“Let ‘er Rip!”

by | Aug 7, 2020

On our National Purple Heart Day, I honor 1.8 Million combat-wounded or killed servicemen and servicewomen. I’m a bit of a nut for seeking epitaphs and headstones of folks who lived large until they didn’t. As an advocate of HONORABLE SERVICE and humor, in person and etched in stone, one epitaph stands out, that “Let ‘er Rip” one-liner on the grave of funny actor Leslie Nielsen. KABOOMERS ask, “WHY NOT?” rather than “WHY”. KABOOMERS don’t hold back, after getting cleared by medical professionals, that is…

An example of letting it go is interval training – a group of regimens which are STRONGLY recommended for folks of our Medicare-aged demographic. Why? Ripping through bumps of reasonably intense regimens, with short periods to breathe, sip and gear up, improve US in at least five (5) ways:

  1. One’s afterburn, a KABOOMER’s post exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC) can be “epic.” My certifying body, the NFPT, pegs EPOC for increased metabolism and going for cardio gusto in life. Oxygen Debt is the one kinda debt that is okay in your physical bank account (when cleared and ready to go into that temporary debt).
  2. Folks with prior cardio- medical issues may well have interval training prescribed by their MDs for rebuilding livelihood. This is apposite to all-the-time low intensity , steady state regimens. Mic it up as you Rip!
  3. Tweak energy system use. Effectively deplete the glucose levels in skeletal muscle and bloodstream to keep insulin sensitivity high(er).
  4. Time-managed exertion (interval sessions can be very short – as in 4 minutes of short; like high intensity TABATAs (when cleared, ready, willing and able…). Yes, AND a KABOOMER does find a few minutes once or twice a week to let ‘er rip. Wait, wait…
  5. Return on Investment. For many KABOOMERS who are not competitive athletes or “great” strength / endurance specimes just yet… Reduced Exertion [Higher] Interval Training can still provide “cardio” and glucose sensitivity benefits. REHIT is the acronym for just enough “sprint” spinkled in a lower intensity workout to benefit. Let ‘er REHIT too!

Remembering that each KABOOMER athlete is different, for her or his metabolic efficiency, VO2, glucose sensitivity and heart rate variability; interval training is assuredly a GOOD topic to discuss with a personal trainer or Koach.

Let ‘er Rip.



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