“You’ve Got Six, Boss”

by | May 15, 2020

I’ll brace up for sharing a USAF Thunderbirds flyover our local hospital today with my memory lane for two USNA classmates, Kevin Miller and Scott Anderson, who were BLUE ANGELS.  This Flyover was far better in person than what a phone camera (and plebian cameraman) shares.

You’ve Got Six Boss” is a join-up confirmation when fast-movers rally on a common mission. Scott used to say that to the masses watching our BLUES

Right – I’m linking precision flights by America’s Demonstration flight teams with Join-ups for our KABOOMER fitness and wellness Movement.  There are NOT any lazy, overweight airedales in the Blue Angels or Thunderbirds, by the way.  They train hard and necessarily so for fighting “G” blackouts with core muscles and breathing…

You may know of another airedale  “six” saying – “I’ve Got Your Six“.

It is often reassuring for a KABOOMER when a workout buddy, significant other or Koach backs you up and covers what you may not have in your current field of vision or point of view.

Wingmen cover the sixes of their flight leader.  We can watch the back of you to help you achieve your mission, too!


Someday we’ll be in better positions to chuckle at raunchy “viral” humor – THOUGH laughter is VERY GOOD medicine! Please DO NOT watch this linked George Carlin Disease skit if his customary F-bombs bother you.

Yet, there is a bit of an argument for immune system practice (imo) in this X-Rated youtube video.

Be well so that you can thrive and strive into your nineties – with someone watching your six 🙂



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