Numerology – byte (8/8)

by | Aug 8, 2020

I had the number eight [8] as a blog subject before my morning chores on this eighth day of our eighth calendar month (and our 5th month of clampdown, yet that is another story for these ages).

I got a sticky visitor’s badge to clean out our centenarian’s cottage as she transitioned to an assisted living abode. My first 8/8 of this day…

I stopped at Trader Joe’s for macronutrients like organic chicken, free range eggs, and dark chocolate (plus adult beverages in full and open disclosure). I kid you not that my total purchase was $88.08. Okay – I mighta found another 80 cent item to make the tally $88.88. Just going with truthful coincidence here.

My checkout clerk (in his Aloha shirt and face mask) encouraged me to head for a lottery outlet or casino. CHA CHING (not).

Flipped on its arabic number side, an “8” becomes the symbol for infinity, or endless journeys. Without any knowledge of tarot cards’ or numerology’s significance of the number 8– – – I do recall from a Sunday School teacher that the number 8 appears in the Christian Bible about three score and ten times. Why not 80 times? I’ll blame the prophets, I guess. Eight has come to infer a balance of power and energy – a VERY good balance for KABOOMERs – yes?

From my dated learnings in math and computer science, I recall that eight in the binary system of numbers is 2-cubed, or a BYTE (as I hinted in our subject line). That is important as most computer architectures are set with BYTES (8 bits) as the smallest addressable amount of memory.

Is Eight also important for our fitness journey? Your Koach says yes indeed. Here are just a pair of octal examples:

a. Eight repetitions is a very good number of “reps” in resistance training if a KABOOMER’s goal is to build size [hypertrophy] and strength

b. Eight hours of restorative sleep is a very worthy time goal or “requirement” for some. I seem to arise without a alarm clock jolt at about 6 hours and 45 minutes; so recall that each athlete has different time needed for restorative sleep, mimicking Morpheus. Age and training regimen are two factors for “normal” sleep requirements.

Get to appreciate the number “8” , no matter if its August 8th, or another day for KABOOMER excellence.

Be safe,

Koach Dave


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