Nunc est Bibendum

by | May 4, 2020

Drizly WRD_Drizly_Newest_Logoshould thank Horace for this “Now is the time for drinkingode from many moons ago.  Another retail disrupter in CoVID times!

I’ll gladly cite that Ode, today, or most any day, which celebrates a society’s triumph over defeat and death.  Sounds fitting – yes?

Sure, his Roman“BC” ode was written after Cleopatra’s untimely demise with 2 handmaidens by her side.  A deadly matter from an Asp? Cobra? Poison? As Plutarch wrote,  “the truth of the matter no one knows.” I digress.

Nunc est Bibendum!  This is Not a bad time to party on.

Warren Buffett just advised that “we” will be alright over time.  The sun is up today and most likely will do the same for many TOMORROWs. Dr. Seuss reminded graduates (before 2020 virtual graduation came into vogue) that they have brains in their heads and feet in their shoes to “know what you know.”

We’ve got our homemade or purchased masks to don in public. Here’s mine – honoring a Rhino’s separation for social distancing in the Bakubung Game Preserve:

Rhino Bakubung Bandana

Right – Sunshine State’rs can use this distancing gauge to celebrate with non-family members during our clampdown:


That great American Holiday tomorrow (Cinco de Mayo) is up there in celebratory, voluminous drinking days with Saint Patrick’s Day.  Cocktail names are shifting from “IMPEACHMENT COLADAs” to QUARANTINAs.  I’ll have a big homegrown lime con mi tequila manana, with natural sea salt too. Now is a good time, in my humble opinion.

We tough peoples will last.

Bibendum. Each to his or her own as to whether moderate social drinking (together or apart) is a positive factor in living longer and better.  My layman’s vote is a conditional “YEA.”

As I wrote in KABOOMER, I do NOT advocate that an adult begins to imbibe as part of his/her stamininety journey.  I do advocate that a KABOOMER rationally consider the moderative merits of noble grapes (and hops too).

Yes, right adult beverages have micronutrients that complement clean eating. “Moderate” consumption of wine in Blue Zones is a documented life extender (though NOT on its own as purpose and belonging are strongly linked to those effective bottles or bodas of wine.

I lament that healthy polyphenol micros like resveratrol are hard on my spell checker.  Yet, I celebrate that those micros may help me as your Koach live longer, and be a tiny bit happier too.


Be Well.

SALUD, Horace!


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