Onomatopoeia P

by | May 19, 2020

Todd Rundgren whimsically sang ’em best, though it is hard to challenge the Bard’s or James Joyce’s onomatopoeias for their own literary purposes. As a navy guy, I also admire Samuel Coleridge’s “furrow followed free” description of a ship’s wake.  Onomatopoeia

Back to Todd’s lyrics:

Onomatopoeia every time I see ya
My senses tell me hubba
And I just can’t disagree.
I get a feeling in my heart that I can’t describe. . . .”

He sang about love rather than cardiac arrest.  It is now your Koach’s pleasure to suggest how a KABOOMER can boost one (love) and subvert the “widowmaker” other.

Ah, language can be a funny matter. Widow Makers are definitely NOT funny.  Love can be funny, or it might result in a “Battlefield” between strong individuals, as Pat Benatar sang.

Rundgren’s lyrics also offer several onomatopoeias that KABOOMERs try to avoid –

“It’s sort of  Wheeze, Whine…
Sputter,  Clatter
Crash, Bang, Buzz
Rip, Retch, Thud, Snort, and Squeak.”

Expressive, impactful bodily or natural sounds that we KABOOMERS might accept include:

Toot, Tinkle, P(ee)
Splash, Boing (or Boin in the Urban Dictionary), and Hack
Hoot, Belch, and of course,

Finally, to rise and shine, think of a chanticleer [rooster] ritual:  “Cock a Doodle Do.” Now that just might become expressive or impactful.

Believe it or not, the expressive term of my purpose today is “P.” Or Pee, or Psss, or you guessed it… p#$%  as in p#$%-poor…

Pee, as an informal accepted term for “normal” urination, is certainly an important function for Medicare-aged folks.

Hydrating with that essential third nutritional element (water) means an ultimate excretion of “clear or lightly colored” by-products from our metabolic or exercise activities. Due to one of many physical and medical reasons, a boomer might experience: incontinence, frequent urination, leaking urine when you cough or sneeze[women], discoloration… If or when one such flowing experience extends beyond temporary, you might remember the ’70s Lost in Space meme:



In a quasi-similar way to “widowmaker” shortcomings of our tickers; problems or shortcomings in our urinary tracts – color, frequency, chemical readings, and odor – may well be unwell symptoms and forebodings of serious health problems beyond common infections or “UTI.Common as in a few million UTIs annually in the USA. Sorry ladies. You are slightly more prone to these tract infections than guys.  Yet as a data point, I got one that led to prostatitis after many long and sweaty bike rides. These infections keep Urologists pretty busy!

Good News / Bad News

The good news is that most UTIs are dispatched with anti-biotics.

Bad News, as you can probably guess. Drugs can adversely impact your urine too!

Coupla “Layman’s” observations and facts about P(ee):

  • Despite many web claims – you don’t pee out Bodyfat on a wonder diet. Your water vapor exhaled, and sweat are our dominant exhaust mechanisms for fatty “combustion”.
  • Some “Vitamin P” healthy foods may impact urination frequency or odor – like asparagus or rhubarb or blackberries.

bfranklin asparagus

  • Temporary discoloration from eating beets or other food items may happen due to their natural pigments.  Yet observed bloody or odorous urine is Call a Doc time.

“Bloody urine is common in urinary tract infections and kidney stones. These problems usually cause pain. Painless bleeding might signal a more serious problem, such as cancer.”


  • Distance athletes may get de-hydrated and ultimately pee dark as in BROWN urine.  Probably a quart or two low on H2O – NOT good, yet it has happened to me. That color is hopefully different than what rhabdomyolysis may cause.
  • Specific vitamin supplements may darken “normal” urination hue. Water-soluble B vitamins like riboflavin are one example if ingested in quantities more than your body needs at that time…Fat-soluble Vitamin A (beta-carotene) might also darken your urine.

The color of our pee isn’t something we normally talk about.

Yet, P(ee) is an important bodily function to monitor. Seriously!  Austin Powers and that Goldmember checkup skit was funny. Ignoring Pee problems is NOT funny.

Drink before thirst, be aware of episodic changes to your urine. Be safe and call a medical professional if in doubt about image-forming Pee.

Although this blog might sound like a “potty” talk, it might be important for your health and wellness.




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