by | Jun 27, 2020

I should learn about Destiny 2 – the electronic game by Bungie – in case our Grandson challenges me to “find mine.” Yet that is not my topic today. Life’s end game and perhaps a fitting KABOOMER epitaph is.

Destiny – I float this description from merriam-webster: “a great or noble course or end.” I like that dictionary’s linkage to “destination” for evident KABOOMER reasons.

To your Koach, a life well lived with stamininety is a destination. Being the last one dancin’ is a destination. Thriving and striving is a journeyed destination too.

KABOOMERS know the Life they want… And they go get it.

What about Lady Luck?

I’ve long shared one platitude that “fortune favors the bold”. And this one, “the harder I work, the luckier I seem to be.”

I am not a gambler. You may know my story why I’m not a chancey Koach… New Englander, ah yup…a puritanical upbringing… regular recitals of Ben Franklin’s aphorisms like a penny saved… I have more Yankee work ethic than I do lucky charm. I hope others see that I have more “DO” than “try not” as Yoda counseled:

My biggest gamble is ownership of American dreams with modest equity investments. We have gone to “Lost Wages”. Yet for us, “Vegas” was a chance to see splendors of Nevada’s Valley of Fire and the Hoover Dam rather than casino games. We loved our gentle canoe trip down the Colorado River from Black Canyon at the Dam’s base. And a “wager” for me to run a marathon with starting line temperatures in the mid-30s. When you are 13.1 miles from the Strip, then run toward it for an hour – you’d think that it would appear closer. Not! It wasn’t my fastest marathon, yet I hung in there when my goin’ got a little tough. I was well trained, so “chances” were pretty good that I’d make it to the finish on that windy and cold winter day.

My mention of equities and capital investments is a segue to that PHYSICAL 401(K) account that parallels a boomer’s fiscal/financial retirement account. You may appreciate those seven “S’s” that make up our munificent steps for stamininety. Remember them? Here’s a graphic:

So, what might your noble end or cause be? What is the quality of your journey to party past ninety? Just askin’…

Despite our confounding “Coronaverse” suggested below –

we KABOOMERs keep focused on our destiny.



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