Don’t Shoot your Messengers

by | Sep 27, 2020

I’ll ask you NOT to do to your “system” what these Minions did to their little “Blownaparte” Jefe:

Don't Shoot the Messenger

Moving from Napoleon to wellness and internal communications, I’ve been known to extol wonders of our bodies – often. I haven’t stopped strangers to eagerly communicate(yet). Yet, I DO share what I know about the human corpus to nice folks like you  with interest and commitment. Example – some KABOOMERs can generate a HORSEPOWER

or more for short powerful periods. If I can do that on a rowing machine – some other KABOOMERs may as well. KABOOM.

I hope that you too are awed by what our amazing bodies and minds can accomplish. My awe – even from my dated and limited grasp of cellular biology and organic chemistry – embraces those HUNDREDS of chemical messengers to/from our five Endocrinal glands, Gut, and Brain.  You know some – like Testosterone(T), Leptin, Human Growth Hormone, and Insulin.

Do you find it interesting, as I do, that “T” is “just” carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen in a sexy organic bonding?

Testosteron C19H28O2

What a system, when tuned, and “detoxed” for stamininety!

Want to feel good – even in this distancing lockdownGive yourself a hug (honest!) to release your hugging hormone OXYTOCIN.

You may also recall that SLEEP – as in restorative and DEEP raptured SLEEP – impacts several HUNDRED chemical signals that our bodies want and need. Poor Sleep = poor messaging.

Please invest a little time at Visible Body’s website to gain an appreciation for GOOD chemistry and communications at work and play for you!    One short video from “VB” illustrates how Hormones control so many of our critical “4F” bodily functions.  These Hormones, as Messengers, “enable reactions to stress and other outside changes and keep regular processes running smoothly.”

One more time, these hundreds of messengers do things which ARE important to you and me by influencing or controlling MANY bodily functions for;

  1. growth
  2. libido
  3. skeletal muscle
  4. blood sugar levels
  5. bone growth, and
  6. appetite.

I’ll wager a Buffalo nickel that some or all of these functions mean something to you!

Celebrate rather than shoot our chemical messengers.  Tenor KABOOMing

Koach Dave

ps – For countless flapjack lovers like me – Happy National Pancake Day!  Thank goodness that we have many choices for lower carb, higher protein flapjack options to fuel us and enjoy. Trader Joes, Kodiak, and FLAP JACKED are three of the vendors whose healthier ‘cakes I devour.

As always – drop me a note if/when you have time or inclination:







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