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by | Sep 5, 2020

Our eleventh letter of the English alphabet – K – is pretty special. Did you sense, or know, that K is used so sparingly? Only letters J, Q, X and Z are used less than #11 n our modern speeches and writings. Let’s consider a slew of GREAT words hangin’ around our vocabularies that relate to KABOOMing – K?

As a prelude, The ABCs of Ageing(sp) Gratefully offer that K represents “KISS like ya mean it.” Enough said for those who “like it HOT” – just like Norma Jeane Moretensen – immortalized by Sir Elton John’s Candle in the Wind

Let’s begin with that Greek letter/symbol Kappa. Some readers may have been Phi Beta KAPPAs [ΦBK] because of their prestigious liberal arts acumen. I’m certainly NOT a ΦBK! Something happened on the way to the forum, as KAPPA was the 10th letter of the Grecian alphabet, a spot lower than our 11th spot…. I have no clue why KAPPA is related to the number twenty?! If you have time on your hands in these waning days of COVID summer, you might practice signing this ancient letter –

Note – there aren’t Middle “You’re Number One” digits used for K 🙂

Linguists assert that the Norman Conquest led to diminished use of “K” in the King’s and Queen’s English – if you need a trivia point when you have your next game of Jeopardy…

With Kudos to Mental Floss, here are Your Koach’s List of 11 kool O’ K words – with their meanings:

  1. KAFFEEKLATSCH – a coffee gossip and catch-up encounter. Right – STARBUCK’s IS a bit easier on the tongue. And low-acid, high polyphenol coffee, or kaffee is GOOD for most KABOOMEREs as a natural ergogenic (in moderation).
  2. KAKIDROSIS – smelly sweat. THis is NOT exercise-induced perspiration as a rule. It is our other perspiration – fearful, stress-driven sweat. We love to sweat to cool our bodies, measure proper C6-C10 cytokine actions in our bods, and help our livers detoxify. Yet, we try not to generate KAKIDROSIS.
  3. KAKORRHAPHIAPHOBIAs – these sentiments happen to folks who suffer from fear of failure. As I wrote in KABOOMER, please think of the acronym FEAR as Face Everything and Rise. No suffering, no smelly sweat – K? Incidentally, KOPOPHOBIA is a fear of Fatigue. KABOOMERS honor fatigue as the result of building their physical bank counts! Remember that legendary Koach Vince Lombardi offered that “Fatigue makes cowards of us all”. Did I offer Face Everything and Rise? Yup.
  4. KALON – this is uber kool! Kalon means stoic beauty in both physical and moral contexts. KABOOMERS have KALON, IMO.
  5. KECKER – meaning squeamish. That descriptor does not fit KABOOMERs. We use mindfulness and fortitude to face challenges and calm our nerves. Right?
  6. KEDGE BELLY – this person is a large a gluttonous eater. Remember this dude from an Addendum in KABOOMER?

KABOOMERs don’t become Kedge Bellied, “apple-shaped”, endomorphs – Si?

7. KICKY-WICKY – The Bard himself used kicky-wicky to describe whimsical or fantastic people. KABOOMERs should be honored to be labeled kicky-wicky! We are laughable, affable, and stay light-hearted, ’cause Dr. Patch Adams says we should for “good medicine.”

8. KING’s BARGAIN – this is olde slang for a dude or lady who shirks duty or responsibility. KABOOMERs are most definitely opposites of KING’s BARGAINs! They willingly accept the efforts needed to build their physical portfolios! Motion to Sweat is their regular, habitual duty.

9. KINTRACLASH – this “talk of the town” or gossip is thoroughly discounted by KABOOMERs whose felicities of age (according to R.W. Emerson) encourage practices of the subtle art of not giving a F$%*. Counter-intuitive as this might seem, KABOOMERs DO NOT SWEAT small Stuff. And most of life’s hassles [not ALL] are small stuff! Remember what Hans Selye wrote, IT IS NOT STRESS WHICH KILLS US…

10. KNICKKNACKATORY – this is a shop which sells knick knacks – just like your KABOOMER “e-Kommerce” shop on another page of wellpastforty.com.

11. KOAN – this isn’t a Norman word, rather Koan comes from Zen Buddhists. Koans are “paradoxes to train and improve thinking.” KAABOOM! That is our Mind-Body Alignment – sans brain fog – to get through life’s challengers. KABOOMERS think clearly, by getting fuel and Oxygen to their clear-headed executive functions to CARPE DIEM. Now, that is a mix of language and origin, with my apologies to you ΦBKs…

O’ K Boomer (ha). Your scribe and wellness Koach says: drink some kaffee, show your Koan, exhibit your Kicky-wicky frivolity often, rise above kintraclash, avoid kedge bellies and, get your KABOOMER “KIT” at our new [secure] e-commerce KNICKKNACKATORY.

Be safe and KAPPA,



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