Relish Roller-coaster Rides

by | Nov 6, 2020

Okay, that title may not be your amusement park thrill – at first blush.  Bear with me as I encourage you to strap in, tighten your core, and experience natural “Gs” rather than political gravity.

Wait, wait, for some entertaining Highs and Lows on this wild ride. Those are a classic Lirty Dies parody from the Capitol Steps,

“We’ve seen the lies, we’ve seen the hoes.

We’ve always said, butt could be wetter?”

What Could be Better?

If you are like me, you’ve already seen, heard, and read about de-stressing and chilling hacks to get through uncertain times like these.  Without being flippant, I start my Roller Coaster amusement ride with an acknowledgment that little besides gravity, mortality, and taxes are inevitable.  Taxes may rise in 2021, yet we’ll evitably dodge mortality with consistent habitual actions that boost our physical bank accounts. And earthly gravity keeps all but astronauts grounded!

Let’s review habitual hacks to resurrect kid-like delight over pleasures like a blue sky or crimson twilight. Perhaps walking in bare feet in the long, cool grass. Now, that’s a fine way to get grounded, literally. Or spinning around until you get dizzy, or drawing a silly cartoon or face painting.  And definitely try to chuckle till you buckle, even when skies are grey for the communal betterment of compadres and you too…

How? Here are some exemplars of how to enjoy those cyclical lies and hoes:

  1. When Snoopy wasn’t winning his dogfight with the Red Baron, he was victoriously laughing in the face of adversity:

Credit pinterest

2. Ricky Gervais tweeted a similar theme in 2018,

“If you can laugh in the face of adversity, you’re bullet-proof. Have a great day.”

And 3. A young Lion King offered a similar stance when he faced Disneyan adversity. Simba wasn’t quite ready to expertly gain control, yet you gotta like his moxie!

laugh in face of danger

Credit Giphy

Plus, Simba had compadres who offered him Hakuna Mutata* – as a Swahili phrase of relevance!

  • Win with Humor.
  • Be Bullet-proof.
  • Sidestep Troubles mindfully.

“*There are No Troubles”

Writer Jason Zwieg addressed control, doubt, and troubled decision-making in today’s Wall Street Journal:

“You should also ask yourself whether some of your own certainties about investing might be just as wrong… Impetuous decisions won’t give you control.”

Zwieg wasn’t describing KABOOMER life choices directly.

Yet circumstantially his offering has merit to us who thrive and strive in bad times and good.

Let’s check our own “certainties” about our physical bank account investments.

Are we certain that Stress isn’t Stealing?

And let’s revisit the interesting adjective “impetuous” that Zwieg used…

  • acting or done quickly and without thought or care
  • moving forcefully or rapidly.

Noting that impetuous is not impulsive, I really like the secondary meaning of forceful and rapid movement – just like a roller coaster ride!

There are surely things we can’t control – in election weeks or on roller coasters.  Yet… there is still plenty we can address and control!


Self-check your certainties – might they be off the mark?

Seek out your Compadres and sing Swahili.

Generate forceful Motion as Medicine.

Be kid-like and scream, P R N (as necessary).

Do not let Stress Steal from your hard-earned physical bank!

As Ricky Gervais tweeted, have a great day!

Stay well past forty,

Koach Dave


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