by | Jul 26, 2020

Never waste a surprise comet – right? Wasn’t it grand to sight the “NEOWISE” comet this month? If you missed it “live” – the next visit by this fiery galactic ball and trail is ~ 6800 years. Or… click over to that astronomical site – Dr. GOOGLE -to see this journeyed object.

NEO = new , or equals the dude NEO played by Keanu Reeves in THE MATRIX. Recall that I paid homage to THE MATRIX with a Mimic MORPHEUS chapter for restorative sleep in KABOOMER. And,

WISE – as the opposite of silly or foolish. Become alert to or aware of something. “Wise up before it’s too late.” Make jokes or witty remarks. All good – right? Compare and contrast this bodily dichotomy, if you please:

a. treat your body like a temple or

b. treat your body like an amusement park.

Your Koach wants you to be amused and chuckle often, yet I ask you to forego bungee-jumping carnival tricks. Remember your mind-body alignment to “flow” through life with heightened consciousness. Bottom line? Alertly worship your created and chiseled corpus – don’t abuse it in silly or foolish ways. Opioid painkillers and polypharmacy come to my Medicare mind as oft-avoidable measures – before it is too late!

KABOOMERs – Let’s pursue compound interest of NEOWISE. As my friend, Jack, offered, Don’t be “too soon old, too late…smart.”

On our journeys for stamininety, we should renew or refresh our childish [NOT foolish] ways for play, balance and carefree stress-not habits. And, listen smartly. Here’s a quote worth a listen, regardless of the actor…Some folks think that actor John Wayne (as Sergeant Stryker) wisely offered, “life is tough enough without being stupid.” asserts that it was really actor Steven Keats who offered this platitude in the 1973 movie, The Friends of Eddie Coyle. I digress…

KABOOMERs smartly acknowledge that life IS tough. Yet, we KABOOMERs form “temple-like” habits wisely to cope and overcome tough situations. We deal better with inevitable stressors that way. Here is one more quote “treating” wise habits. Endocrinologist Hans Selye advised in Depression years,

“It is not stress which kills us, it is our reaction to it.”

Stress Not. This life thief comes from “bad” decaying stress – chronic reactionary Distress. Be wise to acknowledge “good” episodic EUSTRESS and handle it for productivity gains!

KABOOMERs learn to be productive. KABOOMERS learn how to consciously address stressors by breathing, flowing and knowing.

Breathe, Flow, Know.

Be Neowise.

Koach Dave


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