Who DoNut?

by | Jun 5, 2020

You might have heard this riddle, or seen a tweet today #NationalDonutDay:

Q1: What is a Cop’s favorite Mystery? A: Who DoNut?

Q2: Did you know that our Salvation Army started this first-Friday-in-June tradition, way back in 1938 in the Windy City?

That’s enough queries for a Fitness Friday.

So, let’s stick with the Donut as a Macronutrient and lifestyle theme.

First, here are 17 yummy words about doughnuts, thanks to brandstory

“Round deliciousness…
drizzled in chocolate, sprinkles,
or just plain. So good.”

My sainted Mum used to tempt and treat us little Frosties on special autumn days with her home-cooked spice doughnuts. In a Vermont tradition, hot mulled cider went best with these hot treats. North of the border, eh,… Canadians love their Tim Horton donuts. And fit Canadians play hockey, and football and statistically OUTLIVE Americans by ~ 3 years. Yup. Our neighbors may say “Sorry” more than I, yet most Maple Leaf rowers I know are healthy, fit dudes and dudettes. I will pen, “sorry” as I prefer this spelling – doughnut.

My wife and I are thrilled that a local, longstanding Shoppe – Peterson’s Donut Corner – is open again – after CALI eased its retail clampdown rules! I claim Peterson’s as one of my “/20” outliers in our KABOOMER 80/20 guideline for eating clean. Road cyclists have claimed this Donut Corner as their own for a KCAL stop on their looong rides.

Eating one “Macro” Maple and Bacon bar – and I am surely ready to get back on my wellness wagon. Yet, what a decadent, delicious article of carbs and fat. See what trip advisor offers about this tasty bar!

I haven’t found a doughnut (donut) that was plant-based and worth my time to chomp. Once in a while, it is OKAY to stray from plant-centric macros and micronutrients – right? Or, let’s find a good DARK CHOCOLATE donut, and we can start to consider more than the “/20” as good eating for a higher percentage of our time.

What can our Paleolithic compadres do? Well, they embrace the fat, and they adapt as they EAT to LIVE well.

Check https://www.paleorunningmomma.com/chocolate-donuts-gf-paleo/, or




Home-cooked or Mom’s baked doughnuts can be lower carbs than big box, national chain, or corner store variants – and still be tasty.

Be well, and suffer no guilt for an occasional “fat pill” pleasure. Eh?




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