I’m hoppy mad now!

by | Apr 26, 2020

Each to his or her own for what is maddening about this lockdown.

In no way making light of a global mess. I do offer that my “hoppyness” factor is at a low watermark. As Popeye used to say,

“that’s all I can stand, cuz I can’t stand no more!”

Here’s Why:

Ten Million Kegs of beer and ale are going down the drain. America’s largest single-day for beer sales (St. Patty’s Day) is a salient factor as drinking in and beer taps were silenced.  Those going-stale suds have to be emptied by their “Good BYE” dates and that is a crying shame.

Don’t cry over spilled milk – sure.  Yet I get misty over wasted suds!

Then, there was the severe economic impact of March Sadness – with those hundreds of collegiate hoops games shut down.

Then, Baseball’s spring season vanished – when even a light beer woulda been refreshing to this IPA lover.

Yesterday, The Economist reported that OKTOBERFEST – the REAL Munich OKTOBERFEST (in September 🙂 is cancelled for 2020.  Which in the dickens is going on?

In protest, I brewed an American Porter yesterday.  And, I drank a pint while doing yard work.  Yes – there is an upside to lockdown.  My lawn and yard are lookin’ good.

Be well!





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