Take a Bull by the Horns

by | Jul 8, 2020

Adding to our many sad clampdown closures, Pamplona’s San Fermin Festival for Running of the Bulls is a casualty for the first time in ~ ninety years. No Summer Olympiad, no Navy-Notre Dame football game in Dublin, and now – – – no Bull Run.

I wish that we and I could say BULL Hockey and Horsefeathers to this “novel” virus.

That probably isn’t happenin’ for a while… Yet in a true spirit of never, ever wasting a crisis, I encourage many in our boomer generation to “take a bull by the horns.” Idioms can occasionally be troublesome. I recall South Korean youths in Seoul asking me why Americans say “hot dogs” for example. I can only wonder what those youths would think of horny bulls… Yet this action idiom should be powerful, rather than undeducible for us if we have the right filters and conditioning. If we:

Facing everything and rising [acronym F E A R] can be a challenge for us “at-risk” elders these days. Yet facing and rising, in the spirit of our early 19th century cowpokes, is appealing – yes?

Why shouldn’t we consciously move to sweat to boost our immunity with “good” cytokine messaging?

Why shouldn’t we prudently get sun-screened sunshine for our daily natural Vitamin D3?

Why shouldn’t we skip another segment of Mozart in the Jungle to hit the hay at a reasonable hour?

Why shouldn’t we chuckle a whole bunch, even if our grandkids’ antics are via zoom or hangout instead of ankle-hugging? Why, why seven stepped times why…

So, circling back to our Bos Taurus (bull) theme – PLEASE leverage these clampdown days to decisively deal with this unpleasant rodeo in your bespoke way. Dealin’ is darned better than denyin’.

Here’s to the next successful San Fermin Festival. Here’s to your bullish strength, stability, stamina, stretching, restorative sleep, anti aged sustenance, and stressing – NOT!

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