“Morning in America again”

by | Aug 12, 2020

Some of us boomers may recall two of the finest-ever commercials from the year 1984 -just nine(!) election cycles ago… I’m sure that I’m not alone in hoping that the next 11+ weeks of this presidential election cycle become memorable in good senses! Let’s NOT make 2021 like Orwell’s 1984.

The first was the Apple Macintosh Super Bowl ad, and the second was president Ronald Reagan’s re-election appeal for a “Prouder, Stronger, Better” America. Thematic changes in both commercials made me think about M O R N I N G S and their importance for stamininety and partying past ninety years young.

I had the distinct pleasure of an engaging chat yesterday with Lunide Louis, PhD. She, like I, adopted San Diego as “home” in America. She, like I, believe in the power of actional habits as ‘lil bit extra efforts to thrive and strive. And like me, Lunide believes in motion as medicine. I commend to all readers her Best Morning Routine, Ever! presence online! Her free phone application, HIT-SAVERS is worthy of your consideration, too!

I offered Lunide’s listeners and her this mnemonic M O R N I N G S. In full and open disclosure, the themes for each element of morning habits [below] are not mine. Example, I didn’t invent cold showers :). Example #2 – you my have read a book by retired Admiral William McRaven, and/or listened to his phenomenal Hook ’em Horns commencement [2014] speech… And away we go.

MMake your Bed! As the Admiral spoke to U-T grads six summers ago- “what starts here changes the world!” With a bed made, even a severely stressed BUDS student can declare a little victory. And, as author James Clear accurately reminds us, “Atomic Habits” are success builders!

OObserve, not the CNN news. Just act on what your body is sharing with ya! What is your resting Heart Rate? Might you be a bit dehydrated after 7 hours of restorative sleep? You betcha. Any kinks or trigger points that you sense when you go vertical? Take note, and act, “atomically”.

R – Reflect. I am convinced that great morning begin “the night before the morning after.” We may remember Manhattan Transfer lyrics [Bodies and Souls – 1983] which I’ll cite later. If you are NOT a humming type, try to become one. Monks are on to something great, and have been for a long time. Reflective humming, or singing in a rain locker, are great for your vagus nerve system connecting brain and gut, AND lowering blood pressure. Trust your Koach.

Did you plan ahead for those 1-3 things that will make tomorrow successful?

How about a little mindful, deep stomach-breathing to help you reflect on the flow of your coming 24 hours, 1440 minutes, 86,400 “atomic” seconds in which to strive for “extra-ness”?

Prior planning precludes p#$%-poor performance

N – Nutrients! Unless this morning is an intended intermittent fast (IFE), eat lotsa colors of the rainbow (Vitamin P and 5 grams of fiber too). Plus slowly consume at least 30 grams of complete protein. A little green tea, or low acidic coffee count in my mornings cookbook! Don’t neglect to get and celebrate 16 ounces of clean water as you “BREAK the FAST.” A little lemon zest, and perhaps some organic apple cider vinegar for your gut and immune system are mandatory for these sips or gulps of cool, clear water (my opinion).

I – Invigorate! Cold showers are NOT sole enablers of high “T” teens. Cycling between relatively hot and cold shower flows can help both halves of your circulatory system, And now, I finally get to MOTION as MEDICINE. Some of us KABOOMERS are AM workout types. As author Daniel Pink offered in “WHEN“, forenoon workouts are enablers for:

a. better weight loss

b. mood-boosting

c. no excuses for the day getting ahead of you. You got it in! Do NOT let PEAK, TROUGH, REBOUND circadian rhythms labor against ya.

d. optimal strength-building!

Whether you are a morning lark, a night hawk, or a “third bird” as Pink categorizes humans, invigorating stretches and minimal sets of complex exercises (press-ups or squats) should be part of your median habits to unleash those ~ seven (!) productive hours before we hit our daily “trough” cycles.

Have you tried the Tony Robbins’ “priming” quickie? I also like HAPPY MONKEY moves to energize, vivify, and merrily celebrate this thing called Life… Or, how about MONKEY WISDOM balance moves – good for kids of ALL ages? And scratch each scapula, whatever your age is.

N – Note! What is that “one thing, one note” you could pen, text, or write today to connect? Sure, our plain old telephone works too, right Watson? What old friend have you lost touch with? What business card in your rolodex (or phone directory) merits a follow up touchpoint? Make just one added connection, keeping in mind our coveted PLATINUM Rule, to make our families, communities and society “prouder, stronger, better.”

G – Gratitide! With the aforementioned Platinum Rule in mind, be thankful each morning, every morning, for the varieties which comprise our spice of life! Remember – that half-empty glass is ALSO HALF FULL! And, you know the platitude about making lemonade, too :).

S – Signs. Finally, as there aren’t any newspaper sport pages of note these COVID days, “READ” your own pages! look for other signs that are self-centered. You read ’em before – like respiration and heart rate variability. Important monitors of well being and preps for your productive RISE and SHINE days!

There you have ’em. Koach Dave’s eight essentials to make this moring the best possible start of another M O R N I N G on this zany globe.

Let M O R N I N G S help you become an habitual “priming” Master of your personal WHEN. Your one-percent better YOU. KABOOM.

Yours in proud, strong and better health,



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