Life after Modern Family & novel Virus

by | Apr 9, 2020

Oh my, oh me,

now replays only-Modern Family.

What a run those Dunphy and Pritchett characters had! Don’t be too sad as we have 250 (!) Re-runs to re-celebrate.

Orthogonally, we will hopefully declare a CoVid standoff and get back to work by May Day. The re-run of this Flu will NOT be celebrated.  Though we should be in a better way to counter it.

In the meantime, you may know my convictions about lung capacity and vitality as an insurance rider vs. “pneumonia-like” microbes.

Your VO2 Max and heart health are viewed as reasons for avoiding or recovering from this dang virus.

Note:  Today’s WS Journal documented that CoVid survivors on ventilators MAY have lingering health problems for years to come. Oy!

As Ben Franklin advised about an ounce of prevention…

Treat your lungs well and challenge ’em with aerobic activity! You will probably have better prospects to dodge CoVid awful afters!

Big breaths, baby!








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