Actions and Images can speak louder than words

by | Sep 11, 2020

There are certain days in which images and actions mean more – from perceived and objective stances – than words.

Today’s day of remembrance and SERVICE is certainly one (IMO)…

NOT just a quiet Tuesday morning in September 2001…  Our daughter was a Harvard freshman, our son just started his seventh grade semester. As some of you who read the  KABOOMER introduction, or listened, I found myself in London when I heard a BBC anchorwoman say, “The skyline of New York has changed forever.

Folks,  please put three historic Memorial spots on your patriotic bucket list for visits (when we can travel):

  1. Ground Zero (the aftermath of Flights 11 and 175)         


  1. Flight 93’s “let’s rollfinal resting spot in Somerset County, Pennsylvania


  1. Our Pentagon (Flight 77)

Most of us have a haunting image, or images, of man’s inhumanity to man from 09-11-2001.

My mental images started in London, then shifted to Crystal City when I learned than a research sponsor of mine died on Flight 77, along with a Naval Reserve Admiral. The Pentagon was still smoking when I flew into Washington’s National(Reagan) airport on the next Saturday, 9/15/01. I think of Bush #43 saying ” I hear you” on that Ground Zero rubble pile.  I think of one of the most moving books – The Heart of a Soldier by J. Stewart –  I’ve read, and its hero – Rick Rescorla – three times a HERO for the ages! And, I think of many artists who have shared their songs and lyrics with bent but not broken Americans.

I’ll mention just three:

  1. As reported in a WSJ OPED today, Carole King sang “You’ve Got a Friend” to assembled command post watchstanders near New Yor City. Ms. King offered, “I couldn’t sit at home anymore and watch television. I needed to offer you my voice.”


  1. I Won’t Back Down (Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers)


  1. Courtesy of the Red White and Blue (Toby Keith)

Please be one of Keith’s GOOD GUYS/LADIES, be Heartbreaker Resilient, and offer SOMETHING. We have causes galore for which to offer SOMETHING: giving blood, serving on a food line for the hungry in our community, making charitable contributions, reaching out to make a new friend…

Your Koach?

  • 9-11-20 began with mindful time to remember those fallen and to cheerlead for a United and peaceful nation.
  • I gratefully donated to the Pentagon Memorial Fund.
  • And with a day of grace, I’ll volunteer time tomorrow to help others learn rowing and clean a coastal area of San Diego Bay.

Dying words of Captain John Miller to Private Ryan at a different time are still germane for us as 9-11 survivors and never-forgetting thankful, “James, Earn This.”

Respectfully – with places to go and SOMETHINGS worthy to do,



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