by | Jun 28, 2020

Does my title line make you think of that timely adult cocktail – the Quarantini?

It’s Five o’clock Somewhere…

Did you know that Margaritaville’s Jimmy Buffett, that parrot-head pride of Pascagoula MS. is a leading baby boomer? That’s right, a Christmas day bambino who arrived in 1946. I don’t know about his STAMININETY habits overall. Yet I do appreciate the mindful humor he brings to many – elevating “SPIRITS” like this:

“OK. Just wanna make sure you can keep it between the navigational beacons.
Between the buoys, I tell you.
All right. Well, it’s five o’clock. Let’s go somewhere.
I’m ready, crank it up.”

It’s Five O’clock Somewhere written by Jim “Moose” Brown and Don Rollins.

This ‘ol Salt appreciates “NAV” beacons and you should too. KABOOMER is intended to be that beacon or guide for Medicare-aged folks like Jimmy and me. Staying between the “buoys” with 80/20 rules for clean anti-inflammatory eating. De-stressing over life’s hassles – small and large. Sleeping like a baby tonight and every night. Doing stability moves as accident insurance. And, safely “crank it up”…moving to sweat in mixed activities of daily life and exercise.

See, I did circle back to Mixology. Reputable researchers report that MIXED activities can be better than all-or-nuttin’ singular exercise. Here is an example, as written in your Stamina for Stayin’ Alive chapter of KABOOMER;

Variety Is a Spice of Stamina Life (page 45)
You might consider cross-training to mix it up so that efforts
don’t become dreaded drudgery. I do.
Some don’t and that is okay. Example: A shirtsleeve KABOOMER
relative became a marathon runner. He jogged the
same training route at the same speed month after month
and year after year.

His good deeds were apparently at the“right” heart rates to qualify for the Boston Marathon in his
age group. To train, he strapped on his shoes, put on his reflective
gear, and ran that same distance course six nights a
week (when not competing). Folks like him may be mentally
tougher than I am, or they are better wired for discipline to
get past drudgery of execution, day after day, month after
month jogging, biking, walking, or swimming the same roadways,
trails, or swim lanes for the same distances. Personally,
I love a mix in my stamina activities. Routine is good, to a
point, in my reckoning. You should be your own judge and
jury. Experiment. Journal. Share experiences with your old
and new friends. What works for them? What variety works
for you to keep exercise fun as you avert aging?
Sweat and heart rate are your stamina keys, not your obsessing
over stick-to-it routines or choices of endurance activities.”

And another mix it up to elevate spirits example from PREVENTION Magazine (to which I subscribe and to which you might as well)…

Change up your Fitness Routine to double your benefits…

Among 750 heart disease patients, those who routinely did both yoga and aerobic exercise saw TWICE the reduction in heart disease risk factors… Mix some of both into your exercise routine to boost mental, physical and vascular health.”

Amen. Good mixology counsel – in pandemics or good times – MIX to elevate your immunity. MIX to thrive and strive into your nineties.




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