by | May 11, 2020

A catchy Radio station – eh?

I’m only penning thoughts for the “W” and “Z” today. Yet I will blog about 2 radio stations and 2 legends behind the mikes and wizardly curtains. Stay tuned…

W is for Waves…Z is for Zones (as in Zip Code living, working, and playing Zones – Blue or not).

As written in KABOOMER, legendary Disk Jockey Wolfman Jack offered,

“We are put on this earth to have a good time. This makes other people feel good. And the cycle continues.”

Quick anecdote. I would have hated my “oh dark thirty” commutes to my ship in Mayport Florida without a DJ with callsign “Greaseman”. Doug Tracht, as the “Greaseman,” offered hilarious ballads on Jacksonville’s WAPE AM (when AM was a thing…) that got my non-hypnagogic chuckles going:

“Like the Wizard of Oz behind his curtain, Tracht conjures an audio illusion of himself, stoking his listeners’ fantasies first thing in the morning.”

Back to the Brooklyn’s very own Bob Smith, this Wolfman DJ… What boomer didn’t watch American Grafitti with him counseling Richard Dreyfuss to get his a#$ in gear for that great big beautiful world out there?

These days, our big beautiful world doesn’t quite seem so.  Yet, in our CALI clampdown’s 3rd month (!), the cycle to have a good time will undoubtedly continue as Wolfman said it will.  Waves are cyclic, as my transition from AM radio cycles to historic waves.

Waves we read about in current periodicals, or hear on the airways,  include “second” waves with major concerns for 1) kids’ mindsets which would better thrive in routine, 2) domestic issues for spouses/partners who find it hard to get away from each other for a bit, 3) health concerns about deferred elective surgeries, 4) Depression or worse from one’s loss of livelihood or precious life and 5) ageism (as I’m blogged recently).

Louis Armstrong sang an anthem that keeps my glass-half-full on some “stay in place” days, “What a Wonderful World.” I hope and pray that others can also see Wonderful skies of blue, watch babies grow, and celebrate ROYGBIV rainbow hues.

I am blessed that I live, work, and play in a Zip Code that may matter more than my genetic code for CoVID susceptibility or immunity.  I am looking out at blue skies in May, I sat in on two Zoom Weddings this weekend past, I saw two grandkids spoil their Mum on Mothering Sunday. In truth, we didn’t have a natural rainbow in our region today… Yet we did have above-average rainfall for our semi-arid region :). My Wonderful World!

Thirty percent Nature and 70% Nurture,  yet again…

Numerous Doctors and reputable Foundations write about health equities, or inequitable “deltas” between “have longevity” and “have not mortality” based on a residential number string like 90210.  Zip Codes DO matter.

Loma Linda, CA. isn’t far away from my 92127 zip code (which started as a retirement community a 1/2 century ago, btw).  If I wasn’t in lock-down, I could drive to Loma Linda to get up close and personal with Loma Linda (92354) Blue Zoners, which KABOOMER addresses, and several of my weblogs/podcast highlight for very good cause.

This timely bluezones.com post gives a big picture better than I could,

“…healthy, economically stable, and happy people can withstand the onslaught of a pandemic better than a group of sick and sad people.”

Closing with heartfelt sentiments for your health, wellness, and economic stability. Today and for many cyclic celebrations to come!







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