Veni, vidi, vici

by | Jul 27, 2020

Why not conquer? I’ll tribute that other “JC” – Julius Caesar. who reputedly bragged that phrase in 47 B.C. after winning the battle of Zela.

As an editorial note, the two courses that I woulda, shoulda taken in High School were Latin and Typing. Oh well…

Why not exude confidence (with a tad of humility)? Why not face the four letter word FEAR – fully intending to Face Everything and Rise?

I personally won’t emulate Julius Caesar, particularly near Roman baths. And I’ll hopefully be blowing out 90+ candles with the help of family and friends – who are not named Brutus. Though I do intend to face everything and rise. JC, as Emperor and Conqueror, was impressive, as ancient records show, at being in Fight or Flight “Flow Zones”. Perhaps you’ve found yourself in a flow zone too.

Runner’s High? A blissful endorphin zone as one of many examples.

Marital Bliss? Ask Dustin Hoffman’s character in the Graduate, which definitely is a “boomer flick.”

KABOOMER actor Hugh Laurie shows you and me how he codes “in the Zone“. I like this actor, because he rowed, and because his father was an Olympic rower for England that “my” Naval Academy wonder crew [representing the good ‘ol US of A.] defeated in the 1920 summer Olympiad. Oh, how I pray that our world can celebrate with a summer Olympiad in Tokyo in 2021! What a way way to slide in another Latin motto, Citius Altius, Fortius. My KABOOMER readers recall that I invested pages in FORTIUS – for being STRONG.

FORTIUS means Stronger. “Strength was a matter of life and death in earlier eras. Legendary Spartans didn’t become tough dudes without resistance training with muscular adaptation over time. Feats of strength were lauded in noble Olympic tradition, as they
are to this day (and are now with women too).” KABOOMER: Thriving and Striving into your 90s.

I hope that YOU can come, see, and conquer your goals with FORTIUS. I tribute the Mayo Clinic for presenting “GOOD” performance indicators for strength and other “aged-based” attributes like flexibility. I tribute KABOOMERS whose “fitness age” or “gym” age” is lower than her or his Calendar years… KABOOM.

 Table 1.		 				
"Good"  Fitness or Gym Ages for "Older" Client Benchmarks from the MAYO CLINIC						
	Note: Age 70 Estimates are not from the Mayo Clinic					
#	Fitness Criterion	 	 	 		
        Heart Rate [HR] Zones	(220-CY age estimate)	
                        MALE & FEMALE	Calendar Age	 
			185 bpm	93-157	35	(50-85%)
			175 bpm	88-149	45	(50-85%)
			165 bpm	83-141	55	(50-85%)
			155 bpm	78-132	65	(50-85%)
			150 bpm	75-128	70(est)	(50-85%)
			FEMALE	MALE	Calendar Age	
2	Stamina /Endurance	1.5 Mile Run/Walk	
                       13.5	11.5	35	 
			14	12	45	
			16	13	55	
			17.5	14	65	
			18	15	70 (est)	
3	Relative Strength	Push-Ups	
                        19	21	35	
			14	16	45	
			10	12	55	
			10	10	65	
			9	9	70	(est)
4	Core  	Bent leg Sit up / 
Core Crunch (1 Minute)	
                        30	40	35	
			25	35	45	
			21	30	55	
			12	24	65	
			10	18	70	(est)
5	Flexibility	Sit and Reach	              
                       20.5 in. 18.5 in.  	35	 
			20 in. 	17.5 in.  	45	
			19 in.  16.5 in.  	55	
			17.5in. 15.5 in.  	65	
			16 in.  14.5 in.  	70 est.	
Be Strong, whether you took Latin in school or not.

Koach Dave


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