Nature and Nurture for a holy Saturday

by | Apr 11, 2020

Ah, the ultimate day of Lent is upon us. Regardless of one’s religious upbringing or belief, these last 46 days of disruption and turn were more than biblical in a Judeo-Christian way.

I’ve written before what my favorite philosopher, Yogi Berra, offered about the future – it ain’t what it used to be.   How can each of us accept this turn and make it for the better rather than for the worst? I’d love to hum “Don’t Worry, Be Happy…”, yet Uncle Sam now has a $25 Trillion debt to honor somehow, someway.  My long division doesn’t compute how much of that debt is “mine”, yet I suspect it is a substantial number.

I need to accept that “red” bottom line, and do my darndest to keep a personal income stream coming, limit extraneous (not vital) expenses, and have a few doubloons saved for our next generation. Perhaps I can be one of Bush 41’s “thousand points of light” to make my bit of this zany world a better place. Note to self!


Let’s embrace what Mother nature, and our family tree gave, and give us!  Those natural gifts include Vitamin D and a personal gene pool which we can keep in swimmingly conditions. My folks passed to me their slow-twitch sarcomeres which seem to keep me in this earthly race for a long-haul performance.  For our sun, and as a fortunate son – I am truly thankful.


Playing the card hand I was dealt, I can do my best with motion, sweat, and  bit of luck to be like this:


 as a lively alternative to this guy below

(unless Wendell the Walker is 100 years old, that is).

Nurture your athlete within, taking the best and worst that Mother Nature sends our way.


Be well past forty,



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