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by | Sep 16, 2020

Ah, our cooler CALI mornings are wonderful for this morning workout guy. We find a lot of noise in the news about climate change and it’s good noise. Life is constantly changing, so I’m not surprised that 7 billion people impact this fragile earth, our island home as a prayer recites…

We fortuitously find ourselves alive to start another wonderful day to extend our journey towards stamininety. Today’s topic is KABOOMER rings and things. But first, I’ll stand in for Angie Dickinson’s healthy commercials of yesteryear. Would Angie’s body or I lie to you ???

Happy National Avocado Day for fans of natural, healthy fatty acids and micronutrients!

Pictured below is Food for Thought, so to speak:

Rings and Things?  Huh, you ask?

I promised to share what I wear for workouts and most activities of daily life. You might also be ingterested in what I think and do as habit on own journey.

I have NO vested interest in any product or service of which I write.  Honest!  You read this is KABOOMER, which I feel is worth being redundant, redundant.  Fitness and Wellness DO NOT have to be Expensive.  Grab a towel, a non-plastic water bottle and then Move to Sweat! Six Days a week.

I am just trying to let you know these are pretty darn good products. Gear and Products which may save you a little time and effort in your own market research. Research for:

  1. workout gear
  2. smartphone applications
  3. special items  – a new Apple watch, a Fitbit or Oura ring… or Whoop, or…

Oura rings are worn by National Basketball Association players who obviously are very, very concerned about germs and quality of sleep and trends and habits for fitness and wellness.

I wouldn’t be surprised if some Tour de France riders have Oura rings or like devices so that they can monitor the quality of their limited sleep as they overtrain on those staged Hills of Belgium, France, and maybe Spain [I forget which stage is which country].

A marvelous device[IMO]. And, as you might expect, the company homepage speaks of IMMUNITY boosting (and other actionable habits!)

I wear one, per the strong “Gladiator” recommendation of Dan Nitro Clark,

I’m not asking you to go buy one. For one reason, they’re not cheap [though the sticker shock is tantamount to the cheaper Apple Watch SE which just launched]. Yet, insight for my restorative deep sleep patterns and very important training feedback for critical heart rate variability is, I believe, a step above the knowledge that you can gain from some other products.  CAVEAT EMPTOR.

In full and open disclosure, our two wonderful kids nicely gave me a Fitbit watch for a Father’s Day present in 2019.

I wear my Fitbit VERSA with pride. I do use its data and some alarms occasionally. If a watch or smartphone application helps you to move every fifteen minutes – then GREAT!   As the adage goes, an APP doesn’t do the stretch fer ya!

Yet, whatever it may take to get you into periodic: upward-facing dog or Good morning, or a Quad stretch. Or perhaps practice some mindful deep breathing if a Zoom meeting is driving you a little bit batty.

I also share that there are many useful smartphone applications and laptop or tablet applications. Each to her or his own.        I certainly would encourage folks to check freebies first. For instance  – I find that my FitBit watch does not always give an accurate measure of my heartbeat when I am in training. Sometimes it’ll be 2 for three beats. Sometimes just one counted for two actual beats. So,  will always back up what you see on a digital display with your own feedback from your body!  There is a freebie smartphone version of “Instant” HEART RATE (Azumio) which uses a phone’s camera for HR. And there are plenty more.  All you really need to check HR – at an exercise break is a carotid artery, two fingers, and a watch with second hand or a seconds function.  Count your HR for 10 seconds and multiply by 6. Presto – HR!

Like me, you may occasionally sense that a HEART RATE reading isn’t right – based on knowledge and awareness of exertion level.   The best way to accurately monitor heart rate is to use a chest strap.  Yes, the circum-chest band is a little bothersome. I don’t focus on the OURA ring for my heart rate measures during workouts. My ring is not obtrusive. But it may irritate my ring finger partner digits slightly.  And, one shouldn’t wear this great Ring for barbell, dumbbell, kettlebell workouts – even though its shell is titanium.


As Doctor Seuss might suggest, my feet are spreading is I grow older and hopefully as I stand more than “evil” sitting with dormant butt syndrome. Not getting narrower so I definitely want to make sure that the toe boxes of my workout shoes and comfort shoes are big enough. Wiggle room to wiggle your toes. Certainly, you want the proper arch support to hopefully stave off a terrible thing that happens to many of us -plantar fascitis. You’ll know it if you get it, unfortunately, and probably for an extended timeframe of MONTHS! “PI” can pain you for six to nine months!

Hey folks- there are times when I say find a professional. IF you have even an inkling of plantar fasciitis or shin splints from moving on sloping or hard surfaces. Or perhaps your running shoes are a little bit old.

=> please go see a professional! Me? I’m hopefully done with “my” first hand “PI” – fer good!

I usually wear Adidas shoes for indoor rowing, weightlifting, and casual times. In n full and open disclosure, our son is an Adidas employee as he works for Reebok.

I get to try some of the anti-wicking workout clothes that Reebok offers and I wear them with pride such as at the Crash B event. Again, with nothing to gain, I offer you what is comfortable for me.

You want to be comfortable in your workouts and each to his or her own yet.

You are always welcomed to contact me about attire and gear – A contact form is offered below.  KABOOM.


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