End of the Beginning, or…?

by | Sep 20, 2020

We are winding down on National Yoga Month, as well as our fiery, smoky, and abnormally crazy Summer season! More about that marvelous mind-body lifestyle – YOGA –  and its benefits in a bit!

Yet a priority matter. On Friday, our world lost a heroine of small stature yet larger-than-life stamina.  May Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg rest in peace!  I’ll bet that Congressman John Lewis was one of the first to greet her at heaven’s gate.


Always an admirer, I cited her resistance training work in KABOOMER.  Dynamic strength efforts – which in my distant and layman’s opinion –  helped her stave off the big “C” several times. Kudos to her Personal Trainer, Bryant Johnson, too!

Here’s what I offered as a prior tribute in audio and in text,

“An example of dynamic strength
might be Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s
workouts.161 Ladies and Gentlemen, if this 80-something
cancer survivor can work on her dynamic strength, we
“younger folks” should repeat power exertions as well!
May your dynamic (interval) work please the court, Seneca,
and you.

Just click on this link to see our departed Justice in action! https://images.app.goo.gl/JCsuizESiecp3z3x7 

This bellwether of social justice had a wonderful bond of friendship with her polar-opposite in robes -Judge Antonin Scalia who passed in 2016.  Justice Scalia may have had a heavenly elephant ready for her to begin a Grand Tour of her eternal resting place:

I hereby nominate “RBG” for honorary membership in our KABOOMER Movement.


YOGA? or Qi Gong? or…?  Join Millions of Americans, and gazillions of world citizens who have practiced YOGA for 50 centuries! Click on this link to learn How does yoga work?


Since my own back issues in 2001, I have found many, many mindful YOGA poses and movements to assist me in my journey toward stamininety.

I’ve written that some moves are great to stimulate our lymphatic system.

Am I a believer?  You bet. One example: COBRA moves truly gave me a quality of life until I got my spinal fusion!

Another – Pigeon Poses are awesome hip openers for me to use in my dynamic warmups before rowing.

OTher YOGA moves, with their “ASANA” Sanskrit labels are offered in this linked .pdf document:

PLEASE consider YOGA as part of your toolkit to party past ninety. Balance of Mind and Body is good – yes?

QiGong?  I don’t even pronounce this type of mindful exercise correctly.

Getting its pronunciation right, and trying some Qi Gong moves are on my to-do list. This discipline focuses on the coordination of one’s eye and body movement.

In closing – I offer my unsolicited yet heartfelt plea => PLEASE GET YOUR INFLUENZA [Flu] shot this fall!  Here’s why:

And, I am tardy in saluting “OFF WE GO” Air Force flyboys and girls for their 73rd anniversary.

Be mindful, breathe, get your flu shot, and celebrate the end of summer…


Koach Dave


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