MOVEMBER and Diabetes Awareness Month

by | Nov 12, 2020

The time she flies, even in lockdown Pandemic periods like this.
But first - think about those Millions of Military Veterans - 
past, present and future, who help make America what it is ->
 The Land of the Free guarded by our BRAVE!

November is a fine month for Health Awareness and personal action steps.
 Here are three salient topics for your awareness and actions:

1. MOVEMBER. Did you know that 60 (SIXTY!) men commit Suicide every hour in our zany world?
Or - how about our Prostate Health?


3. a HIGH PRIORITY focus for us Medicare-aged folks - National DIABETES AWARENESS MONTH.

I chose DIABETES and PRE-DIABETES as the Physical Banking Note for KABOOMER this month.

 The cost and suffering of TENS of MILLIONS of Adult Americans with pre-diabetes 
(often un-diagnosed) or Type 2 Diabetes.
Do read my November Note - if you please.  
A one-minute Quiz may change your outlook, and your Life!
Why your Koach's big Push?
Here's the Ratio Why:

1 in 3 US adults has prediabetes

 and is at high risk for Type 2 Diabetes.

How about you?

Join the KABOOMER Movement to learn more about averting and/or managing DIABETES.

Be Well and safe, these days and every day - VACCINE or NOT

Koach Dave


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