.


I am fortunate that my first book launch – KABOOMER – is coming at a time when I can devote energy & effort.

I am fortunate that I live where “key” immunity boosts come easily with SoCal’s Vitamin D3, local Vitamin C which I pick from my citrus trees whenever I want or need it, and green grass in which to walk barefoot …  A lucky dude!

Since these three fortnights of seclusion began:

  1. I enjoy less commuting time, distance and cost for clients AND celebrate Earth Day green-ness
  2. I can focus on periodization for my hypertrophy and strength since spring and summer racing is verboten
    via GIPHY

    – No need for speed now, I’m working on my need to offset sarcopenia at my AK-67 age. I consider this a diversification of my muscle training.

  3. Speaking of AK – as in actinic keratoses – this clampdown was an ideal time for one wellness chore – EFUDEX applications to kill numerous pre-cancerous cells in my epiderm & derm. I often pen notes about nature and nurture.  My northern European heritage and my Mom’s melanoma are inherited causes for these skin issues of mine. Though slightly uncomfortable – as I get impressive reactions – the chance to stave off squamous or basal skin cancers is a prudent move.  As SKIN is the largest organ in our amazing bodies – SAVE IT!  Like donning UV sunglasses and quality sunscreen as summer approaches in our Northern Hemisphere. Our ~ 20 square feet of thin protector, regulator, cooler, and sensor cells are truly worth SAVING.
  4. I am experienced ZOOM fatigue – in the same yet different ways than when office meetings were “minutes kept and hours lost“.
  5. I enjoyed my first Telemedicine visit with – you guessed it – a Dermatologist. He encouraged me to keep taking supplemental Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide) which “may” diminish future skin cancers.
  6. My yard and lawn are lookin’ good.  I only claim partial credit as our rainy winter and spring seasons got the green going. Our first bloom roses were perfect!
  7. My circadian clock speed is down a bit – and for that I’m grateful! A personal services guy like me can get a bit frantic (as my sainted wife may mention) when my days that end in “Y”s are full. This gear-shift will change and I enjoy the action.   For a little bit longer, my mini-hibernation is healthy.  Yes, getting my clock speed higher is a doable DO, too.
  8. BOSCH is back!  My bride and I are disciplined to parse out these engaging episodes via Amazon Prime. I am grateful for this once a bookstore, now a supply chain juggernaut. And I am thankful that other enterprises are getting innovative as our world disruption continues.
  9. Our empty nest Board Games are back too! I hadn’t played Scrabble for years – or YAHTZEE.
  10. My prowess at WORD JUMBLE and SUDOKU is building from an amateur to a sophomoric level.
  11. I’ve given blood, donated food and household items, and contributed to the San Diego Foundation’s COVID fund. So many folks are hurting!  I’d do more – and intend to – as soon as I get my test for COVID antibodies…
  12. I have waved to strangers more often, and I’ve lingered in pleasurable neighborly conversations (at 2 meters distance).
  13. I’ve home-brewed more crafty hops and cooked more scratch entrees.


I haven’t caught the Puzzle bug (yet).  Nor have I gotten better at juggling or handstand pushups. Much remains to be done before someone chisels my epitaph in Vermont marble.

We all have places to go (soon!) and things to accomplish to make this crazy world a better island home.

Boost your immunity, be well past FORTY!


I’m hoppy mad now!

Each to his or her own for what is maddening about this lockdown.

In no way making light of a global mess. I do offer that my “hoppyness” factor is at a low watermark. As Popeye used to say,

“that’s all I can stand, cuz I can’t stand no more!”

Here’s Why:

Ten Million Kegs of beer and ale are going down the drain. America’s largest single-day for beer sales (St. Patty’s Day) is a salient factor as drinking in and beer taps were silenced.  Those going-stale suds have to be emptied by their “Good BYE” dates and that is a crying shame.

Don’t cry over spilled milk – sure.  Yet I get misty over wasted suds!

Then, there was the severe economic impact of March Sadness – with those hundreds of collegiate hoops games shut down.

Then, Baseball’s spring season vanished – when even a light beer woulda been refreshing to this IPA lover.

Yesterday, The Economist reported that OKTOBERFEST – the REAL Munich OKTOBERFEST (in September 🙂 is cancelled for 2020.  Which in the dickens is going on?

In protest, I brewed an American Porter yesterday.  And, I drank a pint while doing yard work.  Yes – there is an upside to lockdown.  My lawn and yard are lookin’ good.

Be well!




Practicing Ramadan, Draft Day and Family

Google encourages the Doodle to Stay Home

sharing of its Doodle as a lockdown reminder: Stay Home, Save Lives, STOP Corona-virus.


Lockdowns can be very tough on customary religious gatherings, as recently noted for Easter and Passover. Now, a billion “+” Muslims adapt for this Ramadan season with “distanced” social gathering – at least for part of the 30-day observance.

It was news to me that observed daily fasts are longer in higher latitudes as shown in this Newsweek infographic.  That makes sense, now that I know that this observance [and practice] is based on lunar rises.

As important as daily fasting is for Muslims in all walks of life, I recall articles about Hakeem Olajuwon playing NBA games on off-days from his fasted condition.

“When Olajuwon began fasting for Ramadan during the 1993 season, he told reporters,  “I cannot do it on game days. So what I have to do is make up for the days                            I miss after the season.”

Olajuwon’s decision to not fast during game days early in his career was not an abdication of his religious responsibility, as Muslims who are traveling, as Olajuwon often was, can choose to make up their fasts at a later time.”

ref: https://theundefeated.com/features/hakeem-olajuwons-most-impressive-ramadan-performances/

An elite Muslim rower for the Brits’ national Crew struggled with his 30-day abstinence practices in years of Summer Olympiads. As there is a charitable aspect to Ramadan, some elite athletes can defer their months’ fasting practice and/or donate money to feed others, as rower Moe Sbihi did.

Olajuwon and Sbihi are large lads. So foregoing thousands of daytime calories while training hard is a challenge. Sbihi offered that dry breath was an interesting consequence for his crewmates, ”

“One of the biggest things about training is the cottonmouth you get and that leads to smelly breath,” he explains. “If you catch me on a bad day you might think ‘wow, he stinks’.

“The whole thing can cause a lot of frustrations but it really does work as a cleanse and detoxes you.”

He is a very small sample size, though a very large, fit aerobic freak of nature! I eagerly anticipate his degree dissertation for sports science on extended fasting…

“he insists any physiological difficulties are outweighed by the psychological benefits.”

Not For Long (NFL) Draft Day

In “same yet different” ways than RAMADAN practices, the National Football League is holding its first virtual Draft Days this week. As I joke there are only two seasons – 1. Football and 2. getting prepared for football; I hope that this spectacle can remind us that one-day stadium crowds can again enjoy gridiron contests. As an endurance athlete, I’d like to see game doubleheaders or a Luddite return to players playing “both ways.” As neither of these wants of mine likely, I’ll acknowledge that I will miss college and pro football this fall IF abnormal rules still apply.

Family Practices

Happy Anniversary to our daughter and son-in-law!  They are adapting to their kids being home for school, “WFH” practices, and sneaking in regular workouts.  This acknowledgment circles back to our Google Doodle.

Let’s be safe and get through this pandemic – together!


20-20 Weed, Pros, Mother Earth, and Eyes

This is an auspicious first “WFH” day of our week!

The 20th day of a 4th month in the year of our Lord 2020…

  1. National Weed Day – can you Zoom a toke today? Here’s to followers of cannabis culture. My personal jury is out on advertised and researched health benefits of CBD. As I wrote in KABOOMER, the closest I’ve been to a joint is secondhand smoke. To each, his or her own.4Twenty_Weed Day

2. How about Administrative Professional Day this week? We can toss in some timely mental wellness thoughts, as Robert Half did for WFH ninjas:

3 ways to than admin pros 2020

– I think I’ll treat me, myself and I to a tall black coffee (organic, single-sourced) with a dash of coconut oil to celebrate my “PRO” deeds.

3. Earth Days have been with us for a 1/2 Century. I remember cleaning up a trashed creek by good ‘ol Manasquan High School on Earth Day #1.  Wowza. Are there wellness connections to Mother Earth on every day as an earthly day for KABOOMERS?  You betcha! Until we colonize Mars, this is the only planet we have on which to be well!

4. 20/20 Vision?

– My near-sighted limitations are lessening as I age.  How ’bout that favorable trend, though corneal hardening is probably related to ultimate cataract work. When that day comes, I’m told that medical technology can offer me a 20/20 implant! I may take that…

Speaking of a trend each of us can and should enjoy – read what the Cleveland Clinic offers about exercise and elder eyesight!

” The bottom line on exercise and your eyes 

Many studies have looked at the impact of exercise on everything from improving your mental health to reducing the risks of diseases, and even cancer.

It makes sense to work to stay active and get plenty of exercise for so many reasons, including the benefits associated with eye health and preventing eye disease.”

As you might guess, I advocate aerobic exercise and absorbing plenty of phytonutrients (plus wear GOOD UV sunglasses when we CAN get out of doors that is).

You can lower your adverse prospects for glaucoma, wet AMD and possibly cataracts.

Me? My underway years, then hours of rowing after dawn as my outdoor exercise contraindicate what could be benefits to lessen cataracts here.  Oh well…

Eyesight is precious!  KABOOMERS take very good care of their baby blues or greens…

Be well past CoVID on this auspicious 2020 day and throughout this next week!





Prime delivery – someday?!

While prepping at-home gear for clients, I found – via Amazon and Walmart sites – that key fitness items like BOSU balls, battle ropes, and dumbbells/kettlebells are UNavailable.  Even the Wall Street Journal mentioned this supply chain shortage on Friday.

I do have enough inventory to keep current at-home clients moving.  So I will think of this supply shortage ad a glass-half-full sign that folks are working out more (fingers crossed!).

strong arm bicep curl 12 draft

My adapted lyrics from AC/DC’s HELLS BELLS reflect this back-ordered metal mess…

K-Bells (Thank you AC/DC)

I’d be a lockdown wonder, a strong pumping dude
I’d pump my weights …at home
That is –IF grabbing a new kettlebell
Don’t ya know it, China’s got none to sell?

I won’t take no negatives, no CoVID excuse
Seems supply chains are coppin’ out in recluse

I need my shipment, my new metal bell
I’ll bump my home liftin’, with any Dumbbell!



And, weighty Dumbbells
Primes got me waitin’ for home workout hell
My frustration’s risin’, two months past Jeff’s sell

Erector Spinae and up/down my spine
If Amazon delivered, that Deadlift was mine
My backorder status just isn’t all right
‘Cause Jeff’s supply chain is lackin’,
Plus another fortnight.

I just want my metal, just spare me that lie
My Prime backorder may someday supply
A Kettle or Dumbbell, I’ll lift either way
I’m gonna be conditioned – somehow, someday.



Until your backorder arrives – KABOOM with creative objects – rice bags, Funk and Wagnalls dictionaries or significant others.

161_550x550_Front_Color-CaribbeanBlue kkANDkON

Wishbones and Bees

I’m on a Robert Frost kick in lockdown days.  I’m also finishing Camus’ “THE PLAGUE” which is eerily fitting for our nation as a modern, hampered Algeria.

Back to my kick and Frost’s Yankee humor,

“A person will sometimes devote all his life to the development of

one part of his body— the wishbone.”

Your Koach raises his voice more than a little with, “DO NOT DO that!”

However, if you’re a follower of 16th-century writer John Aubrey, you’d discern that a wishbone – aka merrythought – resembled an anatomical region which could lead to merrier thoughts or action.

Be that somebody who likes merry thoughts and asks Why not? Be that someone who devotes proper time to, and develops skeletal muscle supporting the other 205 bones in our amazing bodies.  205 – unless you had wisdom teeth extracted.

Sure, we can wish this lockdown and pestilence would be over yesterday. Why not focus on what you can do to make your corner of this zany world a bit brighter, nicer and healthier?

Moving from a wish to a can not…

The Bumble Bee cannot fly


According to the laws of aerodynamics,

the bumblebee cannot fly;

Its body is too heavy for its wings and that’s the simple reason why.

But the bumblebee doesn’t know this fact, and so it flies anyway…


As poet A.S. Waldrop reminds us – don’t lose faith or hope…

as the impossible can possibly be(e)!


be well,




Extend Credit to Heroes – now and later

I tip my cap to Google’s recent memes and video posts asking viewers to say “THANKS” to first-responders, teachers and unsung silent heroes.

Credit others where and when credit is due, fer sure!  These thankful measures of our communal trust extend acutely to thousands of medical professionals who are now afflicted because of their CoVID duty before self.

Recent acts of gratitude by so many known and unknown responders, servants, and servers are heartwarming. “Long may they wave.”

A few years back, I was asked about my response to folks who said: “thank you for your military service.”  My response was a reflection of how others’ gratitude felt to me, and how fortunate I was to live and share my experiences.

Through these daunting days,  I hope to share good news when I see or hear it. John Krasinski has a slightly bigger following than I currently do, so I recommend his youtube channel “Some Good News” for your viewing. If your kids or grandkids are justifiably bummed for missing a Spring Prom – just leave it to Saturday Night Live to help you make your best of it #SGNprom. Be formal tonight (4/17) at 5 pm pst for your Virtual Prom!

More good news! Most of us locked-down folks can still find ways to make our communities tighter and stronger for long and winding roads.

Today’s WSJ offered many ways to chip in, even if and when you and I are homebound.  Tomorrow, I get “vampire liberty” as we used to call blood-donor efforts in military days.

I can give back part of my $1200.00 “stimulus” deposit from Uncle Sam and Donald – which came to my bank account on our usual Tax Day.  Now, that is a sign of interesting times. Yes, I can.

And more good news… Disruption triggers innovation in some many ways – from rapid vaccine development to production line changeouts for hand sanitizer, to clothing providers sewing facial masks.  To America’s innovators; “Thank you, too, for your service.”

And… many teachers are learning new skills as they lead our “Generation C” students in online learning.

And how about preachers and reverends?  Now, many of their reverent resumes can show a “minor” in Information Technology after leading virtual congregations.

As John Krasinski, SNL, and The Capitol Steps [extending their 3-decades of deMOCKracy] and others help us remember, there IS Good News in grumpy days. Good news as we take a moment and think around and beyond this fine kettle of fish we find ourselves in.

Be well, and extend Credit where Credit is definitely DUE.


ps – If you’d like to take a break from NETFLIX binges – enjoy “You Bet Your Life” highlights of Groucho Marx.