Efforts United for Stamininety

by | Aug 19, 2020

Unless you’re an ancient hermit, or a bristlecone pine tree on an isolated High Sierras Ridge, your journey to stamininety can, and arguably should be a team thrust. A united effort or thrust for success.

My saintly wife of 44+ years and I just observed the first wedding anniversary of two wonderful “kids” – our son and his enchanting bride. A wonderful seaside wedding near the Rhode Island- Connecticut state line. A binding, lasting labor of love is ongoing. Both of those 2019 newlyweds have a bit of “throwback” honors and customs in their make-ups.

United matrimonial efforts started, from custom or superstition, with four (4) things that the beaming bride carried with her to that littoral “I DO” ceremony and into her soon-to-be life of happily ever after. Let’s digest what Reader’s Digest offered about one of our longest wedding traditions:

A bride should wear “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.” Four “somethings” as Victorian cues for:

  1. continuity, 2. optimism, 3. happiness, and 4. fidelity. Quatro notable cues and worthy pursuits – si?

Here’s a Koach’s KABOOMER take on those 4 time-honored cues for binding and lasting steps to party past ninety – stamininety…

Something Old(er): I had one client and 1 boss who were fortunate enough to meet Jack LaLanne, that legendary fitness guru. I know several others with extended relations, and beaucoup anecdotes. Each and all advised that this fit nonagenarian guy was truly a “Real Deal.” Anyone who says it is better to wear out that rust out on his epitaph is my kind of icon.

Something New: Let’s thing about 1. Geroprotection, 2. a fitting adage that “Strong is the New Skinny”, and 3. exciting research news about lengthening of one’s DNA end caps [ telomeres] with MOTION as Medicine. Each of these “NEWS” items is squarely focused on longevity, optimism and happiness. I won’t deep-dive into rationale of these 3 factors for stamininety here. That’s why KABOOMER was written and why a growing number of Koach Dave’s online engagements [e.g. podcasts / interviews like Beau Henderson’s in Authority Magazine] are NOT fake NEWs. I will digress briefly with one bit of fake news – – – A GOODREADS.COM webpage presently thinks that the now deceased Sir David P. Frost authored KABOOMER. Ship happens :). This was me:

And, this was he:

Not that David P. Frost and this David Emerson Frost are total opposites. He interviewed President Nixon in 1974. I voted for him way back then, before Watergate in my first presidential vote … Yes, that was about the same time that I registered for our Military draft before America’s all volunteer force.

Something Borrowed: Do you recall the oft-quoted [1675] writing of Sir Isaac Newton, which I paraphrase: “if I saw further…it is because I stood on the shoulders of giants?” I’m doing my best, day-by-day, to party past ninety, which is definitely distant vision. Yet Dan “Nitro” Clark rightly reminded me that is aspirational. For humorist Judith Viorst, ninety is a I’m there, done that milestone. What giant work do I cite and justly borrow to share good News? A giant title of three words – The BLUE ZONES. Dan Buettner’s seminal best selling book, and ongoing web presence are outstanding loans for you and me! Gigantic themes of those centenarians’ purpose, motion, avoiding satiation, groundedness, and BEANS are united topics worth sharing.

Something Blue: Please allow me to explain before you push back on this fourth thing, as I just borrowed that zoned-in color in our third Something. Blue, which is the hue of my KABOOMER cover, by the way, is a favorite generational color for baby Boomers. I argue that is true for our long-lasting subset of KABOOMERS too! A shade of SAILOR BLUE us a personal favorite of mine! If you’re a bit of a gearhead, the hexadecimal (digital) representation of Sailor Blue is #296c92. Other than my saltiness from underway days, my liking of this Sailor shade is how balanced its red, green and blue components are. Spread-spectrum, yet balanced sorta like a KABOOMER’s “rainbow” focus on colors of Vitamin “P” eaten daily for longevity:

Should you want or need to share a blue factoid rather than a blue joke for your future KABOOMER party, just share that the wavelength of Sailor Blue is precisely 480.75 nanometers. Since I mentioned the epitaph of Jack LaLanne earlier in this post, I’ll add this blue humor epitaph – which is assuredly ANTI-LONGEVITY:

There you have it for today, KABOOMERS. Four United themes for stamininety – four Somethings offered as your unified lifelines to party past ninety. KABOOM.

Koach Dave


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