Veni, vidi, vici

Why not conquer? I’ll tribute that other “JC” – Julius Caesar. who reputedly bragged that phrase in 47 B.C. after winning the battle of Zela.

As an editorial note, the two courses that I woulda, shoulda taken in High School were Latin and Typing. Oh well…

Why not exude confidence (with a tad of humility)? Why not face the four letter word FEAR – fully intending to Face Everything and Rise?

I personally won’t emulate Julius Caesar, particularly near Roman baths. And I’ll hopefully be blowing out 90+ candles with the help of family and friends – who are not named Brutus. Though I do intend to face everything and rise. JC, as Emperor and Conqueror, was impressive, as ancient records show, at being in Fight or Flight “Flow Zones”. Perhaps you’ve found yourself in a flow zone too.

Runner’s High? A blissful endorphin zone as one of many examples.

Marital Bliss? Ask Dustin Hoffman’s character in the Graduate, which definitely is a “boomer flick.”

KABOOMER actor Hugh Laurie shows you and me how he codes “in the Zone“. I like this actor, because he rowed, and because his father was an Olympic rower for England that “my” Naval Academy wonder crew [representing the good ‘ol US of A.] defeated in the 1920 summer Olympiad. Oh, how I pray that our world can celebrate with a summer Olympiad in Tokyo in 2021! What a way way to slide in another Latin motto, Citius Altius, Fortius. My KABOOMER readers recall that I invested pages in FORTIUS – for being STRONG.

FORTIUS means Stronger. “Strength was a matter of life and death in earlier eras. Legendary Spartans didn’t become tough dudes without resistance training with muscular adaptation over time. Feats of strength were lauded in noble Olympic tradition, as they
are to this day (and are now with women too).” KABOOMER: Thriving and Striving into your 90s.

I hope that YOU can come, see, and conquer your goals with FORTIUS. I tribute the Mayo Clinic for presenting “GOOD” performance indicators for strength and other “aged-based” attributes like flexibility. I tribute KABOOMERS whose “fitness age” or “gym” age” is lower than her or his Calendar years… KABOOM.

 Table 1.		 				
"Good"  Fitness or Gym Ages for "Older" Client Benchmarks from the MAYO CLINIC						
	Note: Age 70 Estimates are not from the Mayo Clinic					
#	Fitness Criterion	 	 	 		
        Heart Rate [HR] Zones	(220-CY age estimate)	
                        MALE & FEMALE	Calendar Age	 
			185 bpm	93-157	35	(50-85%)
			175 bpm	88-149	45	(50-85%)
			165 bpm	83-141	55	(50-85%)
			155 bpm	78-132	65	(50-85%)
			150 bpm	75-128	70(est)	(50-85%)
			FEMALE	MALE	Calendar Age	
2	Stamina /Endurance	1.5 Mile Run/Walk	
                       13.5	11.5	35	 
			14	12	45	
			16	13	55	
			17.5	14	65	
			18	15	70 (est)	
3	Relative Strength	Push-Ups	
                        19	21	35	
			14	16	45	
			10	12	55	
			10	10	65	
			9	9	70	(est)
4	Core  	Bent leg Sit up / 
Core Crunch (1 Minute)	
                        30	40	35	
			25	35	45	
			21	30	55	
			12	24	65	
			10	18	70	(est)
5	Flexibility	Sit and Reach	              
                       20.5 in. 18.5 in.  	35	 
			20 in. 	17.5 in.  	45	
			19 in.  16.5 in.  	55	
			17.5in. 15.5 in.  	65	
			16 in.  14.5 in.  	70 est.	
Be Strong, whether you took Latin in school or not.

Koach Dave


Never waste a surprise comet – right? Wasn’t it grand to sight the “NEOWISE” comet this month? If you missed it “live” – the next visit by this fiery galactic ball and trail is ~ 6800 years. Or… click over to that astronomical site – Dr. GOOGLE -to see this journeyed object.

NEO = new , or equals the dude NEO played by Keanu Reeves in THE MATRIX. Recall that I paid homage to THE MATRIX with a Mimic MORPHEUS chapter for restorative sleep in KABOOMER. And,

WISE – as the opposite of silly or foolish. Become alert to or aware of something. “Wise up before it’s too late.” Make jokes or witty remarks. All good – right? Compare and contrast this bodily dichotomy, if you please:

a. treat your body like a temple or

b. treat your body like an amusement park.

Your Koach wants you to be amused and chuckle often, yet I ask you to forego bungee-jumping carnival tricks. Remember your mind-body alignment to “flow” through life with heightened consciousness. Bottom line? Alertly worship your created and chiseled corpus – don’t abuse it in silly or foolish ways. Opioid painkillers and polypharmacy come to my Medicare mind as oft-avoidable measures – before it is too late!

KABOOMERs – Let’s pursue compound interest of NEOWISE. As my friend, Jack, offered, Don’t be “too soon old, too late…smart.”

On our journeys for stamininety, we should renew or refresh our childish [NOT foolish] ways for play, balance and carefree stress-not habits. And, listen smartly. Here’s a quote worth a listen, regardless of the actor…Some folks think that actor John Wayne (as Sergeant Stryker) wisely offered, “life is tough enough without being stupid.” asserts that it was really actor Steven Keats who offered this platitude in the 1973 movie, The Friends of Eddie Coyle. I digress…

KABOOMERs smartly acknowledge that life IS tough. Yet, we KABOOMERs form “temple-like” habits wisely to cope and overcome tough situations. We deal better with inevitable stressors that way. Here is one more quote “treating” wise habits. Endocrinologist Hans Selye advised in Depression years,

“It is not stress which kills us, it is our reaction to it.”

Stress Not. This life thief comes from “bad” decaying stress – chronic reactionary Distress. Be wise to acknowledge “good” episodic EUSTRESS and handle it for productivity gains!

KABOOMERs learn to be productive. KABOOMERS learn how to consciously address stressors by breathing, flowing and knowing.

Breathe, Flow, Know.

Be Neowise.

Koach Dave

Boys and Girls of Summer

Well, Major League Baseball may began a very short season this Friday. I’ve always liked, though not loved, this funny game on the “diamond”. I viewed my first professional game at Yankee Stadium on a hot July Sunday. My Dad bussed to NYC from the Joisey Shore with our Little League (not the Bad News Bears by the way). I think that the Bronx Bombers hosted the Washington Senators in that summer spectacle. We sat so far up in the center field bleachers than even the brobdingnagian Frank Howard appeared tiny at home plate!

Legendary journalist David Halberstam wrote a few great sports works after examining the Vietnam War and politics (including my favorite – The Amateurs – published just before the summer of 1996). Yet back to baseball and his perennial favorite, The Summer of ’49. Some KABOOMERS either learned at very young ages, or heard from those in the Greatest Generation about: DiMaggio and Williams, BOSOX and YANKS, rivals and heros. [I lean toward Ted Williams, the pride of San Diego’s Hoover High School and a decorated Marine flyboy.] True, Joltin’ Joe is dead and gone away, and the Graduate is a cinematic favorite of mine. My point is that we can emulate heroes. As you may have read in KABOOMER, a hero of mine is another Marine wartime veteran and Crew Coach, Carl Ullrich. Here’s to our Red, White and Blue for finding heroic men and women who shape our own deeds!

How ironic and sad that Don Henley sang [in 1984 after the boys of summer were gone}:

nobody on the road, nobody on the beach, empty lake, empty streets”

Empty… I hope that you are coping with Corona fatigue. That has found me, as some summer days I feel that my performance is running on less than a full tank!

Nobody… Perhaps you, like I, have seem more critters out and about as we continue our extending clamp down. Cleaner air and more wild things – a nice unintended consequence of a global virus, I suppose. Empty roads, beaches and streets cited by Henley do seem to have a bit more biocentrism these days! Note to selves – get out and see those critters (as in-mask human raccoons of course)

Back to The Boys (and Girls of Summer)… Leading edge KABOOMER Don Henley placed this Billboard song first on his album titled, Building the Perfect Beast. Such a prescient cover song for us Medicare-aged folks, and for us getting through lockdown as best we can. offered that Don explored “concepts of aging and questioning the past. The subject in the song reminisces about past summer love and things that he has lost as time wears on.”

As your Koach, I agree with Don about part 1 (challenging concepts of aging). Let’s awaken the Athlete (or Beast) within us.

I diverge slightly on his second theme about “things lost as time wears on.” As written in KABOOMER,for most activities of daily lives, we can be as good once as we ever were. Yes – thank you, Toby Keith for those uplifting lyrics, too! My top takeaways from Henley and Keith?

  1. Use it or lose it as a Perfect Beast!
  2. Be good, by setting stretch goals, as you ever were – for most Stamininety activities.
  3. Remember, aging is part of our lives. Get OLDER, not OLD!

Do build something special this summer, despite CoVid fatigue!

Koach Dave

postscript: Happy Birthday KABOOMER Don (tomorrow – July 22).


“I” caught your attention.

NO – I’m not penning KABOOMER thoughts about a third “Eye” for Shiva – with mystical occult powers and all-seeing wisdom. Perhaps a extraordinary KABOOMER sequel will address how we might enhance extraordinary openings of our third eyes. On some lockdown days, it is occasionally hard to keep just 2 eyes open.

Courtesy of

After that ocular warmup, let’s consider three extraordinary “Is” of wellness and fitness:

  1. Inflammation
  2. Insulin Sensitivity
  3. Imbalances – both mechanical and chemical.

We could certainly and accurately add other relevant words starting with our ninth alphabetic letter “I” – yet these three are loaded for 3-ringed circus performances into our nineties.

Inflammation in our amazing bodies, brain and gut can be good and bad. It depends. If we get a wooden splinter, our body reacts with inflammation to expel that invader. That is good.

We cause inflammation when we work our skeletal muscles in stamina or strength regimens. If you think of inflammation as our body’s reaction to: 1. stress, 2. sunburns or 3. smoking, then inflammation is bad. If we get a novel viral infection which causes an inflammatory cytokine storm – that is also bad – or fatal.

Now, think of exercise-induced inflammation – that catatonic result of running or lifting stuff. “ROS”, which is shorthand for reactive oxidative species, is a trigger in small concentrations for anabolic restoration, repair and growth. If free radicals in these “species” become too concentrated, they can act as scavengers with damaging results. It depends. Doesn’t it seem ironic that oxygen – which we need to live and move – can also cause cellular “rust” and damage which needs to be addressed and offset. Offset? Right – rest and Vitamin P(lants) are two prime offsets for ROS. Counter “bad” inflammation with “good” lifestyle and dietary habits.

KABOOMERS engage in activities of daily life and move to sweat. When they do, “acceptable” concentrations of these ROS signals are both healthy signallers for “R&R.” Yet, if inflammation, if ROS, is too concentrated, then bad things tend to happen.

Insulin Sensitivity.

I am ever-amazed at how bodies can be healthy shuttling a teaspoon of glucose [ 4 grams] present in a normal adult’s bloodstream. NIH reports advise that glucose/insulin “fluxes” are complex and dependent on our whole selves.


Our stamininety metabolisms are predicated on glucose and oxygen. In balance – we are living breathing, moving marvels. Out of balance and our bodies can develop chronic conditions like TYPE 2 Diabetes. Oy! Try the ADA’s 60-second “test” to gauge your risk level. Please.

I hope that you acknowledge how exercise can favorable improve insulin sensitivity (a very good thing] and offset insulin insensitivity! Motion is medicine, say I to keep our blood glucose levles in proper ranges. Here’s what one NIH article offers better than I can,

“pharmacological manipulations have been shown to reduce insulin resistance. Some of these genetic manipulations have led to the development of promising drug targeting strategies for treating metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance, or associated symptoms. Treatment strategies for insulin resistance are attempting to mimic a beneficial effect that happens normally in subjects that exercise regularly. Perhaps the major difference between targeted therapies and physical activity is that the health benefits of physical activity involve the interaction of physiological systems. This may, in fact, be what makes physical activity so effective in disease prevention. The beneficial effects of exercise generally occur without complications. ” EXERCISE over DRUGS!


Few of us have perfect symmetry in our skeketons, connective tissue and muscle groups. That’s a fact.

Many great KABOOMER activities – such as tennis, cycling and rowing can cause physical imbalances due to the nature of the motions enjoyed. As written in KABOOMER: Thriving and Striving into your 90s, rowing can cause these:

  • Quadriceps dominance.
  • Gluteus muscle weakness.
  • Hip flexor tightness.
  • Thoracic kyphosis (rounded upper back)
  • Internally rotated shoulders.

The more a KABOOMER trains, the higher the prospect of created imbalances. A “century-riding” cyclist will assuredly tighten her/his hamstrings and posterior chain (except for a stretched lower back which can also send imbalance “pain” feedback to the rider.

Cycling? “Correct the [front to back] imbalance by building your glutes and hamstrings with straight-leg deadlifts and leg curls and reducing the isolation exercises you do for your quads. Also perform squats and leg presses, which equally strengthen all of your leg muscles.”

We certainly know of nututional imbalances too, yet let’s save those dietary hacks for another post.

In closing, I tribute an extraordinary gent, Congressman and activist John Lewis, who passed this week. If there ever was a person who lived up to the “right” descriptor of Henry Ford, it was John Lewis.

Today’s LA Times offered his quote which I will save –

Never give in, never give up, NEVER GIVE OUT.”

RIP, Congressman Lewis.

Be ever safe, always resilient and “RIGHT.”

Koach Dave

Listen to Captain America

Wait, wait… I’m not sharing thoughts about a MARVEL superhero.

Rather, I share what I’ve heard and learned from an eminently successful KABOOMER. One of “us” who was born in 1956, who lives with diabetes and a heart stent, who is a COVID “canary in coal mine” survivor, a dude who has “no respect” for folks that refuse to wear facemasks to counter droplets. And a KABOOMER who is one of today’s birthday boys or girls – Thomas Jeffrey Hanks.

Happy Birthday, Tom! And kudos to your wife, Rita, for also slogging through your own COVID recovery…

This gent give a fanfare for common men and women in every performance. As a castaway, as an AIDS victim, as a challenged athlete who listened to his Mamma, as an inspirational CAPTAIN.

Run, Forrest, Run! Fish, Forrest, Fish! and THANK YOU LT. DAN.

I’ll bet a Vermonter’s Heady Topper or Green Mountain liquid gold [“A” grade Maple Syrup] that Tom Hanks is NO stranger to any KABOOMERs.“You need to be able to get right something you’ve never done before” as he said, playing the role of studly USAir pilot Sully Sullenberger.

Tom didn’t play a US Navy Commanding Officer in Greyhound to suit me – yet I’m glad that he wore the “right” Captain’s uniform for his latest movie.

Other than offering 64 candle wishes for Tom, my purpose is to zealously champion what he offers about his actor’s “job”.

Plainly, simply: “DO THE WORK.”

With your work and instinct => Success may follow. Such is life as KABOOMER success isn’t guaranteed… “Earn this“, as he said with his last breaths in Saving Private Ryan. And, take this to your physical bank account:

“Believing in yourself will up your confidence and with confidence you will get better, faster.” – T. Hanks

Confidently DO THE WORK to get better and faster. Even when you realize, as he did in Apollo 13 that you, or “…we have a problem.”

At our Medicare ages, which Hanks will reach on July 9th, 2021; each of us has a little or not-so-little problem with which to cope. A physical challenge, or a medical condition, or a stressful kettle of fish to handle.

Do the work and stamininety may follow. Do your best to GET IT RIGHT, like Sully. Like “our” Captain America (and Lieutenant Dan too).



Take a Bull by the Horns

Adding to our many sad clampdown closures, Pamplona’s San Fermin Festival for Running of the Bulls is a casualty for the first time in ~ ninety years. No Summer Olympiad, no Navy-Notre Dame football game in Dublin, and now – – – no Bull Run.

I wish that we and I could say BULL Hockey and Horsefeathers to this “novel” virus.

That probably isn’t happenin’ for a while… Yet in a true spirit of never, ever wasting a crisis, I encourage many in our boomer generation to “take a bull by the horns.” Idioms can occasionally be troublesome. I recall South Korean youths in Seoul asking me why Americans say “hot dogs” for example. I can only wonder what those youths would think of horny bulls… Yet this action idiom should be powerful, rather than undeducible for us if we have the right filters and conditioning. If we:

Facing everything and rising [acronym F E A R] can be a challenge for us “at-risk” elders these days. Yet facing and rising, in the spirit of our early 19th century cowpokes, is appealing – yes?

Why shouldn’t we consciously move to sweat to boost our immunity with “good” cytokine messaging?

Why shouldn’t we prudently get sun-screened sunshine for our daily natural Vitamin D3?

Why shouldn’t we skip another segment of Mozart in the Jungle to hit the hay at a reasonable hour?

Why shouldn’t we chuckle a whole bunch, even if our grandkids’ antics are via zoom or hangout instead of ankle-hugging? Why, why seven stepped times why…

So, circling back to our Bos Taurus (bull) theme – PLEASE leverage these clampdown days to decisively deal with this unpleasant rodeo in your bespoke way. Dealin’ is darned better than denyin’.

Here’s to the next successful San Fermin Festival. Here’s to your bullish strength, stability, stamina, stretching, restorative sleep, anti aged sustenance, and stressing – NOT!

Join our Movement.


Willy Wonka’s homage to Ixcacao

Today is one of my favorite, healthy days of remembrance. Although Hershey’s Chocolate is associated with our first National Chocolate Day, one could argue historically that this day was centuries in the making. Can you handle that?

Here’s to the revered Goddess of chocolate in Mayan culture – Ixcacao! And here’s to a World War II Norwegian pilot, Roald Dahl, who wrote prolifically, including Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. This clever book may be better known with Willy Wonka replacing Charlie. I think that Gene Wilder and Johnny Depp make me chuckle, whether they are WILLY or CHARLIE…

Why is July 7th and International Chocalate Day a fave of mine? Well, it isn’t just because ancient Mayans equated chocolate to fertility. Did I mention that “good” dark chocolate is considered an aphrodisiac?

Stay tuned, if you like “DARK SECRETS

Thanking the good healthy folks @, I offer this free advice about DARK chocolate (cacao).

It is actually cocoa which has our significant health and waistline-friendly benefits, as Aztecs believed in Xochiquetzal – their deity of fertility, flowers, and fruit – all good things (remember my group of clean-eating Vitamin P(lants).

Cacao or Cocoa contains up to three times more polyphenol antioxidants than trusted green tea (with its own potentially high concentration of catechin ECGC). Why?
A natural compound called theobromine, a healthy alkaloid once which was once known as xantheose. If you wonder how this alkaloid came to be, the cacao tree is classified as a Theobroma. Please don’t be psyched out by the term alkaloid, or try to recall Freshman Chemistry class – it just means that nitrogen is bonded to elemental carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen in some useful way. Caffeine is an alkaloid cousin, so cocoa does contain a wee bit of caffeine. Note to self – consider the Dan Pink “WHEN” for your cocoa nibs snack!
Theobromine has good fat loss properties, like appetite suppression. So, a small amount can help control hunger and address cravings for sweets. KABOOMERS remember portion control as an eat clean habit, plus they usually heed the counsel of author Judith Viorst:

“Strength is the capacity to break a Hershey bar into four
pieces with your bare hands and then eat just one of the
pieces.”—Judith Viorst.

Theobromine has the potential to heighten your fat-burning abilities. Researchers found that
theobromine can increase fatty acid utilization during exercise, with potentially improved performance resulting.
Insulin sensitivity benefits are also documented for this naturally occurring polyphenol. A very good thing! As is its sexy chemical triggering of serotonin and dopamine release when you eat dark chocolate.

Low Cal (maybe)!

Cocoa has very few dietary calories, unlike many “light” CHOCOLATE bars, or Ghiradelli milk chocolate CALORIC treats.
Be a bit choosy, as reminded below with a Mae West humorous adage:

Clean Eating Comparison for 1 ounce (28 grams) of four Cacao products:

Unsweetened Cocoa PowderUnsweetened Cacao NibsSemi-Sweet Chocolate ChipsDark Chocolate, 70% Cocoa
Fat3.5 grams11 grams8 grams13 grams
Saturated fat2 grams2.5 grams5 grams8 grams
Protein5 grams9 grams1 gram2 grams
Carbs16 grams6 grams20 grams14 grams
Added Sugars0 grams0 grams18 grams9 grams
Fiber9 grams3 grams1 gram3 grams
Iron22% of the RDI4% of the RDI12% of the RDI30% of the RDI
Watch out – Mae West ?!

As you move down the “healthy” scale of dark chocolate (from highest to lowest cocoa content), you’ll find more unclean calories, refined sugar, less protein, less fiber (and fewer flavonols).


Now, TOO much of a good food item is NOT wonderful, as healthline reminds us.

I encourage KABOOMERS to UNDERcook their Keto brownies or other “healthy” snacks, as too much heat destroys some of the desired anti-oxidant properties we seek.

Now, to the performance benefits of DARK cocoa / cacao/chocolate –

Vasodilation sounds mystic, yet it just means that your miles of blood vessels relax to aid and abet cell nourishment. Think higher blood flow for your cardiovascular and skeletal muscular systems. Think “lower” blood pressure too!

As for cycling, or rowing, or running or swimming miles and miles, Science Daily offers:

“”We found that people could effectively exercise for longer after eating dark chocolate -something that’s not been established before in this way.”

Happy CACAO Day! Here’s to two divine beings – Ixcacao and Xochiquetzal. No big deals for KABOOMERs, just fertility, vasodilation and performance…

Koach Dave

ps – remember portion of your divine control 🙂

10,000 Declarations

Here, hours after viewing a local fireworks show that DID happen on Independence Day, 2020; I jot some thoughts about big numbers and personal declarations of independence from MetS, obesity, and normalcy.

If my fellow party-goers want to surprise me with sparklers, trick candles, or someone svelte jumping out of my 90th birthday cake in February 2043 – I declare that I’m all for that! As Crowley and Dodge wrote in Younger Next Year, declaring, then pursuing a “kedge” can be life-extending. I think of diggers of the Anzac who returned to Gallipoli 75 years later. I think of nonagenarian “Boys of Pointe Du Hoc” who survived D-Day on June 6th, 1944, and returned annually to those Normandy cliffs – until this year when COVID nixed their Greatest Generation travels. I hope that you declare milestones, personal best performances, and stamininety because you CAN.

Ten Thousand

You may first think of daily STEPS when that number 10,000 is mentioned. There isn’t any mystical or magical tag associated with striding ten thousand steps from your sunrises to sundown. Dr. Yatano, the 10K-step originator, had his reasons, I suppose. What is important is the habit of moving at your proper intensity, perhaps 4-7 miles of “cross country” striding, depending on your stride length, naturally. Did you know that your system responds to the gentle weight-bearing movement of walking to decrease appetite? Swedish researchers coined the term gravitostat to describe this favorable sense and respond loop for regulating body fat.

Here’s another 10,000. Your lungs take in about 10,000 liters of air every day they are respiring. That’s about 2 gallons a minute. Our cardio-respiratory system taps oxygen in those breaths to absorb 5% or ~ 550 liters of pure oxygen each and every day. We are aerobic machines, if trained and maintained!

10,000 – Adult hearts pump about 10,000 liters of blood through those cardio chambers daily.

21250 – That the approximate number of gallons of blood that your kidneys filter every year. And those amazing kidneys produce about 530 to 730 liters of urine a year, assuming that you are properly hydrated and healthy, that is.

Circling back to Independence Day and big numbers, Mr. Coney Island, Joey Chestnut, gobbled > 21,00 calories from 75 (!) nitrate Nathans hot dogs and buns in just 10 minutes yesterday. As each “tube steak” has 280 calories, and 18 grams of unhealthy fat plus almost a gram of sodium, I wonder aloud how long Mr. Chestnut wants to live? As reinforcement for my query, sbnation also cited Chestnutt’s record for downing apple pies on a different day:

Record: 4.375 three-pound pies.
Time: 8 minutes
Calories: 26,040
Equivalent to: 44 Big Macs.

Now, that is a gross Fast Food Nation statistic! As Time Magazine reported about champion “binge” eaters, “don’t do this at home.”

Here’s to rational eating for stamininety! What’s your declaration of healthy independence?


Koach Dave

Higher & Hire homonyms

Before I blog about interesting word pairings relevant to Stamininety; I bid sad adieus to 2 special people:

  1. Comedian and all around “good guy” role model – Carl Reiner.

2. Para athlete [rower] and Guinness record holder – Angela Madsen.

Our crazy world now has big life holes that will be hard to fill. Yet streets of Heaven are better with its recent additions.

I grew up with shows like MARY TYLER MOORE in which Reiner had “wizardly” impacts. I was fortunate to collaborate with Angela for wounded warrior and “para-athlete” rowing for several years. These two folks lifted community spirits HIGHER!

Now – to our special KABOOMER word pairs or triads:

Higher and Hire

Weight and Wait / Weigh and Way

Ale and Ail

Eight and Ate

Blue and Blew

Chews and Choose

Chile and Chilly

Flew and Flu

Flower and Flour

Gene and Jean

Heal and Heel

Knew and New

No and Know

Morning and Mourning

Piece and Peace

Pear and Pair

Right and Write

Road and Rowed and Rode *

Soar and Sore

Waist and Waste

Week and Weak

My first serial homonym to natter on is – Road and Rowed and Rode. Some readers may note the sneaky inclusion of my favorite endurance activity :)…

I encourage KABOOMERS to tie on those good fitting and supportive running shoes unless you can run barefooted – and “hit the road, Jack “and Jill. I revere Ray Charles, yet Koach, encourage you to come back, rather than “don’t you come back” as Mr. Charles wrote and sang!

Even in our frustrating and variable clampdown, you can resourcefully and safely take to the road and trail. We’re focused on STAMINA for Stayin’ ALIVE after all! DO remember to invest a majority of your stamina activity – whatever you choose in “conversational/low-intensity MOVEMENT. Remember 80/20, please! Get on the road again…

And/or take your ROWED to greatness activity as pleasurable Stamina for STAYIN’ Alive. I’d wear you out if I shared all I want to share about Rowing as an awesome life-extending activity. Mixing up your endurance workouts and fun is important for most of us KABOOMEREs. Just keep this Wind in the Willows phrase by Kenneth Grahame in mind,

“Believe me, my young friend, there is nothing – absolutely nothing – half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats.”

That’s what I’m writin’ about – Messabout

And/or Rode. One more plug for KABOOMER hybrid activities: I bought my indoor rower from a 1988 Olympic sculler. He stressed that the “high turnover” for bike pedaling helped him with fast-twitch (Type 1) muscle recruitment. Amen.

Now, a final safety mention for this Homonym triad – if you, like many, dusted off your in-line skates/rollerblades – BE CAREFUL out there (remember Sergeant Esterhaus’ admonition on Hill Street Blues).

Wear that helmet and pads for your joints. You’re not a young skater anymore.

Stay tuned for more homonyms. Find your best ale to drink before thirst this Holiday weekend, and remember Sgt Esterhaus, please.

Koach Dave