Is your Life a Cabaret?

by | May 23, 2020

As most Americans begin their third month of clampdown, it seems like a fitting question to ask,

“Is Lfe a Cabaret my friend?”

My opinion: Yes and No.

Yes, I do want to “put down my broom” and “taste the wine”.

No, to “sitting all alone in your room”, or listen to “some prophet of doom.”

Down, yet definitely NOT OUT!

Let’s hope that Liza Minnelli was right when she sang, “It isn’t that long a stay.”

Peggy Noonan’s Declarations column again made my Saturday when she offered what a “Plainer America” may be. That is, when our new abnormal or normal “life” finally arrives post-lockdown. She suggested, “If we all do that one small thing, chances are we’ll get through OK.”

Will we be more thoughtful, more introspective?

Will be better focused on what is truly important – like living longer and better?  Like being social in any and every way possible?

Many folks have journaled what has been their  goal or two achieved since March.  Journalling is a very good KABOOMER practice! Some learned to juggle.  Some re-learned the patient joy of jigsaw puzzles or board games.  Some made it through all NETFLIX seasons of OZARK, for better or worse.  Many read more – and that is a very good thing!

Here’s true hope that we can drink some wine, keep moving to sweat, chuckle ’til we buckle, and sleep soundly. Take that – novel Coronavirus!

Be well,

Koach Dave



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