Shiver my Timber

by | May 18, 2020

Our warm San Diego day in May got me to thinkin’ about nice cool showers. I had to cleanse off sneezy, itchy spring pollen I collected in my yard work. What could be better than a timed cool shower (60-70 degrees Fahrenheit)? You may readily identify an act or two that just might be superior…

Brrrr.  What about frisky teen boys and their libido?


True – to a point… Shiver your Timber, lads. Whether that stop in a cold rain locker makes things better or worse is a matter of perspective and timing. For those of us past days of growing pains, cold dips in the pool or ocean or shower stall may be very, very good. When timed “right” – according to NASA – both genders can get bedtime boosts:

“repeated dips in chilly water … ‘cold adaptation’, bringing down blood pressure and cholesterol, toning muscle, and increasing libido.”


Trusty Medical Daily offers 7 benefits of these exposures – a few pluses from chill which may surprise you:

  • relieving depression
  • promoting weight loss from favorable “brown fat” activity to keep our bodies warmer
  • immunity-boosting – and who isn’t interested in that capacity in these trying times?

As a motivational guru, Tony Robbins, has a few more blogosphere fans than me – see what he offers about cold water perks

Another key plus for your consideration:

You might recall what I’ve written about our under-appreciated lymphatic systems.  Enjoy this ~ 6 minute flick if you’s like to learn more about our fascinating lymphatics as an open system vital to our well-being. Credible and reliable sources equate alternating hot and cold showers or exposures to “whole body cleansing or detoxification.”

Here is one CRAAP-tested source about cold showers and lymphatic cleansing for your consideration. This Aussie source also highlights wellness steps like massage, laughter, and exercise to keep your juices flowing.

If we weren’t enforcing physical and social distancing, hugging in a couples’ shower might feel pretty good too.

Until then, enjoy your solo shiver and hum.

Be safe, and take an occasional shivery shower to stay well.




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