40 days and 40 nights of a clampdown

by | Apr 27, 2020

Forty: “found in many traditions without any universal explanation for its use”

I wasn’t aware of Christian-Judeo-Muslim affinity with the number “4 0” when I chose that number for my company’s corporate shingle  (or this web site’s URL).

Forty – serving as a loose numeric image of a  large number – like gazillion or umpteen.

I looked at my CoViD calendar – and gauged that it has been forty days and forty nights since my group fitness coaching came to a temporary(!) halt.  Let’s hope that clampdowns DO NOT last for UMPTEEN more days and nights!

What’s been my gig – since “normal” gigs were altered?  [I won’t get into governmental crisis action responses as I know that something had to be done.  Yet I do applaud Sweden’s approach which seemed to better focus on a root cause and effects on elders and afflicted.  If young people statistically are NOT falling – why clamp them down?].

I am truly fortunate that I have fixed incomes that head my way regularly.  My wife and I are fortunate that my 99+-year-old mother in law has dodged this very bad bat-bullet thus far! I am fortunate that my professional services can be achieved online. I am fortunate that my preferred way to blow off steam and stay fit – rowing – can be done indoors.


I am fortunate that my first book launch – KABOOMER – is coming at a time when I can devote energy & effort.

I am fortunate that I live where “key” immunity boosts come easily with SoCal’s Vitamin D3, local Vitamin C which I pick from my citrus trees whenever I want or need it, and green grass in which to walk barefoot …  A lucky dude!

Since these three fortnights of seclusion began:

  1. I enjoy less commuting time, distance and cost for clients AND celebrate Earth Day green-ness
  2. I can focus on periodization for my hypertrophy and strength since spring and summer racing is verboten
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    – No need for speed now, I’m working on my need to offset sarcopenia at my AK-67 age. I consider this a diversification of my muscle training.

  3. Speaking of AK – as in actinic keratoses – this clampdown was an ideal time for one wellness chore – EFUDEX applications to kill numerous pre-cancerous cells in my epiderm & derm. I often pen notes about nature and nurture.  My northern European heritage and my Mom’s melanoma are inherited causes for these skin issues of mine. Though slightly uncomfortable – as I get impressive reactions – the chance to stave off squamous or basal skin cancers is a prudent move.  As SKIN is the largest organ in our amazing bodies – SAVE IT!  Like donning UV sunglasses and quality sunscreen as summer approaches in our Northern Hemisphere. Our ~ 20 square feet of thin protector, regulator, cooler, and sensor cells are truly worth SAVING.
  4. I am experienced ZOOM fatigue – in the same yet different ways than when office meetings were “minutes kept and hours lost“.
  5. I enjoyed my first Telemedicine visit with – you guessed it – a Dermatologist. He encouraged me to keep taking supplemental Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide) which “may” diminish future skin cancers.
  6. My yard and lawn are lookin’ good.  I only claim partial credit as our rainy winter and spring seasons got the green going. Our first bloom roses were perfect!
  7. My circadian clock speed is down a bit – and for that I’m grateful! A personal services guy like me can get a bit frantic (as my sainted wife may mention) when my days that end in “Y”s are full. This gear-shift will change and I enjoy the action.   For a little bit longer, my mini-hibernation is healthy.  Yes, getting my clock speed higher is a doable DO, too.
  8. BOSCH is back!  My bride and I are disciplined to parse out these engaging episodes via Amazon Prime. I am grateful for this once a bookstore, now a supply chain juggernaut. And I am thankful that other enterprises are getting innovative as our world disruption continues.
  9. Our empty nest Board Games are back too! I hadn’t played Scrabble for years – or YAHTZEE.
  10. My prowess at WORD JUMBLE and SUDOKU is building from an amateur to a sophomoric level.
  11. I’ve given blood, donated food and household items, and contributed to the San Diego Foundation’s COVID fund. So many folks are hurting!  I’d do more – and intend to – as soon as I get my test for COVID antibodies…
  12. I have waved to strangers more often, and I’ve lingered in pleasurable neighborly conversations (at 2 meters distance).
  13. I’ve home-brewed more crafty hops and cooked more scratch entrees.


I haven’t caught the Puzzle bug (yet).  Nor have I gotten better at juggling or handstand pushups. Much remains to be done before someone chisels my epitaph in Vermont marble.

We all have places to go (soon!) and things to accomplish to make this crazy world a better island home.

Boost your immunity, be well past FORTY!



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