Prime delivery – someday?!

by | Apr 20, 2020

While prepping at-home gear for clients, I found – via Amazon and Walmart sites – that key fitness items like BOSU balls, battle ropes, and dumbbells/kettlebells are UNavailable.  Even the Wall Street Journal mentioned this supply chain shortage on Friday.

I do have enough inventory to keep current at-home clients moving.  So I will think of this supply shortage ad a glass-half-full sign that folks are working out more (fingers crossed!).

strong arm bicep curl 12 draft

My adapted lyrics from AC/DC’s HELLS BELLS reflect this back-ordered metal mess…

K-Bells (Thank you AC/DC)

I’d be a lockdown wonder, a strong pumping dude
I’d pump my weights …at home
That is –IF grabbing a new kettlebell
Don’t ya know it, China’s got none to sell?

I won’t take no negatives, no CoVID excuse
Seems supply chains are coppin’ out in recluse

I need my shipment, my new metal bell
I’ll bump my home liftin’, with any Dumbbell!



And, weighty Dumbbells
Primes got me waitin’ for home workout hell
My frustration’s risin’, two months past Jeff’s sell

Erector Spinae and up/down my spine
If Amazon delivered, that Deadlift was mine
My backorder status just isn’t all right
‘Cause Jeff’s supply chain is lackin’,
Plus another fortnight.

I just want my metal, just spare me that lie
My Prime backorder may someday supply
A Kettle or Dumbbell, I’ll lift either way
I’m gonna be conditioned – somehow, someday.



Until your backorder arrives – KABOOM with creative objects – rice bags, Funk and Wagnalls dictionaries or significant others.

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