And my Nomination is – HEROES

Fifteen years ago, today, Operation Red Wings in Afghanistan became the stuff of tragic legend, like the death of American hero Pat Tillman, yet on a larger scale. Even superbly trained Navy Seals and special operators can have bad days. And June 28th, 2005 was a very, very bad day.

Two weeks later, my wife and I toured the Punchbowl National Cemetery overlooking Waikiki on Oahu. We routinely visit Punchbowl (and the USS Arizona) to pay our respects when the islands are open for mainland visitors. This time, our tears flowed freely as bayoneted rifles were topped with helmets for the downed Army helicopter pilots and aircrewmen, and Navy Seal fins were topped with masks for the next day’s solemn memorial for fallen heroes. As the Honolulu Advertiser headlined, ‘there is no greater love.’ If you want to peruse a proud-to-be-an-American tear-jerker, pick up LONE SURVIVOR written by Marcus Luttrell.

There is are no bigger or better ideas that loyalty, service above self, and love of what our Grand Old Flag represents. I will never forget that day. As communities exist for connections and interactions, my personal tie to Operation Red Wings is via Erik Kristensen, one of those nineteen heroes who passed away on an Afghan mountainside. He too was a denizen of Hubbard Hall as a Navy Oarsman at our US Naval Academy. I assert that some rowers make upstanding SEALS! This ABC NEWS article suggests that Erik was upstanding!

I put fingers to keyboard on this Paul Bunyan Day. Yet far more importantly, on this commemorative anniversary of Operation Red Wings and that former rower’s demise with another eighteen of America’s bravest.

As I committed on-line, and in-person, I nominate ALL KABOOMER sale proceeds that I can track to families and friends of military heroes (see ) to be transparently passed to Veterans Foundations or to charitable organizations to assist them in their worthy missions.

You have my word. I never fired a shot in anger in my Cold War naval career. Perhaps that is my reason to assist as best I can. Perhaps that is why I coach some of America’s FREEDOM Rowers too. Certainly, I want and need to recognize those who ran to the gunfire in our very long global war on terror. If interested, please Join the Movement and my bookkeeping of your purchase(s) will set aside all these sales as charitable contributions – guaranteed.

Please bear with me for this major downshift here to a nomination of far-lesser importance and impact before closing. There just might be a downstream intersection between Heroes and Ideas…

KABOOMER: Thriving and Striving into your Nineties received a Summer Reading Nomination for The Next Big Idea Club. You may find out more about the Next Big Idea Club, at Disclosure: I’m an original member of this Club.

Some of the Club’s fine non-fiction recommendations were cited in KABOOMER, such as Dr. Daniel Levitin’s Successful Aging which you know is a subject near and dear to my heart. soul and body. Such as Daniel Pink’s eponymously titled book WHEN for times to perform at your best and how to grab a “nappuccino.”

Summer Nominations are judged on three criteria to potentially become a “curiously strong” finalist:


2. Groundbreaking

3. Life-Changing (actionable).

Time will tell if this author’s contributions to worthy charitable causes are tiny or tremendous, or somewhere between.

Finally, here’s to our Heroes – everyday! There is NO “curiosity” in their strength and resolve. There is “no greater love.”



Does my title line make you think of that timely adult cocktail – the Quarantini?

It’s Five o’clock Somewhere…

Did you know that Margaritaville’s Jimmy Buffett, that parrot-head pride of Pascagoula MS. is a leading baby boomer? That’s right, a Christmas day bambino who arrived in 1946. I don’t know about his STAMININETY habits overall. Yet I do appreciate the mindful humor he brings to many – elevating “SPIRITS” like this:

“OK. Just wanna make sure you can keep it between the navigational beacons.
Between the buoys, I tell you.
All right. Well, it’s five o’clock. Let’s go somewhere.
I’m ready, crank it up.”

It’s Five O’clock Somewhere written by Jim “Moose” Brown and Don Rollins.

This ‘ol Salt appreciates “NAV” beacons and you should too. KABOOMER is intended to be that beacon or guide for Medicare-aged folks like Jimmy and me. Staying between the “buoys” with 80/20 rules for clean anti-inflammatory eating. De-stressing over life’s hassles – small and large. Sleeping like a baby tonight and every night. Doing stability moves as accident insurance. And, safely “crank it up”…moving to sweat in mixed activities of daily life and exercise.

See, I did circle back to Mixology. Reputable researchers report that MIXED activities can be better than all-or-nuttin’ singular exercise. Here is an example, as written in your Stamina for Stayin’ Alive chapter of KABOOMER;

Variety Is a Spice of Stamina Life (page 45)
You might consider cross-training to mix it up so that efforts
don’t become dreaded drudgery. I do.
Some don’t and that is okay. Example: A shirtsleeve KABOOMER
relative became a marathon runner. He jogged the
same training route at the same speed month after month
and year after year.

His good deeds were apparently at the“right” heart rates to qualify for the Boston Marathon in his
age group. To train, he strapped on his shoes, put on his reflective
gear, and ran that same distance course six nights a
week (when not competing). Folks like him may be mentally
tougher than I am, or they are better wired for discipline to
get past drudgery of execution, day after day, month after
month jogging, biking, walking, or swimming the same roadways,
trails, or swim lanes for the same distances. Personally,
I love a mix in my stamina activities. Routine is good, to a
point, in my reckoning. You should be your own judge and
jury. Experiment. Journal. Share experiences with your old
and new friends. What works for them? What variety works
for you to keep exercise fun as you avert aging?
Sweat and heart rate are your stamina keys, not your obsessing
over stick-to-it routines or choices of endurance activities.”

And another mix it up to elevate spirits example from PREVENTION Magazine (to which I subscribe and to which you might as well)…

Change up your Fitness Routine to double your benefits…

Among 750 heart disease patients, those who routinely did both yoga and aerobic exercise saw TWICE the reduction in heart disease risk factors… Mix some of both into your exercise routine to boost mental, physical and vascular health.”

Amen. Good mixology counsel – in pandemics or good times – MIX to elevate your immunity. MIX to thrive and strive into your nineties.




I should learn about Destiny 2 – the electronic game by Bungie – in case our Grandson challenges me to “find mine.” Yet that is not my topic today. Life’s end game and perhaps a fitting KABOOMER epitaph is.

Destiny – I float this description from merriam-webster: “a great or noble course or end.” I like that dictionary’s linkage to “destination” for evident KABOOMER reasons.

To your Koach, a life well lived with stamininety is a destination. Being the last one dancin’ is a destination. Thriving and striving is a journeyed destination too.

KABOOMERS know the Life they want… And they go get it.

What about Lady Luck?

I’ve long shared one platitude that “fortune favors the bold”. And this one, “the harder I work, the luckier I seem to be.”

I am not a gambler. You may know my story why I’m not a chancey Koach… New Englander, ah yup…a puritanical upbringing… regular recitals of Ben Franklin’s aphorisms like a penny saved… I have more Yankee work ethic than I do lucky charm. I hope others see that I have more “DO” than “try not” as Yoda counseled:

My biggest gamble is ownership of American dreams with modest equity investments. We have gone to “Lost Wages”. Yet for us, “Vegas” was a chance to see splendors of Nevada’s Valley of Fire and the Hoover Dam rather than casino games. We loved our gentle canoe trip down the Colorado River from Black Canyon at the Dam’s base. And a “wager” for me to run a marathon with starting line temperatures in the mid-30s. When you are 13.1 miles from the Strip, then run toward it for an hour – you’d think that it would appear closer. Not! It wasn’t my fastest marathon, yet I hung in there when my goin’ got a little tough. I was well trained, so “chances” were pretty good that I’d make it to the finish on that windy and cold winter day.

My mention of equities and capital investments is a segue to that PHYSICAL 401(K) account that parallels a boomer’s fiscal/financial retirement account. You may appreciate those seven “S’s” that make up our munificent steps for stamininety. Remember them? Here’s a graphic:

So, what might your noble end or cause be? What is the quality of your journey to party past ninety? Just askin’…

Despite our confounding “Coronaverse” suggested below –

we KABOOMERs keep focused on our destiny.


Zeitgebers – your rhythmic daily habits

It is sometimes fun to mix up the order of things – like our alphabet. What’s wrong with going from Z to A? Navy Admiral Grace Hopper had a functioning clock that worked “counter-clockwise.” Mixology can be good. Yet, Routine habits are often BEST!

Here’s a “Z” word that should be of KABOOMER interest – ZEITGEBER (time giver in German). Let’s focus on 2 aspects of daily RHYTHM –

  1. Photic (all that light/dark, circadian rhythm and melatonin stuff)
  2. Non-photic (food and social interactions).
  3. This image is worth many of my words:

Photic, even if I’m, not photogenic: I’m a morning person by nature and professional nurture. I may be lucky or fooling myself that light and dark don’t dramatically affect my naps or restorative sleep. Conversely, my wife cannot nap if it is light outside. Perhaps one day soon we’ll again be able to chase the sun or sunset at 35,000 feet and juggle jet lag for longer flights? For now, I do know that regular bedtimes (except on my teaching nights) are zeitgeber habits to hang my hat on.

Non-photic rituals: As I wrote in KABOOMER, Dan Pink describes WHEN and scientific timing hacks for KABOOMER life. I quote Dan in a NPR interview: “Our problem I think is that we focus very much in our lives. We’re very intentional. What are we going to do? How are we going to do it? Who are we going to do it with? But we give short shrift to the question of when, and it has a big role. It has a big role in health care, as you say. It has a big role in education. Even in sort of the day-to-day performance on the job, time of day explains about 20 percent of the variance in our performance on workplace tasks. So timing isn’t everything, but it’s a big thing.”

WHEN? is the type of zeitgeber question that KABOOMERS answer to form healthy habits to live longer and better.

Yours habitually,

Koach Dave

Fit Bod GrandDads do COBRAs

Pardon the loaded title line of this post. What an interesting convergence of International Yoga Day, 2020’s Summer solstice and another great American Pie holiday – Father’s Day.

I couldn’t resist a Fit Bod leadoff today, as opposed to the Dad Bod memes we have seen and heard so often for the last ~ 5 years.

Now, some Dad Bod buzz is based on body mass index (BMI) which you may know that I disregard. Why? Dr. Quetelet’s 1840s model for body mass was based on skinny make convicts and conscripts. I’m not one of those and I’ll bet you are not either. I am one that is classified as overweight by that BMI model, though my body fat is very much in the low- teens “athletic range.” I hope that you know (both men and women) should be far more interested in Waist to Hip Ratios for reasons that explains…

Dad Bod benchmarks are more for GEN X guys – not us Medicare-aged Boomers. Yet, the Washington Post’s flowchart about mesomorphic Dad Bods might be of interest. An underlying aspect is pernicious white fat – particularly in central obesity. Joe, pictured here, has “dun-lap” disease and is a likely high risk for metabolic syndrome (MeTS) and/or cardiovascular disease – which is America’s top killer!

Longer days to [hopefully] be outside and Move to SWEAT are here! Let’s hope that we can make the most of them, rather than loitering in “home” isolation. Recall that SWEAT is a fine “A/C” system for us. Plus, it helps with detoxification of environmental pollutants which threaten us. And wait – there’s more about the healthy Eccrine sweat (rather than the panicky saddle-bag causing sweat). Did you know that we have our very own non-profit organization of SWEAT, officially labeled HYPERHIDROSIS? Yup – and that is a good thing… “Know Sweat!”

Moving to Yoga and Cobras on this International Day of Yoga recognition – I share that the Cobra pose spared my Quality of Life after I herniated my L5-S1 disk and while I awaited spinal fusion surgery. Seems counter-intuitive- yet my flexed lumbar region allowed signals down my sciatic pathway and limited muscle loss from loss of stimulation. Tradition has it that digestion improves, and that disease is shooed away. Not a bad role, or placebo in these pandemic days – right?

The Cobra, or if you like Sanskrit, the Bhujangasana, is marvelous for strengthening one’s back region, buns, and allowing nerve signals to flow “south” to large muscle groups of our legs. Dr. Weil’s website is among many credible online sources which highlights a serpent’s pose that helps us on our journeys to Stamininety. As always- ensure that your Medical Professional allows you to unlimber like a serpent!

Ladies – I intentionally focused on the other gender – just for today. If I help some menfolk in our age group get and maintain Granddad Fit Bods – with leaner silhouettes and lower WtHRs – you too should benefit. Trust me.

Happy Father’s and Grandfather’s Day! UNcoil your COBRA. and Move to Sweat in our longer summer days.

Be well,

Koach Dave

Summer happiness and purpose

Many factors caused notable drops in American Happiness in our last 3-4 decades. This untimely assertion comes on the same weekend as our Summer Solstice and Father’s Day. For too many Americans – these are HAPPY DAYS – NOT.

Root Causes? Certainly more than fake news, too much digital information (TMI) and false expectations appearing real (aka FEAR). I remember, as many boomers do, the great dismay of our culture and society in 1968. In my opinion, we’re not at the low water mark, at least yet. offer eight (8) rational reasons for our general discontent:

  1. lack of purpose

Remember what Blue Zoners do to be centenarians? Eat Beans. Be moderately active. Have Social PURPOSE!

These Lessons learned for longevity and happiness are brass rings for me to reach! And you?

2. competition

3. boredom

4. fatigue (recall that MOTION is good MEDICINE to fight fatigue and brain fog!)

5. envy (remember our seven deadly sins and how Gilligan’s Island portrayed them?)

6. guilt/shame

7. persecution (real or perceived) and

8. fear of public opinion.

I echo what author, Tim Cigelske, shares from Bertrand Russell in this provocative article about #8 – fear of public opinion

“You know what? Screw the haters.” Bertrand Russell.

Do not fear being YOU!

#Bobby McFerrin

As our long Summer days advance, I hope that my age peers, PLUS all age groups, can find gratitude in things great and small.

I hope that we can consciously address things that keep us from reaching “a happy place.”

I hope that we can and will remember Deepak Chopra advised in today’s Wall Street , “WE NEED TO LAUGH MORE.” I concur – Chuckle til you buckle – at least 15 minutes a day as good “exercise.” Trust your Koach. KABOOM.

And to all Dads of all ages – be both well and happy – on days of every length.


Juneteenth plus 155

It has been seven-score plus 5 years since that initial Juneteenth in Tejas.

Do I support a national day of remembrance or a Federal Holiday for this date? You betcha. I feel that we need MORE special days, more Bridges and even more statues. Conversely, I remember and believe in Peggy Noonan’s and Ronald Reagan’s challenges to tear down walls and fences.

Like millions of others, I am using this day to contemplate slavery’s “end” as stated in General Granger’s General Order #3. And, I extend this dwelling on matters important to me to another weighty matter.

#BlackLivesMatter. And other colors of our national rainbow Matter too (my view). I shared with a Sri Lankan immigrant recently, that “E Pluribus Unum” can and justly should be more that a slogan on America’s currency. We Americans are “UNUM” in my book and [hopefully] in my practice. In my days wearing the fabric of our country, I knew that naval ships and aircraft were colorblind to their officers of the deck and pilots. I hope that I walk the talk of being colorblind – and even more – colorbrave (as shared by Mellody Hobson in a 2014 TED TALK) in this context today and everyday. A quick side note from your Koach as an amateur “etyology” fan of word origins:

UNUM and ONUS are synonyms of ONENESS. An onus, or obligation of each American should be on group hugs (when allowed), and highlighting other actionable symbols for UNUM like building bridges to connect, instead of separating us human beings.

In a timely provocative article, July’s Scientific American speaks of another big injustice with big societal implications.

It is a credible concern of great magnitude that women of African American heritage have great “barriers” to their health. SciAm’s article, titled “The Racist Roots of Fighting Obesity” by S. Strings and L. Bacon is a serious “read!” A mere prescription to “lose weight” doesn’t cut it for certain ladies…”regardless of income, black women consistently experience “weightism” in addition to sexism and racism.” Oy for their potential triple whammies.

Living long and living well is hard enough without added cultural stigmas. Of note is that Weightism has been discussed online for a decade, and in direct relation to health care. Ponder this alarming note, “bias against obese patients likely affects their care. A study by Adams et al. revealed a majority of obese patients were reluctant to undergo a pelvic exam and that 87% of physicians were reluctant to perform a pelvic exam on an obese patient.10 Amy et al. showed a discrepancy in rates of pap smears when examining different BMI groups [of ladies]…” This is plainly NOT good for our “UNUM” of females and us males too.

I hope that I am fairly objective in my personal and professionals dealings with overweight and obese individuals. My hope extends to folks of all socioeconomic groups. Yet, the above cited article acknowledges that even health care professionals can have biases for weightism… So I openly acknowledge imperfections.

I hope and pray that I can do my part – as my onus – to tear down facades, walls and barriers. Weightism, Sexism, Racism are chinks in our American fabric. From a trainer’s vantage as I keep workin’ it – Motion matters most! Not a rainbow hue of one’s epidermis.

Be well,


D Y B (do your best)

I picked up this titled D Y B challenge from a scoutmaster in good ‘ol Troop 59 – many moons ago => DO YOUR BEST:

Do your best on the RIDE you were given!

Perhaps you’ve learned, as I have, that our amazing bodies and minds need to be challenged. No challenge = nil progress toward STAMININETY. Doing less than your best = getting less of a return for your “PHYSICAL 401(K)”. Now, I don’t mean push hard, every day, all-day. I do mean that progressive gains offset senescence and sarcopenia. And these two dreaded “S”s SHOULD BE OFFSET to better your PARTY PAST NINETY prospects. KABOOM.

DYB should lead to another D acronym – D O M S, or, delayed onset of muscle soreness. As Family Doctor advises, “you can’t avoid sore muscles. It’s part of getting stronger and healthier… ” And we KABOOMERS know that these are good things as we “D Y B.” The National Federation of Professional Trainers – NFPT – (my credentialing body) offers more about dealing with D O M S.

KABOOMERS know, or learn how to lessen the amount of soreness or its duration.

Be SAFE – do not do MORE than your Best at this marker in your journey( point #5 below). Remember to:

  1. Warm up. do light dynamic exercises.[Save static stretching for apres’ workout]. Slow jogging or biking, jumping rope, or lifting light weights are good examples to limber up muscle and connective tissue.
  2. Rest.Wait about 48 hours before working the same muscle groups in the same way. if you were sore after running, a light “RECOVERY” walk or bike ride the next day(s) can actually help. NOTE! Avoid complete rest and immobilization. Motion IS Medicine.
  3. Use proper technique. Exercise in the right ways to shield you from muscle strain or injury.
  4. Cool down.It’s important to [statically] stretch after you work out. Your muscles are relaxed and more flexible when they’re warm. Stretching also circulates blood away from your muscles and back to your heart to aid in recovery.
  5. Stay within your limits.

Wrapping up DYB – here’s an instaquote from Down Under:

Are you making your STORY a Great one?

Greetings, KABOOMERS.

I’ve watched a few movies and streamed series in these crazy clampdown weeks. Yes, there can be truth that movies reflect life… As in, now my “REEL” fun starts in an evolving storyline!

Today is a first for me in a coupla ways.

  1. I as KOACH Dave, am now a published “indie” author! KABOOMER: Thriving and Striving into your Nineties is now available in 2 of its ultimate 3 ISBNs for anyone who wants to KABOOM. [The third ISBN – an awesome audio version should be available in July (no thanks to CoVID-19].
  2. It is the first and last June 16th, 2020 that I’ll ever experience as a living, moving, chuckling, and sweating KABOOMER.I’ll make it the best it can be. After all,

This first and last June 16th would have been my sainted Mom’s 92nd Birthday. Sorta fun to think that her son’s BOOK LAUNCHERS picked her Birthday to launch the MOVEMENT! By the way – if you’d like to Join the Movement too – just message Koach Dave @ 41259. Use “WP40” in the text and you are opt’ed in to receive regular KABOOMER text updates. Try it – you may like it …

Our Jacaranda blossoms are out in SoCAL. Thankfully, demonstrators don’t seem to be out as much.

I had my first sit-down lunch at a Grill, and my Albacore Tuna Melt never tasted so good!

Our sun is shining. Life might be better, sure. Yet this KABOOMER is livin’ the dream – a good one!

Please use this first and last “today” – June 16th, 2020 – to live your sweet dream too!

As Mr. Wright challenged us, “ACT ACCORDINGLY!”

Be well!

Koach Dave


Most betting men and women believe that we WILL face a second COVID Wave. I’m no contrarian on that wager.

Here’s hope that people do not take STUPID pills.

A rowing compadre (of our “at risk” demographic), who survived COVID’s first wave offered that his recovery was “spooky.” And, he’d surely like to know if his exposure limits or eliminates another bout. Oy.

This SARS-like virus, with unlimited UNKNOWNS far exceeds any knowns that experts or plebes like me have to project our futures. I do trust some wavy numbers – for better or worse.

  • I am fortunate for living in a warm, open-spaces of suburbia, sunny clime which, to some degree, hinders this danged microbe and its viral spreading.
  • I am fortunate that my livelihood, though cyclically diminished, is “there” and that it can be reconstituted. Sure, ZOOM fatigue lingers. Yet, digitized time with exercise clients is vastly superior that nil time without them! I can, and do wave, by the way. Time will tell if more physical expressions of simpatico will be approved after clampdown. Bro hugs? Fist bumps? After my upbringing, I may miss good ‘ol fashioned handshakes. But …
  • One might offer that I am fortunate for having Caucasian skin, a middle-class socioeconomic stance, and a semi-affluent zip code as home. I can walk barefoot on our lawn as a masked man, intangibly sensing those low frequency, soothing waves from tierra firma . That is right, Earthing, as one NIH report mentioned. “Emerging scientific research supports the concept that the Earth’s electrons induce multiple physiological changes of clinical significance, including reduced pain, better sleep, a shift from sympathetic to parasympathetic tone in the autonomic nervous system (ANS), and a blood-thinning effect. Now, those are waves that interest me MORE than COVID undulations!
  • Statisticians share than ~ 3/4th of all COVID fatalities are older people – like me. I suppose that I will wave to galavanting folks without their masks in days ahead. Distanced waving when Medicare-aged folks maintain their lockdown while others don’t. I remember the Platinum Rule, after all. And I believe in our consumer-based economy that must return to some higher level of “normalcy”. After all, human nature is what it is. The SHOW MUST GO ON:
    • “The show must go on
    • The show must go on
    • I’ll face it with a grin
    • I’m never giving in
    • On with the show”

Queen’s 1991 Innuendo Show with lyrics by Bryan May & Freddie Mercury.

Wouldn’t it be special to wave Goodbye to crown-shaped microscopic droplets, cytokine storms, social distancing and WFH isolations?

In this 13 weeks of meanwhile, suspended animation, let’s wave our Flags for NEVER Giving In. Freddie Mercury would like that.

Keep smiling, waving and boost your immunity with exercise, sleep, Vitamin D, barefooted walks, humor. Your Koach approves your waving of middle fingers as “birds” at unseen bugs.

Be safe!