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by | May 8, 2020


As a verb, you project or “extend outward.” As a noun, project means, “an enterprise that is carefully planned and designed to achieve a particular aim.”

Yes! KABOOMERS project optimism and are positive.  KABOOMERS plan, design, and deliver LIFESTYLE and WELLNESS HABITS for STAMININETY. Wasn’t that an unusually short homily?

Fitness Projects – in November and every month! A pair of my youthful rowing compadres also belong to a local chapter of November Project. This Boston-based grassroots fitness effort gets my hearty (distanced)



Note: I’m not [yet] an N-P participant, as 6:29 AM rallies in Balboa Park are inconvenient with my “reveille” Row House coaching.  Since Andy and Sean’s first mention of this great project, and since I teach Project Management for working adults – – – I thought that a present BLOG about Positivity and Wellness through “Project” lenses might be interesting and informative. You’ll be my judge and jury for that thought…

I extend “ASK WHY(?) 5 Times” and an Ishikawa Fishbone diagram to further illustrate my approach. These two quality tools originated in Japan; which, parenthetically, is now the world’s oldest nation.  Hint – purpose, and positivity are important for longevity! Does Dr. Anthony Fauci apply 5 Whys? and Fishbones to this grave public health issue we face?  I positively hope so. I leveraged a Public Health Fishbone diagram to project my personal “effects” analysis to face a certain Corona Virus…

Thanks to Japanese industrialists TOYODA and OHNO (yup) for championing 5 Whys to get to lasting Project solutions. Please note my emphasis on duration! Of many available online tools to help you get to solutions, I have this 5 Whys template on my very shortlist.

Your KABOOMER Project

Start @ the Beginning:

Someone who commits to KABOOM should initially confirm contextual basics and clearly state the “brass ring” opportunity of stamininety.

Then, be inquisitive and ASK. Remember that Tony Robbins advised the best way to get what you want is to ASK! Question sincerely and often.

Project Phasing:

Professionals in Project Management offer five phases for successful projects.  A requirements charter and my null hypothesis for KABOOMER project success is:

A baby boomer can develop and sustain habits to thrive and strive in his or her nineties.

With other wording, a KABOOMER gains and maintains stamininety to live longer and live better.

Phase 1: Move to Initiate your positive KABOOMER Project with conviction

Phase 2: Carefully and comprehensively Plan the project execution (on your own or with a buddy or professional lifeline)

Phase 3: Positively Execute your KABOOMER project plan – continually – until a Doctor or deathbed stops you.

Phase 4: Monitor your performance (80/20 stamina and strength efforts, resting and training heart rates, stress level, quality of sleep, diet quality…)

Phase 5: Apply and adapt to your  Lessons Learned in a cycle of continuous project improvement.

Right you are.  These 5 simple-sounding steps for Project Success are hard.  Yet KABOOMERS commit to project success by doing their simple yet hard habits – continually.

5 Questions and 5 Steps. Those didn’t hurt like root canals – did they?

Be successful. Plan…Design…Achieve stamininety.

Be a KABOOMER success story with phased initiative, planning, execution, performance monitoring, and feedback.  YES, You can!





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