One is the Loneliest Number

by | May 16, 2020

We KABOOMERS likely recall THREE DOG NIGHT from our summer of ’69 and Woodstock concert era. Two lines in a Three Dog Night lyric seems appropriate for our ongoing lockdown,

“Now I spend my time just making rhymes of yesterday

One is the loneliest number”

Folks are very concerned, and rightly so, about adverse impacts of relative seclusion on mental health, loneliness and depression (or regrettably worse!) of us mammals/humans. This goes for kids, working adults, and definitely for boomers like me. Duh. Unexpected mortalities are sadly UP this spring, though Cancer and Heart Disease still claim more grim reaps than our nagging novel Coronavirus.  What we certainly DO NOT need is unintended mortalities that stem from loneliness in months and years ahead for all of us! [Stay tuned for my AK-67 podcast about Micronutrients and mental health linkages.]

I will push back just a little on writer Hary Nilsson who wrote: “One is the Loneliest Number” for Three Dog Night a half century ago.

“Making rhymes”, or even colorful limericks ain’t all bad to stimulate our noggins and mindfully pass some time! An ending that rhymes with NANTUCKET just might lead to a chuckle – right?

My wife and I spend time with board games, Word Jumbles, and Sudoku – as anti-tube and counter-brain fog activities.  I also connive a jingle or haiku on occasion for my mind-body alignment. Take that, Harry.

This lockdown has slowed our “clock speeds” a bit, and changed our waist to hip ratios slightly in the unfavorable direction.  Note to self, drop a bit more ice in that adult beverage!  Booze? We braved COSTCO yesterday.  Our masked checkout person said that alcohol sales have never been better. Sorta makes sense…Yet, we’re as active as we can be. We’re blessed to be alive and kicking (with 3-legged down dog kicks as favorite moves for glutes and wall handstands).

Let’s try to do what we can to avoid “the loneliest number” for most of our days. Let’s kick around ideas and balls with others.  Sure, we should invest in quiet moments for humming, meditation, and reflection. Yet, let’s be creative and resourceful to engage with others. As we used to sing with CLIMAX, “Precious and few are the moments…”. Did you know that climax was Greek for ladder or escalation? Sorta makes sense, too.

Most of us are assuredly NOT hermits, so we thrive on engagements and social/physical contact moments and minutes.

Let’s go get more precious moments (with or without climaxes).

Be safe and well,



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