10 Dos and Dont’s for “WFH”

by | Apr 4, 2020


In ways akin to fitness training efforts, what each of us does if/when Working From Home [WFH] should be tailored, then adjusted as prudent in our challenging days ahead.

Let’s hope that our CoVid scourge lifts this spring!  Yet good habits ingrained in these tough times may aid us when life returns to whatever the post-CoVid “abnormal” is…

In a spirit of sharing what works for me, I offer ten (10) Dos and Don’ts to help others balance work and “play” away from The Office.

Essential worker?  Leverage any suggestions for your non-WFH stint too!



Brilliant                                                                       So-so or Dumb Idea

Laugh at least 15 minutes daily (ha)                      Insert or wear Contact lenses  

Boost your Immunity naturally,                           Be Grouchy

Enjoy this “leisurely” time as a                                Think that tunnel light is all gloom.

with TP

Express Gratitude with a positive attitude          Look for Blame – Who dunnit ?!?

Be a masked man/woman outdoors                     Take stupid pills or be in denial

Pen your therapeutical thoughts                           Become an emotional eater

Support a local retailer who’s hurting                 Imbibe excessively.

Hum a ‘Lil tune from Annie                                    Kick Fido!  He loves ya.

Give Blood, if able                                                     Forget what your Mum told ya.

Say your Glass is 1/2 Full and mean it!                Think that  CoViD is NIMBY.

Be careful, safe, and assuredly WELL!



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