There’s no place like home…

by | Apr 7, 2020


Whether we think of the Wizard of Oz, or the #15 Wizard of Kansas City, there is something special about H O M E.

Sure, I’d like to be on a trail, or out on the water, yet I think of all that I’ve accomplished as a blessed healthy lockdown guy,

I am [again] try my hand at (usually without my apron)

My Dermatologist advised that this isolated time is perfect for treating superficial pre-cancerous skin problems (actinic keratoses) with Efudex ointment. I get a very good reaction to this fire water – fer sure; living with minor side effects – sleeplessness, antsiness, itchy eye.  Yet my Doc asserts that the benefits of this anti-metabolite outweigh my side effects. Right, Doc! The big C and I are old acquaintances, so I want to decrease my odds of getting more skin cancers.

I have a new habit, which I hope will be enduring, to reach out to a compadre or relative who I haven’t linked with for a spell.


Though my honey-do list hasn’t shrunk – at least there are fewer old entries on it!

I’m learning Podcasting 101.

I have chances to better my on-line presence for teaching and personal training.

And, in these final days of Lent (which ironically are disruptive with intents of turning for better times), I am re-discovering mindful times to focus on important matters rather than ever-urgent ones.

As New Yorkers Sergeant Esterhaus and Dr. Max Goodwin advise,

I couldn’t say that any better!





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