20-20 Weed, Pros, Mother Earth, and Eyes

by | Apr 20, 2020

This is an auspicious first “WFH” day of our week!

The 20th day of a 4th month in the year of our Lord 2020…

  1. National Weed Day – can you Zoom a toke today? Here’s to followers of cannabis culture. My personal jury is out on advertised and researched health benefits of CBD. As I wrote in KABOOMER, the closest I’ve been to a joint is secondhand smoke. To each, his or her own.4Twenty_Weed Day

2. How about Administrative Professional Day this week? We can toss in some timely mental wellness thoughts, as Robert Half did for WFH ninjas:

3 ways to than admin pros 2020

– I think I’ll treat me, myself and I to a tall black coffee (organic, single-sourced) with a dash of coconut oil to celebrate my “PRO” deeds.

3. Earth Days have been with us for a 1/2 Century. I remember cleaning up a trashed creek by good ‘ol Manasquan High School on Earth Day #1.  Wowza. Are there wellness connections to Mother Earth on every day as an earthly day for KABOOMERS?  You betcha! Until we colonize Mars, this is the only planet we have on which to be well!

4. 20/20 Vision?

– My near-sighted limitations are lessening as I age.  How ’bout that favorable trend, though corneal hardening is probably related to ultimate cataract work. When that day comes, I’m told that medical technology can offer me a 20/20 implant! I may take that…

Speaking of a trend each of us can and should enjoy – read what the Cleveland Clinic offers about exercise and elder eyesight!

” The bottom line on exercise and your eyes 

Many studies have looked at the impact of exercise on everything from improving your mental health to reducing the risks of diseases, and even cancer.

It makes sense to work to stay active and get plenty of exercise for so many reasons, including the benefits associated with eye health and preventing eye disease.”

As you might guess, I advocate aerobic exercise and absorbing plenty of phytonutrients (plus wear GOOD UV sunglasses when we CAN get out of doors that is).

You can lower your adverse prospects for glaucoma, wet AMD and possibly cataracts.

Me? My underway years, then hours of rowing after dawn as my outdoor exercise contraindicate what could be benefits to lessen cataracts here.  Oh well…

Eyesight is precious!  KABOOMERS take very good care of their baby blues or greens…

Be well past CoVID on this auspicious 2020 day and throughout this next week!






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