Fit Bod GrandDads do COBRAs

by | Jun 21, 2020

Pardon the loaded title line of this post. What an interesting convergence of International Yoga Day, 2020’s Summer solstice and another great American Pie holiday – Father’s Day.

I couldn’t resist a Fit Bod leadoff today, as opposed to the Dad Bod memes we have seen and heard so often for the last ~ 5 years.

Now, some Dad Bod buzz is based on body mass index (BMI) which you may know that I disregard. Why? Dr. Quetelet’s 1840s model for body mass was based on skinny make convicts and conscripts. I’m not one of those and I’ll bet you are not either. I am one that is classified as overweight by that BMI model, though my body fat is very much in the low- teens “athletic range.” I hope that you know (both men and women) should be far more interested in Waist to Hip Ratios for reasons that explains…

Dad Bod benchmarks are more for GEN X guys – not us Medicare-aged Boomers. Yet, the Washington Post’s flowchart about mesomorphic Dad Bods might be of interest. An underlying aspect is pernicious white fat – particularly in central obesity. Joe, pictured here, has “dun-lap” disease and is a likely high risk for metabolic syndrome (MeTS) and/or cardiovascular disease – which is America’s top killer!

Longer days to [hopefully] be outside and Move to SWEAT are here! Let’s hope that we can make the most of them, rather than loitering in “home” isolation. Recall that SWEAT is a fine “A/C” system for us. Plus, it helps with detoxification of environmental pollutants which threaten us. And wait – there’s more about the healthy Eccrine sweat (rather than the panicky saddle-bag causing sweat). Did you know that we have our very own non-profit organization of SWEAT, officially labeled HYPERHIDROSIS? Yup – and that is a good thing… “Know Sweat!”

Moving to Yoga and Cobras on this International Day of Yoga recognition – I share that the Cobra pose spared my Quality of Life after I herniated my L5-S1 disk and while I awaited spinal fusion surgery. Seems counter-intuitive- yet my flexed lumbar region allowed signals down my sciatic pathway and limited muscle loss from loss of stimulation. Tradition has it that digestion improves, and that disease is shooed away. Not a bad role, or placebo in these pandemic days – right?

The Cobra, or if you like Sanskrit, the Bhujangasana, is marvelous for strengthening one’s back region, buns, and allowing nerve signals to flow “south” to large muscle groups of our legs. Dr. Weil’s website is among many credible online sources which highlights a serpent’s pose that helps us on our journeys to Stamininety. As always- ensure that your Medical Professional allows you to unlimber like a serpent!

Ladies – I intentionally focused on the other gender – just for today. If I help some menfolk in our age group get and maintain Granddad Fit Bods – with leaner silhouettes and lower WtHRs – you too should benefit. Trust me.

Happy Father’s and Grandfather’s Day! UNcoil your COBRA. and Move to Sweat in our longer summer days.

Be well,

Koach Dave


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