All Ears for Podcast Day?

by | Oct 1, 2020

Why not get an earful on this coincidental convergence day for our October Harvest Moon, bubble championships, and National Podcast Day?

And, why not make some of your sound bites healthy, physically wealthy, and wise earfuls? As Ben Franklin might offer if he was to almanac today – An Apple a Day keeps the KABOOMER at Play!

You may, or may not recall that “AK-67” is my podcast handle for recordings on varied channels like Anchor, Apple and Spotify.

Guest appearances are now in the planning stages.

For the near-term, I offer specialty “deep dives” into KABOOMER topics of interest.

Why not check one out? Soon, you’ll hear our new KABOOMER klip released by WK Studios!

Should you be more interested in current “top 10” wellness podcasts – check this RSS list for 2020.

Allan Misner is a great host for a TOP FIT podcast – so 40+ Fitness is a good starting point (and Episode 443 sounds pretty good).

So, this month is a Blue Moon month which doesn’t happen too often…Blue Moon OCTOBER 2020 Earth Sky

And, to have our second full moon of October on Halloween is a tad spooky or

Back to our imminent Harvest Moon.¬† When you look to the heavens for the Old Man on the Moon –

you’ll see MARS – the Red Planet – closeby after celestial twilight.

Let’s dwell on HARVEST – a PLUCKING of FRUIT in Germanic and Latin origins.

As in reap what you sow in a biblical sense. And we KAABOOMERs remember vocalist¬† Muddy Water’s counsel:

We know that seasonal changes – like our shift to Fall (and a foreboding Flu season – oy) can impact our sleep in adverse ways. And our allergic responses too.

HARVEST all your Immunity BOOSTS this Fall to stay healthy, wealthy, and wise. Fall Heart Health

Ben Franklin woulda wanted it that way for ya!


Koach Dave




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