Airgasm and Astrology Appeals

by | Apr 29, 2020

We’ve made it to our last Hump Day in this cruel health month of April 2020. Wordy folks remind me that the word origin of April is “opening“.

So I did something rare on this opening day. I opened urban dictionary for a word that describes how many of us feel when we can remove our CovID masks and big-gulp unfiltered air. Sure, there are flying united cases for airgasms too, if you can get airborne that is. Ah…

And I opened an extremely funny video for Kindergarten names in 2026 :). Charmin – of course!  Pandemica… Kah ‘Rona…Purel… Quarantina … and Joe Exotica… Ha!

I opened an article in the Wall Street Journal about re-kindled interest in Astrology, sorta like our clampdown revivals for puzzles, and board games. Writer Zan Romanoff cited Daniel Defoe’s observation about a plague in 1665,

“people were more addicted to prophecies and astrological conjurations…                     than ever they were before.”

Romanoff offered that astrology can “layer an interpretative framework over chaos”, help us in self-reflection, and perhaps in grasping context for our minor role in cosmic happenings. Life happens…

Without addiction or delusions of cosmic clarity, I tried a modest paid service of astrology, for the first time, to gauge arguable or inarguable coincidences as my framework in this lockdown.

I was born on the Aquarian cusp as an early Pisces – that 12th and last zodiac sign:

pisces-2  Coincidence or not, my wife and I seem to get along as Pisces and Scorpio, if not Romeo and Juliet.


So,  might (?) I better understand how I’ll be feeling, what I’ll experience and ways to tackle each opportunity or challenge?

How about late April predictions for my “transit?”

I’m told to:  “go slow. Take your time. Smell the flowers.
Relish in the pleasure of being in your own skin. Nourish your body with good food and
gentle exercise. This slower pace …is about rest, restoration, and enjoyment. Give yourself permission to indulge in tactile pleasures like a massage or wholesome foods, or enjoy a little luxury…


Good food & gentle exercise – surely sound good to me. An Airgasm does, too. Ah ha!

Stay tuned sports fans.



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