Our last August Saturday is now “past time”.

I take great pleasure in reading, or rather devouring each Saturday’s Wall Street Journal.

I find the WSJ’s Book reviews, Lifestyle information and general journalism to be wonderful. Case study: I consumed a wonderous book review for author Hugh Raffles. His work’s title was The Book of_Unconformities, subtitled Speculations on Lost Time. Though Raffles’ writings were focused on things geological, I challenge that written counsel for Unconformities in our KABOOMER context! And for linguists, I will swap “un” to “non-” to be in stride with our Queen’s English.

I quoted J.R.R. Tolkiein in KABOOMER about non-withering oaks. Now, I thank the Hobbit and him for this riddle:

Credit: The Hobbit  

My null hypothesis and “timely” assertion?

KABOOMERs should speculate, plan. and move down their roads ahead. Leaning into Time rather peering in their rearview mirrors while dwelling on lost days of yore.

 In stamininety spirit – let’s make our next years’ our best years. My audiobook coach-turned farmer reminds me that “it’s later than you think”, yet assuredly it is NOT too late. 

We can still build skeletal muscle in our mid-eighties for instance.  Not easy. Yet investing in something important isn’t always easy. KABOOM.


I don’t conform to actuarial norms for death as a bell curve conformist. I am doing my very best to drive Insurance actuaries and Social Security actuaries loco with a physical portfolio which enhances my chances to party past ninety.

« Social Security Administration – I’m statistically muerto at ~85 years of age. 

               Of course, that’s bell curve “big data” with both lower and upper outliers. Well, I want to be an upper year outlier and I want you to be a longevity outlier as well. You know this Koach’s corollary – Add life to all those many years, too!

Living to 100 Calculator – I might make it as a centenarian. I’ll take most or all of those outlier years which Dr. Perls suggests are plausible! You and I are investing in our physical “banks” to get there.

How do we get there (to ninety or more candles) with non-conformity and nil speculation?

Well, doing things a little bit differently is what my forbear, Ralph Waldo Emerson, wrote way back in Civil War times; when he enticed Bostonians take advantage of Felicities of Aging. One of those nonconformist steps is to not give a tinker’s damn about what other people say. Another is the wisdom gained you get your “encore” house in order. Bang Your Own Drum in a musical sort of way. Make some noise and enjoy the ruckus!

And speaking of music, I cite a gentleman named Charlie Parker, a bellwether jazz musician; a young free-wheeling trend-maker and breaker. Young Charlie was extraordinary for his music as well as his impact on future musicians. He didn’t bang on the drum all day as Todd Rundgren sang.  Rather, Parker played a woodwind instrument, a sexy saxophone, until his untimely death at age 34. It would have been his 100th birthday last week.    

Composer and pianist George Gershwin is another extraordinary candle sniffed out far too quickly as a non-conformist. Our musical world is a better for his innovations! GG was only 39 when he passed. We Medicare-aged folks have outlived that pair of musical prodigies.  An adage goes, quantity may have qualities all its own!  And, Warren Buffett, who just blew out his quantity of NINETY candles last week, made his fortune after age 65!

Credit: Time Magazine. [I, too am bullish.]

And, you know of the resilience and persistence of a “bird” Colonel salesman, Harland Sanders.

That white-clad southerner didn’t get “fast casual” acclaim ‘til he was older than me. [He lived to ninety too].

These folks DIDN’T mark Time, they made Time!

Conformity – bah!

Physicist Richard Feynman, who helped design the atom bomb, was pretty notorious for doing crazy things as a professor at Caltech.

Admiral Ray Spruance was a non-conformist in the way that he dressed on board ships in World War II. He offered extraordinary autonomy and delegation to his subordinates. Do you sense that I admire “un” or non-conformists?

Here are four of many more [If you asked me to extend my list – Jack LaLanne would be high on it!]

1. Steve Jobs.  He  asked, would you rather be a sailor or a pirate? I pile on… would you rather be Johnny Depp or a Pirate of the Caribbean or a white hat in America’s Navy? There are certain merits and demerits for both lifestyles.   

2. Dick Fosbury. This lanky high jumper from ORYGUN was a track and field pioneer who trademarked a “flopped” better way to go “ALTIUS” in Olympic tradition. He didn’t quit, fer sure!

3. Eric Liddell. That devout English sprinter refused to participate in his main event (the 100M race) in the 1924 Olympiad, due to his sabbath. He ran to gold with an unorthodox, underdog style in the longer 400M event. He found his strength – from within.

4. Satchell Paige. Tall Leroy “Satchel” Paige may be quoted about Life as much as Yogi Berra is. Example: Don’t look back, something may be gaining on you…

 “On July 7, 1948, his 42nd birthday, Paige became the oldest player to debut in the Major Leagues, as well as the first Negro League pitcher in the American League….[Seventeen years later, he again pitched in the big show at age FIFTY NINE.] Joe DiMaggio thought that Paige was the toughest pitcher that he ever faced!  And he often quoted another non-conformist – Mark Twain, “Age is a question of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.”   

So, non-Konformists:

  • Bang your own drum.
  • Sweat six days each week, every week.
  • Do not give a tinker’s damn.
  • Honor Father Time (and Mother Nature) => be an unwithering oak as JRR Tolkien wrote.
  • Don’t mind, so age doesn’t matter!
  • Change your world – day by day.

C’mon September – let’s see what unconformities it throws our way.



Time, Timed, Timing

Our Triple “T” thought for this Thursday focuses on a few National Days of import, intervals as healthy timed workouts, and carving out up to 4 hours a week of “hybrid” activities to offset potential Dementias – like Alzheimer’s Disease.


I’m missed the movement boat to meet any of those amazing suffragettes, and boosters like Frederick Douglass, who fought the good fight for decades until our country’s 19th Amendment to the Law of our Land was ratified on August 26, 1920. A century is a goodly period of Time – our first T. And centenarians are my all-Time allstars!

Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Stanton and Alice Paul are three of that happy band of sisters (begging pardon, Shakespeare). In my world of personal training and wellness coaching; gizmos and accoutrements of training are truly color- and gender-neutral.

Suffragettes were by definition ACTIVE. Wait, wait…Lady KABOOMERs today are also active! Nothing wrong with activism when things of importance face us – right? “Act” in Latin means “done”. “Active” means motion rather than contemplation in Middle English. Remember what the legendary Amazon women of ancient Greece were known for? Athletic skill, courage, pride… Nice attributes – even for modern goddesses 🙂


As a bad, bad Hurricane called Laura is now clobbering our Gulf Coast citizens and property, one can think back to a mother of all storms – Katrina, which hit landfall near New Orleans fifteen years ago this week. Coincidental timing of Mum Nature… Laura’s wind speed was timed at over 140 miles per hour. Rainfall was timed at over one inch per hour. Even life-sustaining water can be way too much of a good thing.

I note that Friday, September 4th is National Chianti Day; getting our Labor Day holiday weekends off to mellow starts. You’ve assuredly seen plenty of ongoing and useful discussion about pluses and minuses off noble grapes – more red than white. My stance?

Don’t start drinking if you’ve been a teetotaler ’til now. If you are a social, moderate imbiber -like me – the timing of your alcoholic intake is important. Nightcaps are generally discouraged, as alcohol absorption takes hours and a boomer might awake in the wee hours, upsetting REM sleep. I’ve read about centenarians who offered that a stiff drink on most days/early evenings – with the key letter “a’ meaning one – was part of their longevity recipe. Might that be because social drinkers are by definition – sociable? We know that social interactions are de-stressing, even if no hugs are offered for oxytocin. I don’t know, and do not particularly worry about the cause and effect of social drinking and KABOOMER longevity. What I do care about is emulating best practices of BLUE ZONERs which credibly include wine drinking in moderation.


I am pleased that fitness practices are evolving to endorse interval based exertions; actions in both resistance and stamina moves. Active bumps of exertion and heart rate, preferably of complex moves which involve multiple muscle group (non-isolation).

HIIT, SIHIT, VHIT, and REHIT are some[of many] Timing protocols which challenge our cardio-vascular and skeletal muscular systems for advantage.. (remember that PAR-Qs are needed before such strenuous activity!) You may recall that I’m an advocate of, and proponent for TABATA regimens as Designated HIIT’ers.

As is often the case – terms in “my” profession have interesting yet distracting urban meanings. REHIT – reduced-exertion high-intensity interval training- as shared by the NIH is far different than that offered by urbandictionary…

Fit folks in Sweden have a term for similar timing sessions – FARTLEKs (which translates to SPEED PLAYs). FARTLEKs are like almost every productive training programs, as pros and cons, advantages, disadvantages are present. Principles of speed play are not limited to running, by the way. KABOOMERs are forewarned to stay forearmed to avoid over-training or injury. Remember that we want and need the quantity and quality of cytokine flows – NOT inflammatory “C-storms!”

If you are interested in protocols and work/recover periods for all these timing workouts … CALL your KOACH. Timing being what it is for KABOOMERs, brief bursts of interval training are short duration boosts – and fine caloric burners, when post exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC) is factored into your personal energy equation. This kind of temporary debt – OXYGEN Debt – is healthy. Trust me.

Closing this note – just in TIME to hop on my indoor rower. KABOOM.



Some boomers, possibly those with US military or USAF ties, may remember that fond acronym for the venerable B-52 Bomber StratoFortressBUFF.

Credit https://images.app.goo.gl/XQndioRj2cqqNbE28

That 4-letter word is also “an acronym …that in polite company and in official USAF fact sheets is deciphered as “Big Ugly Fat Fellow.”

Venerable?  You betcha.  The First B-52 mission occurred in 1955. B-52s are boomers by calendar years, and are card-carrying KABOOMERS for what aircraft and crews have done for our Red White and Blue. Never Quit Trying BUFFs. I am honored to have worked with a B-52 Navigator who survived many harrowing missions over North Vietnam. My office mate kaboomed! Turbine shift…

Fred Flinstone was sorta BUFF

Recall that Hanna and Barbera’s character, Fred Flinstone, first aired on black and white TV sets 60 years ago (September 30, 1960).  

Credit: https://images.app.goo.gl/wDy9J78Dvje86FUU8

Assuming that he had good luck, a nice personal trainer and stamininety, Fred would be a centenarian today (He was aged 41 when The Flinstones launched).

He probably followed Wilma’s “paleo diet” – right?

Instead of using “YAHOO”, the show creators choose the iconic YABBA DABBA DO to convey Fred’s light-hearted approach to life.
Or, as evidenced in a song at BamBam and Pebbles’ wedding:

 “couldn’t wait to grow up and live out my fantasy
And my dreams have finally come true
Now that you said, “I Yabba-Dabba-Do.”

Here is one Mental Floss tidbit of relevance – Wilma and Fred shared the same bed – a nice habit which might have been provocative in 1960! KABOOM. Not a bad place to fantasize and have lucky dreams come true. Don’t forgot those de-stressing happy hormones that triggered by hugging, spooning, or perhaps shagging as Austin Powers would dream…

Now, Fred (FF) was by no means an ectomorph. His body type had a marginal Waist to Hip Ratio by modern standards.  Nevertheless, let’s call Fred BUFF for his approach to life and honor of motion as medicine. Just as the Air Force politely called an amazing bomber which was built to last!

BUFF has several cool meanings, as many interesting urban (and rural) acronyms do in these modern times.

BUFF is slang for muscular (which relates to both lady and gentlemen KABOOMERs).

Proper BUFF is “someone that is physically attractive to the eye.”

You might imagine who the Brits label as “Buff Puffs”, yet I’ll let that lifestyle derivation alone.

This is a very timely redundant variant – Buff Buff: “ A person who refuses to wear a mask, or take any of the basic precautions to help society prevent an air born illness during an epidemic.” So, KABOOMERS should strive to be Buff, yet NOT be Buff buffs in challenging pandemic periods like ours.

B-52 Bombers, Fred Flinstone, urban slang… What does your KOACH argue is a just-so operational meaning of your B U F F ness? Here ‘tis:

B   – BUILD your




A muscular fortress to handle “encore aged” activities of daily and nightly life; like Fred who foot-peddled his “green” sedan and had raptors to elude or catch.

And physically attractive to one or more special someone(s), like Wilma for our “buff” centenarian Fred Flinstone.  Not Hollywood beautiful, BUT(T) appealing in a whole person, fit sorta way. I’ll save beauty in eyes of beholding for strong and shapely BUTTs for another entry…

Hone your own bespoke BUFF-ness. Be the best StratoFortress that you can to better your odds to party past ninety – like Wilma and Fred. KABOOMERS are built to last and to be the last nonagenarians at the parties in their own BUFFness.

And, its okay to have a beehive “B-52” coiffure like Wilma, other mums and diner waitresses sported in the ‘60s. Plus, if you want to look for a Love Shack, take a hint or two from the The B-52s rock group.

As FF offered, Happy Friday, YABBA DABBA DO! KABOOM.

Bomb away. Be well and B U F F.


Efforts United for Stamininety

Unless you’re an ancient hermit, or a bristlecone pine tree on an isolated High Sierras Ridge, your journey to stamininety can, and arguably should be a team thrust. A united effort or thrust for success.

My saintly wife of 44+ years and I just observed the first wedding anniversary of two wonderful “kids” – our son and his enchanting bride. A wonderful seaside wedding near the Rhode Island- Connecticut state line. A binding, lasting labor of love is ongoing. Both of those 2019 newlyweds have a bit of “throwback” honors and customs in their make-ups.

United matrimonial efforts started, from custom or superstition, with four (4) things that the beaming bride carried with her to that littoral “I DO” ceremony and into her soon-to-be life of happily ever after. Let’s digest what Reader’s Digest offered about one of our longest wedding traditions:

A bride should wear “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.” Four “somethings” as Victorian cues for:

  1. continuity, 2. optimism, 3. happiness, and 4. fidelity. Quatro notable cues and worthy pursuits – si?

Here’s a Koach’s KABOOMER take on those 4 time-honored cues for binding and lasting steps to party past ninety – stamininety…

Something Old(er): I had one client and 1 boss who were fortunate enough to meet Jack LaLanne, that legendary fitness guru. I know several others with extended relations, and beaucoup anecdotes. Each and all advised that this fit nonagenarian guy was truly a “Real Deal.” Anyone who says it is better to wear out that rust out on his epitaph is my kind of icon.

Something New: Let’s thing about 1. Geroprotection, 2. a fitting adage that “Strong is the New Skinny”, and 3. exciting research news about lengthening of one’s DNA end caps [ telomeres] with MOTION as Medicine. Each of these “NEWS” items is squarely focused on longevity, optimism and happiness. I won’t deep-dive into rationale of these 3 factors for stamininety here. That’s why KABOOMER was written and why a growing number of Koach Dave’s online engagements [e.g. podcasts / interviews like Beau Henderson’s in Authority Magazine] are NOT fake NEWs. I will digress briefly with one bit of fake news – – – A GOODREADS.COM webpage presently thinks that the now deceased Sir David P. Frost authored KABOOMER. Ship happens :). This was me:

And, this was he:

Not that David P. Frost and this David Emerson Frost are total opposites. He interviewed President Nixon in 1974. I voted for him way back then, before Watergate in my first presidential vote … Yes, that was about the same time that I registered for our Military draft before America’s all volunteer force.

Something Borrowed: Do you recall the oft-quoted [1675] writing of Sir Isaac Newton, which I paraphrase: “if I saw further…it is because I stood on the shoulders of giants?” I’m doing my best, day-by-day, to party past ninety, which is definitely distant vision. Yet Dan “Nitro” Clark rightly reminded me that is aspirational. For humorist Judith Viorst, ninety is a I’m there, done that milestone. What giant work do I cite and justly borrow to share good News? A giant title of three words – The BLUE ZONES. Dan Buettner’s seminal best selling book, and ongoing web presence are outstanding loans for you and me! Gigantic themes of those centenarians’ purpose, motion, avoiding satiation, groundedness, and BEANS are united topics worth sharing.

Something Blue: Please allow me to explain before you push back on this fourth thing, as I just borrowed that zoned-in color in our third Something. Blue, which is the hue of my KABOOMER cover, by the way, is a favorite generational color for baby Boomers. I argue that is true for our long-lasting subset of KABOOMERS too! A shade of SAILOR BLUE us a personal favorite of mine! If you’re a bit of a gearhead, the hexadecimal (digital) representation of Sailor Blue is #296c92. Other than my saltiness from underway days, my liking of this Sailor shade is how balanced its red, green and blue components are. Spread-spectrum, yet balanced sorta like a KABOOMER’s “rainbow” focus on colors of Vitamin “P” eaten daily for longevity:

Should you want or need to share a blue factoid rather than a blue joke for your future KABOOMER party, just share that the wavelength of Sailor Blue is precisely 480.75 nanometers. Since I mentioned the epitaph of Jack LaLanne earlier in this post, I’ll add this blue humor epitaph – which is assuredly ANTI-LONGEVITY:

There you have it for today, KABOOMERS. Four United themes for stamininety – four Somethings offered as your unified lifelines to party past ninety. KABOOM.

Koach Dave

Let ‘er Rip

Our interconnected world offers many imaginable connections that can better our common future. Today’s column highlights an extraordinary link which I am privileged to share with KABOOMERs. Thinking of the blog title, I love what NY Times journalist William Safire wrote in November, 1993, lo those many moons ago:

Rip is a diamond of a word…”

My title is a song by the former Dixie Chicks, yet I’ll shy away from those lyrics and the group’s very recent name change.

I won’t shy away from the etched-in-stone epitaph of comedian Leslie Nielsen. Wait, wait…

Dr. Holley Kelley, a gerontologist, thanatologist and podcaster extraordinaire, invited me to chat for her AGING GREATFULLY episode, to be aired on September 11th, 2020. Time passed far too quickly for me as we delved into important lifelines for getting older without feeling or getting OLD. Lifelines about what a forbear of mine (Ralph Waldo Emerson) labeled “felicities of aging.”

Felicities like: 1. leveraging the power of time, 2. putting one’s “house” in order, 3. a young heart beating under fourscore winters, 4. not counting a person’s years until there is nothing left to count, plus 5. “whoever loves is in no condition old.” Holley also enjoyed my association by name and shirtsleeve relationship with a poet laureate – Robert Frost. This adopted Vermonter had a (ah yup) stoic sense of humor which we chuckled over:

“If predestined to die late…Make up your mind to lie in state.” That should work for me when my partying days are done. I’m just sayin stamininety. Holley liked that compound word Stamina at Ninety (stamininety).

We agreed, as O.W. Holmes offered, “they grow old because they quit playing.”

We spoke of ENCORE acts for Medicare-aged folks like some of you (and me). Keeping the end in mind, we examined several epitaphs, including Leslie Nielsen’s. We only get to die once, so why not leave a legacy? Perhaps Nielsen’s whoopi-cushion humor was meant to honor the wisdom of Holmes.

Laughter is good medicine , even as parting shots!

George Carlin’s? “Gee, he was here a moment ago.”

Rodney Dangerfield’s? “There goes the neighborhood.”

The epitaph of Billy Wilder? “I’m a writer, but then nobody is perfect.” I suppose this works for bloggers and indie authors too.

A few of my podcast takeaways with many thanks to Doctor Holley?

Don’t quit playing. Make your workouts …PLAYouts.

Die late, then let ‘er rip.

Perhaps in a manner different that Mr. Simpson’s audition for a Strength Test, yet let ‘er rip anyway…


If you are sitting in air-conditioned, “WFH” ambience, why not click over to check the growing list of KABOOMER KOACH interviews and podcasts that I’ve be blessed to experience?

Thanks to my many hosts, like Allan Misner (Forty + Fitness), Frank Samson (BOOMERS TODAY), Josh Koerpel (Firebuilders Live), Dan Nitro Clark, Lunide Louis, PhD (Best Morning Routine Ever) and more. And my big ‘ol country thank you to Holley!

Or subscribe to my quarterly KABOOMgrams?

Let ‘er Rip!


Dog Days diligence

Should you be a tad sluggish, fatigued, or inclined to skip that workout – keep the faith! Officially, Dog Days of Summer end on August 22nd. If you’re curious as to this phrase’s origin, look to the cosmos. The bright Star Sirius, which seasonably appears for us in mid-July, was linked to heat by Romans with too much time on their Hellenic hands. And to this day, “dog days” connote “heat, drought, sudden thunderstorms, lethargy, fever, mad dogs, and bad luck.” Find your lucky shillelagh, your trust periodized workout for heated weather and move to sweat. Hey, you’re not a serviceman with an 8-pound helmet, battle gear and provisions in summertime Afghanistan. Be thankful that we have others that are!

I’ve written in these “columns” and in KABOOMER about heat-related injuries and problems, from cramps to heat stress and heat stroke. I’ve implored folks to “DRINK BEFORE THIRST.” These hot days (in our Hemisphere) don’t necessarily mean that a boomer should skip motion as medicine. Quite the opposite, in Koach’s opinion! What’s a KABOOMER to do, even after August 22nd if hot weather continues…

Adapt? Sure! Back off a little in reps or distance, perhaps. Try a lap swim, if that is a COVID option. Or, the cool Pacific Ocean for a swim (being aware of rip currents). Listen to your body for discomfort, dizziness, or atypical malaise induced by your efforts. If you have pretty typical sweat capacity, you should be fine, as long as your core temperature is regulated and you’re shielded from mid-day sun rays. Perhaps rise and shine a workout a bit earlier than in other times of the year. Or perhaps try a session after sunset, if you can get to restorative sleep that is.

Some of us were High School football players in hot pre-seasons of the 1970s. And today, if/when there are gridiron preseasons, heat-related illness are tops for student-athlete health. Some of you may recall that a fine, and extremely large offensive lineman for the Minnesota Vikings – Korey Stringer – succumbed to organ failure from heat stroke on August 1st, 2001. That was a very bad dog day for him. That milestone preceded a terrible day in 2001 just five weeks later, when the skyline of Manhattan was changed forever, but I digress.

We humans evolved from the warm African continent. So, vestiges of our heat management systems should keep KABOOMER bods movin’ safely and prudently. I am not suggesting that you saddle up fo the BADLANDS or SAHARA crazy distance events – honest.


Koach Dave

Bonny Dick – battling lessons for life

No, please don’t look up bonny dick in the urban dictionary or get too creative in your thinking for “BD”. Yes, he’s a Doonesbury character too.

Rather, I’ll ask you to think of John Paul Jones, in all his rogueness and dashing bravery, who captained our Continental Navy’s BonHomme Richard to legend. Bonny Dick is the affectionate nickname that sailors have called several other USS BonHomme Richards which have steamed with valor since the age of sail. You might know that Jones and his crew bid adieu to a sinking Bonny Dick after the Brits aboard HMS SERAPIS surrendered their Union Jack and swords. I’ll bet two nickels that most every bluejacket of America’s Navy – past, present and future – knows the battle cry, “I HAVE NOT YET BEGUN to FIGHT.” Well, Captain Jones probably didn’t say that exactly. Yet historians assert that he yelled something close. As a Scotsman by birth, it might have been quite colorful.

The Brits lampooned Jones as a bounty-focused pirate. I ask, “So what?” Even Apple’s Steve Jobs asked a rhetorical question for business and life, “Would you rather be a sailor or a pirate?” I argue that KABOOMERS should celebrate and exhibit traits of both pirates and sailors.

Arrrgh. Perhaps you heard it in this column first – – – KABOOMERs and PIRATES are simpatico! KABOOMERs skirt de facto “rules of life” to be healthy outliers – like Blue Zone centenarians. I’m not hinting that KABOOMER Kelley or Ken should swach-buckle, get many tattoos and rape,pillage, or plunder. I am hinting that KABOOMERS bend rules – like Social Security actuarial rules for longevity. My goal is to drive actuarial life-counters loco!

Our modern-day BonHomme Richard (LHD-6) almost sank in July, 2020 as its namesake did in 1779. Moored to a Naval Station San Diego Pier, her devastating pierside fire [TBD causes] burned for days. Soon after the fire began on a Sunday morning, a young dashing “FLYING SQUAD” sailor ran to the first blaze and led fire-fighting actions until smoke overcame him. Rushed to a local hospital, this young hero rushed back aboard as soon as he could get released. Recent news reports offered that the duty section crewmates had not finished the fight. That, dear readers, is TRUE GRIT in my perspective. Finish what you started. Fight the Good Fight. Stay the course. Arrrrgh.

As Angela Duckworth wrote in GRIT, perseverance, resilience and grit are awesome personality and behavior traits for: a. Flying Squad fire-fighters, b. for iconic pirates like JPJ, and c. for KABOOMERS doing their best to put life in their years as they add years to their years. Here’s to us KABOOMERS who can, as community members and Masters athletes, walk the talk as “Grit paragons” in Duckworth’s terms. It’s not too late to become one – with true passion, precision, and purpose! iI commend her provocative best seller to you. Devour it…

I also mention another Grit author, C&W singer Tim McGraw, who wrote “Grit and Grace” and is credited with one of the top 20 C&W songs of all time. Tim is just a bit young for our KABOOMER-hood. Yet, his journey to get lean is applauded for a busy guy in his mid-50s.

So , what can your passionate story of grit, resilience and perseverance memoirs read? Flas back to our STRESS-NOT chapter of KABOOMER:

“1. Resilience is your ability to bounce back after adversity
or disappointment; and it is being able to manage and
adapt to sources of stress or adversity. (I mentioned the
importance of bio-resilience in another segment.)

  1. Perseverance is your steady mastering of skills or completing
    a task, while having a commitment to learning.
  2. Grit is a more recently authored term for Face Everything
    and Rise,
    as researched by Angela Duckworth. Grit is
    defined as the tendency to sustain interest and effort
    toward long-term goals. It is associated with self-control
    and deferring short-term gratification
    Bounce back. [LA Columnist Chris] Erksine grittily did. You can too, though no
    one said this was a walk in the park. We are steadfast in our
    daily pursuits and lifelong learning. We keep on keepin’ on,
    rising toward our long-haul goal to live longer and live better.
    Cope and counter! Yes—you can, with grit, humor, fresh
    air, friends, exercise, and—the fourth F. Yes—you can—like
    a celebrity without a major care in your world. You can take
    proactive security steps to counter stressful vitality thieves.”

Bonny Dick sailor stories from 1799 and 2020 exemplify coping and countering, persevering and showing true grit. Pirates, sailors and KABOOMERS Fear NOT! They Face(d) Everything and Rose.

Yes, you can too! KABOOM!

Koach Dave

Mollydookers aren’t assassins

Ah, International Day of Left-Handers 2020 is winding down on our side of the international date line. As MOLLYDOOKER is an Australian term for “wrong-handedness”, I’ll add for completeness that this celebratory day is done, down under. Remember Sunday in San Diego, Monday in Melbourne… Lefties are nice people too! And, some studies suggest that lefties are growing in number. Not all bad as a handy phenomenon, as left handedness is associated with: quicker math skills, possibly better verbal skills, faster complex processing, and more slender faces. Yup. However, comma, we are [statistically] more prone to migraines, sleep disorders and learning disabilities. Let’s balance quantities and qualities…

As a very proud, sinister assassin, I, as a lefty, am honored to recall other wrong-handers who left their mark on history:

  • Julius Caesar
  • Michelangelo
  • Madame Marie Curie,
  • Babe Ruth,
  • Albert Einstein,
  • Most American Presidents serving for the last half century from Gerald Ford to Barack Obama were also wrong-handers or mollydookers, or southpaws.
    • Only Jimmy Carter, Bush #43, and now Donald Trump were in their “left minds.”
  • Some Boomers, who had “natural” lefty traits might have been encouraged to think that they were “RIGHT” handed and act accordingly. My sainted Grandmother Chris was forced to use her right hand to write; and she stuttered for the rest of her days. True. I was always getting fountain pen ink on the back of my left hand, because the Palmer school of penmanship made it so. Weren’t we lucky little Boomers in the 1960s?

“Catholic school teachers in particular routinely inflicted corporal punishment and psychological pressure on left-handed students, ranging from accusations of being in cahoots with the Devil to, bizarrely, being Communist.” Could you imagine mandatory classes in cursive penmanship these days?

There may be many, many other lefties in history of whom we are unaware. As in my Grandma’s case, being a lefty was considered weak, abnormal, or ,,,sinister, as would be expected of those “in cahoots” with El Diablo. And you international travelers may recall that the left hand is the “Toilet Hand” in some civilizations.

Despite the ~ 6 to 1 odds of being right-handed; some of our greatest hitters in baseball were southpaws, like Tony Gywnn, the Bambino(mentioned above), Ted Williams, and George Brett. Steve Young and Kenny Stabler were pretty fine as football quarterbacks. Coach Bill Belichick tries to draft punters who kick with their left feet, because the punt spin is different. As a livescience.com article offered, “Physical competition, on the other hand, favors the unusual. In a fight, a left-hander would have the advantage in a right-handed world.” Example: Phil Mickelson has made a pretty good living as a right-handed person who plays golf from “our side.”

Question: What heart chamber pumps precious “red” blood to our organs and cells for livelihood? LEFT Ventricle. Touche.

So Koach, why the ramblings about handedness, you justly inquire? Handedness is fascinating, like so many performance and functional aspects of our bodies and our training regimens.

One example: “Ambidextrous” rowers are considered more valuable to crews as they can “sweep row” from either side. A Coach has more flexibility in her or his boating options as a result. And, by alternatively rowing “sweep” from either side, a crew jock might minimize or avoid sport-specific imbalances which can often occur. I wrote about sport-specific imbalances in KABOOMER as a shameless plug for my first book …

In our world, Boomers should strive to be as “even handed” as possible. By this I mean that activities of daily life – from tooth-brushing, to taking stairs, to putting on your underpinnings or leggings with either arm or leg as leading limb. And our handedness extends to unilateral stability and strength too! Last, but certinly not least, doing single leg, and single arm exercises can favorable impact those imbalance and stress injuries. I commend to you this stack.com article about the importance of unilateral training. KABOOM.


“Morning in America again”

Some of us boomers may recall two of the finest-ever commercials from the year 1984 -just nine(!) election cycles ago… I’m sure that I’m not alone in hoping that the next 11+ weeks of this presidential election cycle become memorable in good senses! Let’s NOT make 2021 like Orwell’s 1984.

The first was the Apple Macintosh Super Bowl ad, and the second was president Ronald Reagan’s re-election appeal for a “Prouder, Stronger, Better” America. Thematic changes in both commercials made me think about M O R N I N G S and their importance for stamininety and partying past ninety years young.

I had the distinct pleasure of an engaging chat yesterday with Lunide Louis, PhD. She, like I, adopted San Diego as “home” in America. She, like I, believe in the power of actional habits as ‘lil bit extra efforts to thrive and strive. And like me, Lunide believes in motion as medicine. I commend to all readers her Best Morning Routine, Ever! presence online! Her free phone application, HIT-SAVERS is worthy of your consideration, too!

I offered Lunide’s listeners and her this mnemonic M O R N I N G S. In full and open disclosure, the themes for each element of morning habits [below] are not mine. Example, I didn’t invent cold showers :). Example #2 – you my have read a book by retired Admiral William McRaven, and/or listened to his phenomenal Hook ’em Horns commencement [2014] speech… And away we go.

MMake your Bed! As the Admiral spoke to U-T grads six summers ago- “what starts here changes the world!” With a bed made, even a severely stressed BUDS student can declare a little victory. And, as author James Clear accurately reminds us, “Atomic Habits” are success builders!

OObserve, not the CNN news. Just act on what your body is sharing with ya! What is your resting Heart Rate? Might you be a bit dehydrated after 7 hours of restorative sleep? You betcha. Any kinks or trigger points that you sense when you go vertical? Take note, and act, “atomically”.

R – Reflect. I am convinced that great morning begin “the night before the morning after.” We may remember Manhattan Transfer lyrics [Bodies and Souls – 1983] which I’ll cite later. If you are NOT a humming type, try to become one. Monks are on to something great, and have been for a long time. Reflective humming, or singing in a rain locker, are great for your vagus nerve system connecting brain and gut, AND lowering blood pressure. Trust your Koach.

Did you plan ahead for those 1-3 things that will make tomorrow successful?

How about a little mindful, deep stomach-breathing to help you reflect on the flow of your coming 24 hours, 1440 minutes, 86,400 “atomic” seconds in which to strive for “extra-ness”?

Prior planning precludes p#$%-poor performance

N – Nutrients! Unless this morning is an intended intermittent fast (IFE), eat lotsa colors of the rainbow (Vitamin P and 5 grams of fiber too). Plus slowly consume at least 30 grams of complete protein. A little green tea, or low acidic coffee count in my mornings cookbook! Don’t neglect to get and celebrate 16 ounces of clean water as you “BREAK the FAST.” A little lemon zest, and perhaps some organic apple cider vinegar for your gut and immune system are mandatory for these sips or gulps of cool, clear water (my opinion).

I – Invigorate! Cold showers are NOT sole enablers of high “T” teens. Cycling between relatively hot and cold shower flows can help both halves of your circulatory system, And now, I finally get to MOTION as MEDICINE. Some of us KABOOMERS are AM workout types. As author Daniel Pink offered in “WHEN“, forenoon workouts are enablers for:

a. better weight loss

b. mood-boosting

c. no excuses for the day getting ahead of you. You got it in! Do NOT let PEAK, TROUGH, REBOUND circadian rhythms labor against ya.

d. optimal strength-building!

Whether you are a morning lark, a night hawk, or a “third bird” as Pink categorizes humans, invigorating stretches and minimal sets of complex exercises (press-ups or squats) should be part of your median habits to unleash those ~ seven (!) productive hours before we hit our daily “trough” cycles.

Have you tried the Tony Robbins’ “priming” quickie? I also like HAPPY MONKEY moves to energize, vivify, and merrily celebrate this thing called Life… Or, how about MONKEY WISDOM balance moves – good for kids of ALL ages? And scratch each scapula, whatever your age is.

N – Note! What is that “one thing, one note” you could pen, text, or write today to connect? Sure, our plain old telephone works too, right Watson? What old friend have you lost touch with? What business card in your rolodex (or phone directory) merits a follow up touchpoint? Make just one added connection, keeping in mind our coveted PLATINUM Rule, to make our families, communities and society “prouder, stronger, better.”

G – Gratitide! With the aforementioned Platinum Rule in mind, be thankful each morning, every morning, for the varieties which comprise our spice of life! Remember – that half-empty glass is ALSO HALF FULL! And, you know the platitude about making lemonade, too :).

S – Signs. Finally, as there aren’t any newspaper sport pages of note these COVID days, “READ” your own pages! look for other signs that are self-centered. You read ’em before – like respiration and heart rate variability. Important monitors of well being and preps for your productive RISE and SHINE days!

There you have ’em. Koach Dave’s eight essentials to make this moring the best possible start of another M O R N I N G on this zany globe.

Let M O R N I N G S help you become an habitual “priming” Master of your personal WHEN. Your one-percent better YOU. KABOOM.

Yours in proud, strong and better health,


Numerology – byte (8/8)

I had the number eight [8] as a blog subject before my morning chores on this eighth day of our eighth calendar month (and our 5th month of clampdown, yet that is another story for these ages).

I got a sticky visitor’s badge to clean out our centenarian’s cottage as she transitioned to an assisted living abode. My first 8/8 of this day…

I stopped at Trader Joe’s for macronutrients like organic chicken, free range eggs, and dark chocolate (plus adult beverages in full and open disclosure). I kid you not that my total purchase was $88.08. Okay – I mighta found another 80 cent item to make the tally $88.88. Just going with truthful coincidence here.

My checkout clerk (in his Aloha shirt and face mask) encouraged me to head for a lottery outlet or casino. CHA CHING (not).

Flipped on its arabic number side, an “8” becomes the symbol for infinity, or endless journeys. Without any knowledge of tarot cards’ or numerology’s significance of the number 8– – – I do recall from a Sunday School teacher that the number 8 appears in the Christian Bible about three score and ten times. Why not 80 times? I’ll blame the prophets, I guess. Eight has come to infer a balance of power and energy – a VERY good balance for KABOOMERs – yes?

From my dated learnings in math and computer science, I recall that eight in the binary system of numbers is 2-cubed, or a BYTE (as I hinted in our subject line). That is important as most computer architectures are set with BYTES (8 bits) as the smallest addressable amount of memory.

Is Eight also important for our fitness journey? Your Koach says yes indeed. Here are just a pair of octal examples:

a. Eight repetitions is a very good number of “reps” in resistance training if a KABOOMER’s goal is to build size [hypertrophy] and strength

b. Eight hours of restorative sleep is a very worthy time goal or “requirement” for some. I seem to arise without a alarm clock jolt at about 6 hours and 45 minutes; so recall that each athlete has different time needed for restorative sleep, mimicking Morpheus. Age and training regimen are two factors for “normal” sleep requirements.

Get to appreciate the number “8” , no matter if its August 8th, or another day for KABOOMER excellence.

Be safe,

Koach Dave