Summer happiness and purpose

by | Jun 20, 2020

Many factors caused notable drops in American Happiness in our last 3-4 decades. This untimely assertion comes on the same weekend as our Summer Solstice and Father’s Day. For too many Americans – these are HAPPY DAYS – NOT.

Root Causes? Certainly more than fake news, too much digital information (TMI) and false expectations appearing real (aka FEAR). I remember, as many boomers do, the great dismay of our culture and society in 1968. In my opinion, we’re not at the low water mark, at least yet. offer eight (8) rational reasons for our general discontent:

  1. lack of purpose

Remember what Blue Zoners do to be centenarians? Eat Beans. Be moderately active. Have Social PURPOSE!

These Lessons learned for longevity and happiness are brass rings for me to reach! And you?

2. competition

3. boredom

4. fatigue (recall that MOTION is good MEDICINE to fight fatigue and brain fog!)

5. envy (remember our seven deadly sins and how Gilligan’s Island portrayed them?)

6. guilt/shame

7. persecution (real or perceived) and

8. fear of public opinion.

I echo what author, Tim Cigelske, shares from Bertrand Russell in this provocative article about #8 – fear of public opinion

“You know what? Screw the haters.” Bertrand Russell.

Do not fear being YOU!

#Bobby McFerrin

As our long Summer days advance, I hope that my age peers, PLUS all age groups, can find gratitude in things great and small.

I hope that we can consciously address things that keep us from reaching “a happy place.”

I hope that we can and will remember Deepak Chopra advised in today’s Wall Street , “WE NEED TO LAUGH MORE.” I concur – Chuckle til you buckle – at least 15 minutes a day as good “exercise.” Trust your Koach. KABOOM.

And to all Dads of all ages – be both well and happy – on days of every length.



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