National Read a BOOK Day – hint

by | Sep 6, 2020

I trust that you are a tad cooler than I am in sweltering San Diego for this holiday weekend.

Seeing 111 degrees F. on our mercuric sensors gave me an “out” from mowing our lawn.  Whew in more ways than one.  I feel the temperature rising as Elvis sang so well.  Or, the Lovin’ Spoonfuls in 1966:

Today does seem like a near-perfect day to grab a paperback or eBOOK (hint).  As R. Bacon advised, some books are to be devoured.

Audio Listener?

You’ll be able to listen to eight exciting hours of genuine tips and tricks to help you build your STAMININETY.

If you’ve snagged a KABOOMER copy from a neighborhood library, a friend, B&N, GOODREADS, or that little bookstore – AMAZON – I appreciate your investment of time to submit a candid review.  Your appreciated feedback helps others see if the KABOOMER Movement is for them.  Speaking of Joining the Movement, if you’d like weekly wellness and fitness tips, you can text “WP40” to shortcode # 41259.  KABOOM.

Surely, Thriving and Striving into our Nineties takes a bit of work.  Yet, your viable, sustaining physical portfolio will have an impressive RETURN on INVESTMENT for your time and talent.

Here’s that refresher PHYSICAL BANK Account to which Muddy Waters alluded:



Drink before thirst, listen to your body, and stay WELL PAST FORTY.




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