Listen to Captain America

by | Jul 9, 2020

Wait, wait… I’m not sharing thoughts about a MARVEL superhero.

Rather, I share what I’ve heard and learned from an eminently successful KABOOMER. One of “us” who was born in 1956, who lives with diabetes and a heart stent, who is a COVID “canary in coal mine” survivor, a dude who has “no respect” for folks that refuse to wear facemasks to counter droplets. And a KABOOMER who is one of today’s birthday boys or girls – Thomas Jeffrey Hanks.

Happy Birthday, Tom! And kudos to your wife, Rita, for also slogging through your own COVID recovery…

This gent give a fanfare for common men and women in every performance. As a castaway, as an AIDS victim, as a challenged athlete who listened to his Mamma, as an inspirational CAPTAIN.

Run, Forrest, Run! Fish, Forrest, Fish! and THANK YOU LT. DAN.

I’ll bet a Vermonter’s Heady Topper or Green Mountain liquid gold [“A” grade Maple Syrup] that Tom Hanks is NO stranger to any KABOOMERs.“You need to be able to get right something you’ve never done before” as he said, playing the role of studly USAir pilot Sully Sullenberger.

Tom didn’t play a US Navy Commanding Officer in Greyhound to suit me – yet I’m glad that he wore the “right” Captain’s uniform for his latest movie.

Other than offering 64 candle wishes for Tom, my purpose is to zealously champion what he offers about his actor’s “job”.

Plainly, simply: “DO THE WORK.”

With your work and instinct => Success may follow. Such is life as KABOOMER success isn’t guaranteed… “Earn this“, as he said with his last breaths in Saving Private Ryan. And, take this to your physical bank account:

“Believing in yourself will up your confidence and with confidence you will get better, faster.” – T. Hanks

Confidently DO THE WORK to get better and faster. Even when you realize, as he did in Apollo 13 that you, or “…we have a problem.”

At our Medicare ages, which Hanks will reach on July 9th, 2021; each of us has a little or not-so-little problem with which to cope. A physical challenge, or a medical condition, or a stressful kettle of fish to handle.

Do the work and stamininety may follow. Do your best to GET IT RIGHT, like Sully. Like “our” Captain America (and Lieutenant Dan too).




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