Fatigued ?!

by | May 30, 2020

Might you feel tired?, Exhausted? Looking for oomph or regaining your mojo? I bet a country nickel that you are NOT alone. Ten weeks of CoVID clampdown can contribute to those feelings, assuredly!

Some of us remember one legendary Lombardi challenge that, “Fatigue makes cowards of us all.”

I bet that I’m not a lone ranger; as I missed Coach Lombardi’s precursor cause-effect phrase:

“You’ve got to keep yourself in prime physical condition, because …”.

You might surmise that I miss football, as I’ll also cite Coach Jimmy Johnson, “When you’re tired, you make mistakes, you don’t do what’s right, and your will to win all of a sudden, starts to waver just a little bit…”

I researched comparable Crew-meister sayings. Here’s one causal observation from the Cambridge Review of 1896 (!) – “fatigue is almost entirely due to nervous, and hardly at all to muscular exhaustion.” Fast-forward to the 1970’s when Coach Carl Ullrich offered our Crews, he who works hardest yet makes it look easiest goes the fastest.

Mind over matter, perhaps. Or MIND plus Muscular MATTER can combat this tired feeling. Because!

We can experience episodic bouts of FATIGUE from overwork, poor sleep, worry, boredom, or lack of exercise. Or watching one more episode of the Schitt’s Creek series. Or zillions of ZOOM conferences. Or wondering if it was that stifling face mask, or no make-up, or home remedies for those CoVID skin breakouts. [Lots of people are stressed out after two months of lockdown. For some, it’s written all over their faces.] Or home-cooking again and again, no matter what your spatula prowess. And staring at those same “WFH” walls as deja vu all-over-again backdrops. And…add you own causes…

We shouldn’t blame all of our tiredness, exhaustion, or lack of energy on this darned novel SARS-virus. In full and open disclosure, I had my lockdown fatigue a week ago. Ship happens. With a nappuccino, a skipped NETFLIX evening, and some chill, I got back into a mojo frame of mind and body for my family, clients and night students.

As I’ve logged previously, Sleep is a huge element in fighting fatigue. Sleep Deprivation is tantamount to being legally drunk. Only some stand-up comedians perform better when inebriated. I don’t!

Sleep down = Cortisol up = lower Serotonin = equals Dave the groggy Grouch if I’m not careful.


Don’t be a Grouch. Don’t get exhausted and start to waver just a bit from what is important. Circling back to Coach Lombardi,

“keep yourself in prime physical condition.”

Be well, stay mentally strong and don’t waver. Make life look easy, even when it ISN’T!

Koach Dave


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