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by | May 29, 2020

Here’s a sobriety fact from JAMA Internal Medicine:

Boomers are LESS fit than our parents were at the same age and are more likely to have diabetes or high blood pressure. Today just one-third (!) of boomers exercise regularly; and HALF of us have no routine.

Houston, we have a covert epidemic that isn’t spelled CoVid.

  • Doesn’t that sound sad, unhealthy and costly for them, and for all those who fund our Medicare benefits?

My flash of the obvious suggests that something is wastefully WRONG with these two staggering statistics:

Fifty Million of our age-group peers do NOT exercise regularly (that is 2-3 times a week).

Thirty seven Million of us have NO routine for exercise/activity at all! Oy Veh, or

From a fiscal stance, unnecessary health costs are borne because too many boomers have metabolic syndrome (MetS), or JAMA’s documented conditions of Type II diabetes or high blood pressure. I could easily get on a roll with other validated roles of MOTION and SWEAT to offset these terrible conditions. And, I’m concerned about our kids / grandkids who must assume that mountainous obligation of keeping unhealthy folks alive.

Most of us are aware of lofty and escalating prescription drug costs. Now, we have a big word to describe this BIG problem – POLYPHARMACY. One of only 7.500 Geriatricians in America offered, “about half of older adults take at least one medication that’s not necessary or no longer needed.”

You likely know, if you’ve followed my journals, that my mantra, “MOTION is MEDICINE,” shapes a lifestyle of EXERCISE over many Drugs. Sure, some Drugs are necessary. Yet, MANY are NOT.

from Giphy

Exercise over Drugs can “flatten this curve” of polypharmacy

AND generate healthier facts for me to share in years ahead.

Exercise over Drugs,

Koach Dave


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